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D1S: Osram Xenarc 66140 Cool Blue Intense Next Gen

10 Reviews

Brand: Osram




PART #: 1 x 66140CBN


Introducing the Osram Xenarc 66140CBN HID Replacement Bulbs – the pinnacle of automotive lighting technology! Say goodbye to ordinary headlights and embrace the extraordinary with Osram's Next Gen CBN bulbs. With a dazzling 6200K Kelvin rating, these bulbs deliver not only more lumens than industry-standard options but also a crisp, white light that makes your car stand out on the road. The Osram Xenarc 66140CBN bulbs are the choice of champions, backed by satisfied customers who swear by their performance. Whether you're upgrading your vehicle for style or safety, these bulbs offer the perfect blend of brightness and clarity. Plus, their high-contrast xenon light enhances visibility, ensuring you're seen by other motorists. Experience the future of automotive lighting with Osram Xenarc 66140CBN – where style, safety, and performance converge to transform your night drives into daylight adventures. Upgrade today for a brighter, safer, and more stylish ride!


  • High Performance: Osram Xenarc 66140CBN bulbs offer industry-leading lumens for superior brightness.
  • Stylish Design: Emitting a modern 6200K Kelvin white light, they enhance your vehicle's style.
  • Enhanced Visibility: High-contrast xenon light improves road visibility, ensuring safety.
  • Customer-Backed: Trusted by many, these are among the best D1S bulbs available.
  • Daylight Adventures: Turn night drives into daylight adventures with safety, style, and performance.


  • Bulbs: 2x (One Pair) D1S Osram 66140CBN HID Bulbs


This product includes a 2 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by our team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us.


  • Bulb Size: D1S (PK32D-2)

  • Intensity: 3,400lm (est.)

  • Power: 35-55w

  • 55w Ballasts: +20% lm, -1000K Color (est.)

  • Rated Lifespan: 2,500hrs (3-5yrs)




  • OSRAM PART #: 66144 / 66142 / 66140 / 66146 / 66145 / 66147

  • PHILIPS PART #: 85402 / 85407 / 85410 / 85415

  • AUDI PART #: N10445701

  • BMW PART #: 63217162862 / 63217160807

  • MERCEDES PART #: 91013900000 / N 000000 004248


CBI: For years, the Osram Cool Blue Intense (CBI) was the gold standard for HID bulbs. Now, the CBI name is technically dropped for the "Next Gen" CBN. Long live the king, even with a name change!

Amazing: What makes them so amazing? The Osram Xenarc 66140CBNs offer more lumens than the once industry-standard Philips lamp, but with a higher Kelvin rating of up to 6200K. Whereas most bulbs lose lumens when their Kelvin rises, the Osram Xenarc 66140CBN's still manage to give users the benefit of brighter light combined with whiter light - the best of both worlds indeed!

Backed: Bottom line? Everybody who uses the Osram Xenarc 66140CBNs agree they're among the best D1S bulbs ever made. We've never heard a customer complain that their Osram's weren't worth the money, and most of the guys here use them in our own vehicles. No matter the preference, we have your Osram HID replacement bulbs!

From Osram: XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE - discover that modern look at high power! With its extra white light for LED look, high-contrast xenon light, this automotive lamp appeals especially to drivers who like the perfect combination of stylish and individual design with exceptional road illumination. The high-tech xenon light with color temperatures of up to 6,200 Kelvin comes up with a highly efficient technology, brilliant effect and no-compromise design. Thanks to a special filling system which is used instead of conventional coating the lamp emits its extra white light. This stylish light creates a high-attention effect that helps you to be better seen by other motorists. Discover the exceptionally bright, high-contrast and brilliantly white light with up to 6,200 Kelvin and 150% more brightness! With XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE, the night turns into day. Please note: XENARC lamp change is recommended to be carried out by a professional.

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Awesome Bulbs!!!!!


These bulbs are the best of the best. Very nice light output and they last. They are not the cheap garbage you buy from other places. If you want the true Osram or any other HID bulb buy from the Retrofit Source. They sell only the best bulbs on the market. Not knock offs, it's the real deal. These bulbs may not be the cheapest in price but you definitely get what you pay for. You will not be disappointed.


Clean white light, brighter than stock VW / Phillips HID bulb


I was a little nervous about the higher Kelvin color rating, but they really are a very nice clean white. yes, they have a higher blue component than stock bulbs, but it results in a clean white light and does not appear blue at all. Color closes matches noon daylight on a cloudless day. They took about 8 hours or so to burn-in and reach their full brightness, but one they did -wow! Very pleased.


Still my favs!!


These are crystal white!!! My 1st set lasted about 4 years and developed a lighter flicker (we are talking super light... only noticable on white garage). Got a new set and I didn't realize how much my OG pair had color shifted. My lord is the output on new bulbs insane




Excellent brightness and color quality


Installed these in a 2012 Volkswagen Golf R.

(My install write up with pictures: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?8418282-HID-bulb-turned-pink-HID-bulb-replacement)

First off, was concerned about the color quality of the higher color temperature. But they are a clean white light. Yes they have more blue component than stock, but not so much they look blue, they look white, a very close approximation of noon day sun on a cloudless day - very pleased. Once broken-in, they are a bit brighter than the stock Phillips bulbs that came with the car.

Highly recommended.


Such an amazing bulbs!!


Those bulbs are very bright using the OEM ballasts, previous OEM bulbs were not as bright as this bulbs. In short, these bulbs deserves the cash!


You get what you pay for!


If you want a cheap low output knockoff then these are not for you. Go to Ebay and Amazon. If you want brilliant white color and exceptional brightness then these Osram Xenarc CBI D1S are for you. Pricey? Not in my opinion. 100% percent satisfied with these 100% authentic bulbs from The Retrofit Source.


You get what you pay for!


If you want a cheap low output knockoff then these are not for you. Go to Ebay and Amazon. If you want brilliant white color and exceptional brightness then these Osram Xenarc CBI D1S are for you. Pricey? Not in my opinion. 100% percent satisfied with these 100% authentic bulbs from The Retrofit Source.

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