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If you’re considering upgrading or replacing the existing headlights on your car or motorcycle to LED, make sure you choose a headlight conversion kit that’s worthy of your time and investment. The Retrofit Source Inc. offers the right combination of selection and value, backed by helpful service and support from real auto enthusiasts who know and use these products.

Shop our selection of universal Bi-LED and Bi-Xenon headlights. Should the need arise to ask us anything, we'll make sure you feel comfortable placing an order for the right stuff!

TRS is the leading source for automotive lighting for real car guys who know the difference. Order now!


To know if you have a quality product on your hands, you need to put it to the test and see what it’s made of. As auto enthusiasts obsessed with finding the best possible options in HID headlight replacements, we use just about all of the products we carry ourselves and even send them out for third party verification to ensure they’re up to snuff. So whether you’re looking for the best value or will spare no expense when it comes to customizing your favorite ride, the housings we sell are sure to meet your expectations.


For over a decade, TRS has been dedicated to bringing you the best automotive lighting products on the market at a competitive price. We carry bi-xenon headlights, projectors, and complete aftermarket and OEM LED headlights from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, such as J.W. Speaker, Morimoto, Osram, and others. Whether you’re in the market for a universal projector headlight housing for a Jeep or an LED headlight conversion kit with daytime running lights for your Harley, we have you covered.

Included in our inventory are:

— Universal LED Headlight Kits — Our selection of LED headlight replacement options includes 7-inch, 5x7, 5-3/4 and 4x6 universal LED units. These kits are truly universal, too, thanks to a standard three-wire input that makes it easy to swap out lights on all different cars and motorcycles. You can instantly upgrade output capabilities for improved safety and appearance without the need to cut or trim anything in most circumstances.

— Vehicle-Specific LED Headlight Upgrade Kits — In specific applications, we offer OEM LED headlight conversion kits to bring a base model or lower-spec truck to the high end using OEM housings and custom plug-and-play conversion harnesses. The end result looks 100% factory-installed!

— Specialty Car and Motorcycle Headlight Conversion Kits — As automotive lighting nerds who get amped about the latest and greatest upgrades on the market, we’re thrilled to offer the first-ever dynamic, adaptive motorcycle headlight that represents the cutting-edge of lighting technology. These beauties solve many of the most common problems motorcycle drivers face with smart technology that actually calculates bank angles and auto directs light to the right part of the road at all times. We also offer a selection of four different models of 90mm sealed LED projector headlight housings and replacement lights specially designed for kit cars, RVs and motor homes, all from our friends at J.W. Speaker, who build the product in Wisconsin, USA.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Order an LED headlight conversion kit from TRS and replace or upgrade the lighting on your car, truck or motorbike today.