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When you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle, you want the full package. Instead of messing around with parts, accessories and hardware from a bunch of different sources, you want a complete retrofit kit for your headlights. Here at The Retrofit Source, choose one of our custom headlight lens kits to upgrade the look of your car. You’ll benefit from HID technology so you can see and be seen better than with your car, truck, van or SUV’s original lights. The difference is, well, night and day for added visibility during the day and added performance at night. Our complete kits for headlights or fog lights replace your stock lights and give a custom look in an easy-to-install kit.


We always feel that choice is good here at TRS. That’s why we let you choose between clear or colored lenses for your headlight or fog light complete retrofit kits. Get the look you want that complements the style of your car as well as the color and intensity of light you need for safe driving and increased visibility. The combination of powerful HID projector technology and strong lenses gives you lighting power well beyond what your stock lighting can deliver.


Turning to our team here at TRS for your automotive projector lenses gives you access to the best lineup and brands of custom headlights around. It also lets you benefit from our enthusiastic and experienced team of gearheads. Yes — we’re car fans, too, and have the knowledge and passion to help you choose the right headlights and fog lights for your vehicle. Many of us have already installed complete retrofit kits on our own cars and can share our tips and advice for installation, alignment, and adjustment. You won’t find that kind of service elsewhere, so come to TRS if you’re looking for complete satisfaction and that little extra something other sources can’t deliver.


Have you browsed our online catalog yet? If not, take a minute to check out all we have to offer. You’ll quickly see that we carry an impressive lineup of advanced-technology lighting solutions for your car. Some of our more popular products include our clear lens headlight and yellow lens fog light retrofit packages. They use HID projector technology to deliver more than enough lighting power as well as ease-of-installation and increased durability. Install your HIDs today and enjoy years of trouble-free use.


It may sound like the class-leading selection and service you get from TRS means you’re paying top dollar, but that isn’t the case. Our position as the top online source for aftermarket lighting means we have the clout and reputation to demand aggressive pricing from our suppliers. Visit with us today and choose the best retrofit kits and packages that deliver the lighting performance and style your car deserves. Contact us today for more information or simply start browsing our catalog to place your order today!