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H13: GTR Lighting Bi-Xenon Harness


PART #: 1 x GTR.H032

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GTR Lighting Bi-Xenon Harness: Bi-Xenon Ultra HID systems include a standard Bi-Xenon relay harness by default, to not only protect the vehicle, but also to ensure sufficient power on hand for the ballasts. Instead of relying on the vehicle's stock wiring to power HID ballasts, which have a large initial startup current load, the Bi-Xenon harness uses the stock connector as an input trigger and then pulls power from the car's battery directly. This harness isolates the HID system away from the stock wiring, minimizing risks of any issues or back-feeding, but also provides a stable artery for the ballasts to gain power from the main power source of the car. With the smart controller contained within the triple-sealed aluminum control box, the harness is compatible with both power and ground-switched vehicles, and keeps the ballasts powered when changing from low to high beam and vice-versa. The final component is a braided nylon mesh sleeving, which not only helps protect the wiring from abrasion, but also looks premium and OEM-like in your engine bay.

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