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Cutting Involved
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  • Little/None
1 hrs Install Time
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  • 1 hours (estimate)
Materials Required
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  • — High Beam Splitters
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1. Diagram for use

When selecting the proper High-Beam Splitters, the input type (those with male pins) will need to match the original high-beam output which it plugs into. The output types (those with female pins) will be 1) the original high-beam halogen bulb size, and 2) the 9006 Female output to provide the signal for the Bi-Xenon projector solenoid. For “quad” retrofits with two Bi-Xenon projectors, both outputs of the splitter would be 9006 Female type for two solenoids.


2. Common Examples

These are some of our more commonly-used splitters:

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