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Dime a Dozen: Everybody wants H11 LED headlight bulbs today, but for all the wrong reasons. The diverse marketing tactics and the numbers war that's pushed onto ill-advised consumers is only getting more and more amusing to guys like us who actually know better. 100W? 10,000 lumens? Top-secret LED chip formula with seemingly exotic blend of rare materials or fancy coatings? Cool story, bro, but how do they actually work on the road at night? Isn't that what headlights are for?

2Stroke: Despite the fact that we haven't really had anything to offer in this niche, well, at least without risking our reputation selling our customers something that we truly didn't believe in: We respect the fact that Morimoto stood on the sidelines for so long, simply learning from everybody else's mistakes. In testing the 2Stroke system side by side with a multitude of other designs, we finally became excited about LED headlight bulbs for the first time. Against the odds and certainly our expectations; seeing is believing and we agree they actually work pretty darn well! Here's why.

Safety: You won't be putting yourself at risk while driving at night with the 2Stroke Bulbs. Prior to this, we could only ever comfortably recommend LED bulbs for use as auxiliary lighting, high beams, fog lights, etc. Here, we test a lot of automotive lighting products. (really, a lot) Until now, there were literally no options that would translate their luminosity out onto the road into a useful-enough beam pattern (and measured lux at a distance) to really call adequate for on-road use. The optics for the H11 2Stroke bulbs are unique compared to other sizes in the range in order to produce the best possible results in H11 headlights.

NOTE: Not for use in low voltage high/low beam DRL applications

Pretty Cool: Heat management is crucial for lumen maintenance and reliability. The 2Stroke bulb's internally opposed 1.5mm copper boards extract as much heat as possible from the area surrounding the LED chips and transfers it to the radiator at the back of the bulb. Yea yea, copper stuff and fans, seen that before...The key here though is that the 2Stroke's copper core has almost 3x more surface area than anything else, and it's fan is A) Mounted sideways so that it not only sucks cool air but also blows hot air out. B) It's a magnetic levitating unit, so there's no ball bearing to seize up and eventually fail. #winning

Size Matters: Due to the extra depth of most LED bulbs, they won't fit inside headlights with solid plastic rear housing caps. The 2Stroke is no different, but they come with specially designed housing cap extensions to solve that common problem. If the original halogen bulb is exposed it's not a problem, but if its internally wired and capped off: you would not be able to close the headlight back up without these caps. They look pretty cool too, with the embossed "2S" logo molded into the back.

Trusted: For more than a decade, we've worked hard to earn our killer reputation. Car guys world-wide know that TRS carries the internet's best selection of high performance automotive and powersport lighting products at the best prices, and we've got the best, most knowledgeable team of real enthusiasts to help back it up. If we sell it, then you bet we've put it to the test on our own cars, trucks, and bikes. Need a recommendation on parts for your project? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact Us

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • LED BULBS: 2x Morimoto 2Stroke

  • BULB BASE ADAPTERS: 2x H11 Fitment

  • LED DRIVERS: 2x Morimoto 2S Regulators

  • HOUSING CAPS/EXTENSIONS: 2x "2S" Rubber (60mm dia)

  • WARRANTY: 3 Years

  • SWAG: Morimoto Decal

  • Compatibility

  • LOW BEAMS: H11 Only (May fit some H9 or H8 with trimming)

  • HIGH BEAMS: H11 Only (May fit some H9 or H8 with trimming)

  • FOG LIGHTS: H11 Only (May fit some H9 or H8 with trimming)

  • DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS: 4V-9V non-pulsed

  • EXCLUSIONS: Toyota Side-Entry Projectors

  • CONFIRM FITMENT: Find my size!

  • Tech Specs

  • LED EMITTERS: 2x CREE XHP50 per bulb

  • KELVIN: 6000K

  • INTENSITY: 5000lm (raw; per bulb)

  • INPUT POWER: 34w (per bulb)



In Action

Product Reviews

4 out of 5 stars

Great performance, cabling design needs work

Matthew Marsh Reviewed: 03.05.2017

Vehicle: Mazda3 Sport (2014, BM)

High beam: 9005 in straight reflector, 2Stroke bulb
Low beam: H11 in projector, 2Stroke bulb

Comments on installation:

Reasonably easy and straightforward. The bulbs themselves are extremely well built.

The drivers are polarity sensitive, but fittings for halogen bulbs can be either polarity (or reversible polarity, as is the case with many common high beam / DRL dual-function setups that run the two bulbs independently at +12 V each for high beam, or in series at -6 V each for DRL). The fittings that came with the kit will fit in either orientation, but only lock properly one way. (In the Mazda's case, they lock with the correct polarity for -6 V DRL, a mode which these bulbs don't support, but have to be reversed and secured with zipties for +12 V high beam.)

The cable harness is an ugly, unprofessional mess. From bulb to driver, it's fine. But then the driver has a pigtail, which connects to another pigtail from the anti-flicker capacitor, which then has yet another pigtail, which then passes through a *fourth* pigtail to connect to the original plug. It doesn't look or feel like OEM quality.

Comments on performance:

Great so far. The low beam pattern from the projectors is not quite as clean a cutoff as with the H11 halogen, but it also gives better coverage on the extreme outer edges. The high beam pattern is excellent.

They DO NOT work on low voltage DRL circuits. The marketing copy and the specifications chart conflict on this point. The marketing copy is correct; they do not turn on at all when the circuit is in 6 volt DRL mode.

Suggestions to manufacturer:

Get rid of the external anti-flicker link and just put that capacitor on the main driver board. Set up the driver board so it can accept either polarity, and will run at reduced brightness when given a low-voltage input. Mould a 900* style connector directly into the driver housing, like you've done with the connectors on the Elite HID ballasts, and use compact rigid adapters on that to allow different styles of OEM headlight connector to be plugged into it. All of that, if implemented, would make these a true OEM-quality upgrade option.

5 out of 5 stars

Color match perfect

Francois Picard Reviewed: 02.21.2017

i bought these to replace low beams on my 2016 civic sedan and the match with day light is awesome. Easy and quick installation.

5 out of 5 stars

Pretty Impressed!!

Jeffrey Crandall Reviewed: 01.21.2017

I have always run HID lighting in my vehicles, and was skeptical to make the switch to LED. After doing many hours of research to see who had the best product, I decided to give these a try. I could not be more impressed with the quality when I took them out of the box. Installation was simple and straightforward, and so far I am very impressed with these bulbs in comparison to the HIDs that I took out. Crisp clean light, and I definitely do not regret switching to LED. Highly recommended give these a try, you will not be disappointed!!

5 out of 5 stars

Quality and performance

Jeremy Simpson Reviewed: 12.14.2016

I just installed the 2 stroke led bulbs in the low beam of my truck and I have to say that they are awesome. I had recently had a cheaper hid kit.for my low beam and have been wondering if the leds were as good as them and when my ballasts went out I decided to give them a shot and seeing as how my high beam hid kit was a more morimoto kit from yall to begin with i knew I wanted a led kit with the same quality as that. So I didn't have to think long about what brand I wanted. When I first opened the box I knew I had gotten another great product and the quality is next to none. They are by far the best kit out there and once I had them installed I knew that morimoto had once again made me extremely happy with my headlights and I will never buy any other brand from any other company. They are very bright and look amazing so I would highly recommend anyone that's looking for aftermarket headlamps to buy from these guys and I promise you won't be disappointed.

5 out of 5 stars

2012 camry se limited

Jeffrey Vitale Reviewed: 12.02.2016

Just purchased these for my headlights and foglights to swap out my old hid's i had on since day one of my car. And yeah its well built really high quality and it lights up the road way better then i expected. Wish it had a lil more blue in it but i can live with it. Thinking of doing the lens swap or just change the entire projector to the RX350. Over all its a great buy well worth the money and better then other after market leds ive seen.

4 out of 5 stars

Better than Halogen, but not HID

Ryan Magladry Reviewed: 11.02.2016

I installed the 2-stroke in my 2013 Altima. Install was easy and straight forward. Very high quality product, nice colour. Price was reasonable, and shipping was fast.
When compared to the stock Halogens, the light output is much greater for the first 50-60 feet, including the sides. However, as many other have stated, these simply do not 'throw' the light as far down the road. For the type of driving I do, I am happy with the product.
When compared to the 35W TRS HID's I had in my Pontiac G8, I would say the HID's are still the winner (aside from frequent misfiring issues). The foreground light from LED is a little better, however the HID's win for the distance lighting.

5 out of 5 stars

Exceeded My Expectations - 2012 Ford Fusion SEL

Dylan Velez Reviewed: 10.11.2016

After a lot of research, I finally decided to upgrade my standard halogen low-beams for LEDs. I've seen great reviews for Morimoto, so decided to purchase these. The build quality on these is superb, the wiring is weatherproofed, and it just feels like an overall top of the line product, as it should be. The color temperature is spot on, which makes the LEDs look like they came from the factory. Light output is great; the throw is far better than with the halogens. No issues whatsoever. I'd highly recommend this! I'll be upgrading the high beams soon as well, and I'll be using Morimoto again for sure!

5 out of 5 stars

Great output

jeff kochinski Reviewed: 09.29.2016

I installed these on my 15 Chevrolet Colorado with projector lenses, to replace the Morimoto hid's that went out after about a year. The throw seems to be equal to the hid's and with so much less wiring to clutter up the front end of the truck. As mentioned in a different review the color is close, but does not match the led fogs.

5 out of 5 stars

2016 Tacoma High Beams

Adam Stowell Reviewed: 09.28.2016

I just installed these LEDs today. Had a learning curve but they work just fine. I upgraded my low beams with HIDs and wanted to complement them with the same color. Charlie recommended the 2Stroke LEDs. These are extremely high quality compared to the last two companies I have dealt with. The design is much better. Morimoto nailed it on the head for these bulbs.
I drove around in the rain tonight to test them out and the light output is great. They compliment the HIDs really well and the throw is further than the stock Halogens. I do recommend these lights for anyone. The quality in the wiring and connectors is what caught me really off guard and how the cooling motor is mounted. I hope to purchase a few more products from them.


5 out of 5 stars

2013+ Fusion owners!!!

Martin Cassidy Reviewed: 09.15.2016

I had the same problem with LEDs I purchased from a different website (before I saw these) to replace HIDs that were causing RFI problems on my 2013 Fusion. Luckily, I kept the relay harness from TRS and it worked great with the LEDs and eliminated the flickering issues I had when the engine was running. Now I'm looking to get H7s for my 2010 and 2013 Fusion high beams. These would not require harnesses as they are "demand" lighting.

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