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PLEASE NOTE: First-time users will need to purchase the optional ColorControl Remote/Receiver and a battery to operate their XC LED system. You can then expand with up to two more XC sets without the ColorControl parts if desired.

No Sacrifice: Although the Morimoto XC LED System certainly isn't the first entry to the market for color-changing LED Halos; it's the most thought-out and refined, making it the most advanced. Flexibility. Reliability. Intensity. Uniformity. Simplicity. Functionality. Last but not least; affordability. Nothing has been sacrificed.

Best of Both Worlds: The innovative Hybrid-LED color-changing technology delivers a virtually infinite lifespan of 50,000 hours. That's almost six straight years! Because they're based on much more stable and mature SMD-LEDs; they are considerably more reliable between hot/cold cycles compared to "new" COB based products. When lit up they produce the perfectly seamless look of COB Halos, meaning you get the best of both worlds.

XC LED Family: With their proprietary 5-wire setup, each ColorControl receiver is capable of controlling up to three sets of XC Rings, XC Strips, XC Demon Eyes, or a combination of the three. It will allow users to change between 12 preset colors, and also has strobe and fade programs. Best of all: When re-started, the setup will default to it's last setting, not some random rave-mode that'll get you pulled over instantly.

Plug n Play: Unlike competing RGB "systems" that require complicated wiring from the user's side, the XC LED setup is 100% Plug n Play. There is no wire stripping, cutting, or splicing involved. The system works from an RF signal, so there is no need to go out of your way to mount the signal receiver in "view" of the remote. All components are weather resistant, so mount them wherever you wish. Ghetto Riggers beware!

High Class: In traditional Morimoto style; All wiring in the XC LED kit is insulated by rubber tubing and wrapped in a two-tone black and gold mesh for an OEM-like appearance, durability, and abrasion resistance. The control gear is housed inside an aluminum housing that's been anodized with an attractive piano black finish and then laser engraved. Make sure your setup looks good inside and out!

Closeouts Information: If you're a headlight junkie looking for a hot deal on parts for your next project, look no further. The TRS Closeouts category has non-stop selection of parts at a price that’s impossible to beat! Check out this behind the scenes video that explains a bit more about these parts.

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • LED HALOS: 2x Morimoto XC LED (RGB)

  • DRIVERS: 1x XC LED (Dual Output)


  • OPTIONAL RGB REMOTE: 1x XC LED Multi-Function


  • Compatibility

  • RETROFITS: See Shroud Listings for Proper Diameter

  • FACTORY HEADLIGHTS: Any round surfaces within size range

  • OTHER USES: Not to be used external of a sealed housing

  • NOTE: Not Compatible w/ Other Brands or Controllers

  • Tech Specs

  • COLOR WHEN OFF: Frosted White

  • REMOTE RANGE: 300 Feet

  • HOUSING MATERIAL: Extruded Aluminum

  • MODES: Strobe, Flash, Fade

  • LIGHT SOURCE: Proprietary SMD LED

  • EXPECTED LIFESPAN: 50,000 hours


  • PCB WIDTH: 5mm



  • INSIDE DIAMETER: As Listed - 10mm

In Action

Product Reviews

1 out of 5 stars

Lasted less than a year.

Mark Keple Reviewed: 02.24.2017

Colors were off from the start. Never had white, more of a blue but not like my led parking lights ice white. Not sure if it is the wiring or the halos themselves but a few months after installation green and every shade including it stopped working intermittently. I noticed when a friend told me my aqua blues were not the same color. Now one side is bright and works fine while the other is dim and flickers or doesn't work at all. Highly dissatisfied. Wish I spent my money elsewhere.

4 out of 5 stars

Semi happy.... could be happier

Eric Tucker Reviewed: 09.25.2016

So I've had my rings for right around a year now and mostly have ran the green since I've got a green jeep, but as of lately ( kind words of a local deputy) I don't run them as much but was updated that you can legally run amber on the streets without issue. Only issue is unless you're using the primary colors with these halos, it's a shot in the dark or no where near the color suggested on the remote. I've got a nearly blue white ring ( which I've remarked before on here and no longer see) four purples which one is supposed to be pink, and for different neon yellows, so pretty much I'm stuck lessening turned off unless I'm in a parking lot. Really just gonna remove these and replace with something else.

3 out of 5 stars


Kevin Reviewed: 08.23.2016

just like the last few reviews the colors are off on my halos also. for the money spent i feel like the product is not worth it. white is teal and amber is yellow. cant really run them as DRL's

4 out of 5 stars

Installation Difficulties

kyle Reviewed: 01.26.2016

First off great product, looks good and works well. But, due to initial problems and the fix for it not being exactly easy for some people I'm only rating this 4 stars.

When I first installed them I had difficulty getting the product to work as advertised. I could only get one of the preset colors to work and with all the other colors only one halo would light up or both would light up but be different colors.

So if anybody else experiences this problem, what I did to fix it was just snip all the connectors off and soldered the wires together. Since I did that I have had no problems and everything works flawlessly.

4 out of 5 stars

Good, Not Great

Travis Reviewed: 01.14.2016

Like others have said, the colors are off. I did these and strips inside a retrofit. I have yellow fogs that i wanted to match. Well, the yellow is neon green. So that doesn't work. The white, is teal, so that doesn't work. So amber it is (and I hate amber, which is why i run switchbacks and clear hsouings) The other thing I was disappointed with was the strobe, flash, smooth feature. I wanted to be able to strobe the amber color... which you can't do. No matter what color you choose, the second you hit strobe, it changes to white. (Which is teal) ...

.... And now after having them installed for 2 days, one of the control boxes is acting up. I will have only one halo lit, as soon as I wiggle the wire coming out of the control box that leads to that side halo, and it comes back on. Hoping to get a replacement and hoping its a fluke. TRS Customer service has been great to deal with though

3 out of 5 stars

Not very satisfied

Brandon Reviewed: 09.02.2015

I have these halos along with the XC strips on my Ram and am not very satisfied with the product As others have mentioned some of the preset colors on the remote do not match very close at all. The white is not white at all, it has a little blue in it and is more of a teal color which makes it not possible to run them white during the day as DRL's which was my plan. The red, green, and blue presets are correct but all other colors are a bit off compared to what they should be. Other than that they seem to be a quality product but when the actual lighting itself is not correct it's hard to be satisfied with the product. I'm hoping that possibly a new controller will be coming out to fix this issue or I may be looking to buy a different product and remove these completely.

5 out of 5 stars

android app for RGB remote

Hassan Reviewed: 03.30.2015

got the kit installed in my bmw e36 and loving it, everything seems to work great but i would have loved it if we could use some android app tu change the colors instead of the remote, if anyone knows which app would work please email me @

would really appreciate the help

4 out of 5 stars


charles Reviewed: 03.09.2015

The halo's are easy to hook up and very bright. The control you get with the remote is a game changer. My only issue is the white is not white. It is more greenish, blue light teal colore. Definitely NOT white. Other than that the are awesome!

5 out of 5 stars

Great Brightness/Great Quality/Easy Installation!

Harold Reviewed: 02.13.2015

I have installed halos in the past, but they were the TRS Morimoto in standard white so I was curious to see how much the difficulty would rise in this installation...particularly with the addition of the RGB capability. It was EASIER! These guys installed seamlessly with a few connectors and very easy plug and play components that come with the kit. You know when the directions specifically state NOT to cut or splice the wiring that this will be an easy installation for you...and it was!

4 out of 5 stars

Its Good

CHRISTIAN Reviewed: 11.30.2014

I'm pretty disappointed with the preset colors. Red, green, and blue are red green and blue. Then I click on amber, its actually a little yellow. So i have to stick with white, which actually has a little blue in it. i just wish I was able to adjust the individual amount of RBG. I should have just bought the regular amber led halos. But other than that, they are VERY well made. Also easy to install. I plugged these into the factory headlight plug that wasn't being used and it worked out very well. Please, if anyone reads this and knows the solution as to why my colors are mess up, I'd really appreciate it.

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