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D5S: Morimoto XB HID


PART #: 2 x B960

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No Comparison: When it comes to HID bulbs, Morimoto has always brought us the best in the aftermarket, and their latest examples are no exception. Sure we think the options from Philips and Osram are great too, but when it comes to bang for the buck - nothing compares to the Morimoto XB HID lineup. Compared to any original D5 bulb; the XB's will produce more lumens, project farther, and look better doing it.

First Mover: Since the introduction of the D5 bulbs to original-equipment world, there's been a couple shoddy attempts by the aftermarket to offer an "upgrade" - nothing more than D1 bulbs with wiring rigged to their inputs that A) didnt fit properly, and B) required splicing the factory harness. The XB D5 from Morimoto is the FIRST bulb that's designed to be a true D5 upgrade. Factory fitment. Factory wiring. Aftermarket First!

Lumin Osity: Sure it's nice to be able to pick a higher Kelvin like 5500K or 6500K, but that's not even the best part! All Philips and Osram D5 Bulbs only run at 25W, but the integrated ballast in the base of the XB pumps out 35W. What that means for you? An easy 40% bump in output compared to stock bulbs! Paired with the cooler Kelvin rating that not only looks better, but provides better contrast while driving at night - the XB D5 bulbs are undoubtedly the best way to boost the performance from your headlights.

Precise Alignment: Morimoto's Symmetry-Structure frame surrounds the base of the glass capsule keeping everything properly lined up, which is paramount when it comes to HID bulbs. In the past we all agreed that precision wasn't the strong suit for the XB bulbs... But the latest are indeed the greatest - and they're now consistently well-aligned, which is a good thing - because it means the output is also consistently bright and uniform throughout. [Applause]

Compliance: The XB bulbs are built to industry-standard specifications and meet/exceed all SAE, DOT, and ECE requirements, making them a perfect match for a replacement bulb or upgrade!

Trusted: For more than a decade, we've worked hard to earn our killer reputation. Car guys world-wide know that TRS carries the internet's best selection of high performance automotive and powersport lighting products at the best prices, and we've got the best, most knowledgeable team of real enthusiasts to help back it up. If we sell it, then you bet we've put it to the test on our own cars, trucks, and bikes. Need a recommendation on parts for your project? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact Us

Product Specs

  • Compatibility


  • PHILIPS PART #: 12410C1

  • GM PART #: 13594523

  • NOTE: Not compatible with automatic mode. Must use manual mode.

  • Compliance: DOT, CE, SAE

  • Tech Specs

  • Bulb Size: D5S

  • Intensity: 3,200-3,400lm (est.)

  • Power: 35w

  • Color Rating: 5500K (Pure White), 6500K (Cool White)

  • Rated Lifespan: 2,000hrs (2-4yrs)

Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

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5 out of 5 stars

Alfa Romeo Giulia upgrade from 25W Stock


I have the standard HID Headlights in my 2020 Giulia Ti Sport. The optional is the 35W articulating headlight. The standard, what I have comes with 25W bulbs. I replaced those with these 35W Morimotos and I am very happy with the upgraded performance. They were an easy install and the aim, pattern, and cutoff is identical to the standard bulbs. These bulbs are 30% brighter (based on my observation) and a bit whiter approaching LED color. They are worth the cost in my opinion. I am also happy to see that TRS now allows you to select your shipping method, this is a big plus to the service.

5 out of 5 stars


randy nolan

I'm so glad that y'all started supplying these. Such a huge upgrade from the stock 25w. Easy install. Perfect fit. Excellent light output. Much brighter than stock. 2017 GMC HD Denali.