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More and more: Modern vehicles are coming from the factory with headlight circuits that utilize pulsed voltage to run things like Daytime Running Lights or as a means to deter owners from modifying their lights. Unless you've got the right parts (ahem, this HID anti-flicker capacitor) then prepare for buzzing relays and flickering headlights!

Flicker-Proof: So, you installed a HID system on your car that uses a pulsing with headlight circuit? Without a capacitor link: Even if you installed a relay harness, the ballasts and bulbs with flicker/flash since the pulsed current coming from your factory wiring will translate into the relays - causing them to open and shut rapidly (which often sounds like a buzzing noise)

Easy Fix: The Morimoto Capacitor Link has a simple plug-n-play installation between the factory output and the relay harness input with just one ground. It will intercept the pulsed voltage, store it, and then release it smoothly into the harness. This HID anti-flicker capacitor basically translates irregular "on/off" signals to constant "on" signals.

Ingredients: The Morimoto Capacitor Link utilizes a 10,000'ƒÅ½'‚¼F electrolytic capacitor, 14 gauge wiring, and OEM-quality 9006 Male/Female Input/outputs for universal compatibility with basically all single-xenon or low beam relay harnesses.

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Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • Module: 1x Anti-Flicker Capacitor Link

  • Warranty: 2 Years

  • Compatibility

  • PWM-BASED SYSTEMS: Smooths out pulsing signals

  • CIRCUITS: Low Beam, High Beam, DRL

  • RELAY HARNESSES: Required, Not Included. Must have 9006 Male Input

  • Tech Specs

  • Wire Thickness: 14AWG

  • Material: Molded Plastic, Fully Potted

  • INPUT: 9006 Male

  • OUTPUT: 9006 Female

  • CAPACITANCE: 35V 10000uf

Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

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5 out of 5 stars

Finally it works

Mark Tango

So here is my review. 2015 Ford Edge SEL. I had an older aftermarket 35W canbus kit that worked well but wasn't bright enough. Tried LED's in projector lens and it was like having no headlights. Tried 3 different kits until I found one that seemed to work. However, after getting it all installed I found that only when the engine was started the relay buzz was awful. You could hear it inside the cabin. Be aware the relay wont buzz with the engine off? Also as I drove around the lights would blink almost like you were blinking your eye. This would go on the entire time the lights were on with no rhyme or reason. You couldn't predict it. The guys at the shop insisted it was a Chinese relay but after hours of research I knew better than that. After 2 hours of looking I came across this site and decided to try the morimoto capacitor link adapter. It worked perfectly. The only thing is the connectors needed to be filed down so it would snap in the factory connector and the pins needed to be adjusted to be closer together. After about 30 minutes of careful work, I was done. Thank you for understanding the problem and fixing it. What really made me buy this was it clearly says do you have an HID kit installed with the wiring harness and still get flicker, this is the fix. It kills me how many HID companies dismiss this issue and simply say oh you need a wiring harness. BUY THIS NOW

5 out of 5 stars

great products!!!

ryan strope

I recently purchased the h11 elite kit for the wife's vehicle after be fed up with a previous kit. Easy install on a 2012 dodge caravan. harness tucked away nicely and had no issues routing wiring. only issue i had was a flickering issue. I did some quick research found i needed the capacitor link. Installed the link and lights work perfectly. Morimoto will be the only products i order from here on out.

5 out of 5 stars

Stop flickering of DRL


This was recommended by tech support for 2008 Ford Edge as lo beams flicker and then cut out without these even with wiring harness and relays. Installed capacitor links and now works perfect. Note DRL will be full power.

Excellent support will be buying bulbs and kits here as no assistance from guys I bought original kits from.