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Are the lights on your vehicle faltering or not casting enough light on the road to meet your safety standards? Do you want a customized lighting system that looks great and works even better? A universal retrofit kit or fog light retrofit kit from The Retrofit Source Inc. is the easy and cost-effective way to satisfy your need for a serious automotive lighting replacement or upgrade.


With over a decade of experience in the automotive lighting industry, we strive to provide an extensive selection of quality products that are suited to your needs and priced to fit almost any budget. While some vehicle owners are interested in saving money with a reliable standard upgrade that gets the job done, for others, only OEM quality will do when they’re talking about modifying their favorite ride.

No matter your willingness to pull out the toolbox and get your hands dirty or how much spending money you’ve set aside, you’ll find a universal retrofit kit in our inventory that meets your specific application requirements.

Our selection features easy-install and advanced-install kits that include everything you need to revamp your lighting system. Kits are made up of carefully chosen quality components by leading manufacturers such as Morimoto, Matsushita, Denso, and others. Included are bi-xenon projectors, dozens of shroud options, cutting-edge HID ballasts, ultra focused and intense HID bulbs, and top quality wiring.

Step-by-step guides and online videos are always at your disposal, but in the event you do get in over your head with an install, our experienced team is just a phone call away with technical support.


Want some powerhouse HID fog lights to match your booming new Morimoto headlight upgrades? You’re in the clear with universal fog light retrofit kits from TRS. Our fog light projectors are compact, easy to install, and prove once and for all big things do come in small packages.

Like our retrofit kits, our fog light kits include everything you need for an HID lighting upgrade driven by a projector that boosts lighting intensity and focuses beams at the optimal angle for driving in foggy conditions day or night.

Let’s face it, folks. Some of the HID upgrade kits on the market unfortunately give headlight modification a bad name. When you’re lighting nerds like us — that just doesn’t sit right. If you’ve already installed an HID kit and can’t tell if the glare you are experiencing is from oncoming traffic or the tears you’re shedding over how much money you probably wasted, our bi-xenon HID projector upgrade kits have everything you need to perform a retrofit the right way.


Trust the true auto enthusiasts at TRS for the reliable products you need to revamp your vehicle’s lighting system. From free shipping and fair prices to knowledgeable assistance from a staff of the biggest motor heads you’ve ever met, we’re the one-stop shop for all your needs. Get in touch with us with any questions you have, and place your order for a universal retrofit kit or fog light retrofit kit today.