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Festoon: Morimoto XB LED 2.0


PART #: 1 x LED580

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Product Details

Morimoto: Has always been our go-to-guys when it came to HID, and when they released their line of LED products, we had our doubts. Performance left a little to be desired compared to some of the more refined models on the market. BUT (and that's a big BUT) that has since changed with the much more mature, refined second generations of each model they offer. While in all-honesty Morimoto didn't exactly nail it the first time around on the LED bulbs, what we have from them today is about as modern as it gets and much more in-line with the quality and performance we've all come to expect from the brand.

So What's new with Version Two?Basically everything except the name, really. Now using their "Hybrid LED" system that was made famous by the XSB 2.0 halos and strips, the new XB LED Festoon bulbs are A) super reliable (we've yet to see one fail), B) have an excellent 5500K white color, and C) much better consistency due to the LED chips. They also got rid of the cool-looking, but awkward to install "X" shaped contacts and replaced them with a new rose-gold cone-type contact...much better. We dig it!

Construction: The LED Festoon bulb is constructed with a fiberglass PCB and rose gold-colored dimpled end caps. Unique? Very!

Cooler: Heat management is crucial for reliability when it comes to LEDs. The Morimoto XB LED bulbs' panel and resistors are mounted opposite the extruded aluminum heat-sink, which is styled according to the profile of the rising sun in the Morimoto logo. It really doesn't get much cooler than this! (pun intended)

Can-bus: The Morimoto XB LED bulbs are can-bus friendly and should not cause any "lamp out" errors in MOST applications. We've sold em to guys with everything from Honda's and Toyota's to Euro's like VW and Mercedes without any complaints - so we feel confident in recommending the LED Festoon bulbs for most every application.

Trusted: For more than a decade, we've worked hard to earn our killer reputation. Car guys world-wide know that TRS carries the internet's best selection of high performance automotive and powersport lighting products at the best prices, and we've got the best, most knowledgeable team of real enthusiasts to help back it up. If we sell it, then you bet we've put it to the test on our own cars, trucks, and bikes. Need a recommendation on parts for your project? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us!

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • BULB: 1x Festoon: Morimoto XB LED

  • WARRANTY: 2 Years

  • Compatibility

  • COMPATIBLE FITMENTS: 30mm, 31mm, 32mm, 35mm, 36mm, 37mm, 38mm, 39mm, 40mm, 41mm, 42mm, 43mm, 44mm, 45mm

  • NOTE: Length within +/- 1mm is OK

  • Tech Specs


  • INTENSITY: 175lm


  • LIGHT SOURCE: Hybrid LED (1 Panel)

  • POWER DRAW: 150-180mA

Product Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

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5 out of 5 stars

Love these little bulbs

Tim  Reviewed: 5/6/2015 8:20:08 pm

I love these little LED bulbs. Very nice quality and the distrubition of the light is great. Fills the cabin nice without hot spots.

4 out of 5 stars

These Lights Are Great, But...

Sean  Reviewed: 6/25/2015 11:31:18 pm

I love these little lights for their brightness and the COB technology they use. They are easily one of the brightest 211-2 bulbs I have used. The only reason that prevented me from giving it a 5-star rating was due to the connectors on either end.


<br>I know TRS wanted to differentiate their product from the countless other LED models on the market (and I believe they have with their Morimoto "Rising Sun" heat sink design) but I think they should've stuck with the standard 211-2 "cylinder" connectors rather than the "plus" shape these employ. In my application (a GMC Sierra), I could not get proper electrical connectivity due the tips on these so I disappointedly had to stop using them :( . Please switch to the industry-standard connectors. :)

5 out of 5 stars

Very bright

Sherwood Seagraves  Reviewed: 5/11/2018 3:06:51 pm

I installed this LED light bulb in my trunk and I'm very impressed with the brightness compared to the first LED light bulb I installed. The Color Temperature looks white without the blue hue.

5 out of 5 stars

Unbelievably Bright!!

David Edwards  Reviewed: 1/3/2019 5:16:57 am

Was previously using the Philips 31mm Festoon Bulbs in my 99 Honda Civic.....These Morimoto Bulbs outperform by a long shot. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

5 out of 5 stars


derek  Reviewed: 6/25/2015 8:45:26 pm

I fabricate alot with LED's so its really hard for me to buy a pre-built bulb. To save some time I tried the xb festoon bulb for the cargo area in my Camaro. Was blown away by the light output, construction and packaging. In my car I did have to fabricate the hook ends to work in my housing, but thankfully the 3 sets of holes provided on the copper flight ends made that an easy task. Nothing else that I've seen is even in the ballpark compared to this bulb. You guys as a company are just on point.

5 out of 5 stars

You'll Thank Yourself Later!

Kevin  Reviewed: 5/2/2015 2:15:24 am

Got this to replace the cargo bulb for my wife's 2010 Highlander. First of all, it fits like OEM. Secondly, it is THAT MUCH BRIGHTER than oem and don't be fooled by others who say their product is the best. My wife bought an interior lighting kit from and they were garbage. OEM yellow bulbs were brighter than their so-called "xenon white" bulbs. Just one of TRS LED bulbs lit up the entire rear portion of the highlander. I purchased enough of these to light up the whole car as if I installed hids in the interior.

5 out of 5 stars

yup.. thats what i'm talking about

Charlie  Reviewed: 8/2/2016 11:31:38 pm

This is the bulb I have been looking for. I have tried 4 other brands of Festoon bulbs and was not satisfied. Things like overall brightness, color, reliability and fitment led me to continue my search. XB2.0 is the first bulb that impressed me. Brightness is awesome. The complete rear seating area is filled with an even, bright white light. The option for different length bulbs allowed for a perfect PnP.