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HID ballasts are not a new thing, but they do get more reliable, longer lasting, and more affordable than ever before. While LED technology is more popular, it is not as good of performance as HID systems. Shop our selection of Morimoto Hylux ACME and other HID ballasts with the best selection and best prices available anywhere. We ship hundreds of ballasts daily and over overnight and free shipping. Morimoto ballasts are the best selling aftermarket ballasts ever made, with over 300,000 sold and shipped worldwide over the past decade. Failure rates are very low at about 1%, which is better than the industry standard for aftermarket ballasts certainly. The new Morimoto HID ballasts learn from every step in the past and how to make them even better is implemented whenever possible. Don't ride around with one failing HID ballast! Upgrade to the best value in HID ballasts!