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HID Bulbs


As certified automotive lighting geeks who make it our business to learn everything there is to know on the subject, we can tell you there’s a lot that goes into successfully retrofitting your headlights. While it’s true that performance ultimately depends on the ballasts, wiring, and lenses you choose, without the right HID replacement bulbs, you’re basically working in the dark.

Whether you’re searching for 4200K HID bulbs at a value price, 4800K HID bulbs with Lo/Hi capabilities or the highest quality OEM 5500K HID bulbs on the market, you’re sure to find a competitively priced solution within our extensive inventory.

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The Retrofit Source Inc. is made up of auto enthusiasts who are passionate about providing access to the best aftermarket and OEM products available. You can take it to the bank that the bulbs we sell provide an effective replacement or upgrade to your existing systems. We use these replacement bulbs ourselves, and we test them against the competition every chance we get. From our standard 3000K HID bulbs to premium, bi-xenon 5000K HID bulbs, your headlights will provide the clean, clear light you need to see everything on the road.


Whether you have a vehicle with a defective or burnt-out HID bulb or your original headlights have always left you longing for more intensity, we carry an extensive selection of upgrade and replacement options to meet your needs. You’ll find bulbs from the most trusted brands such as Philips, Osram, Morimoto, Acme, and others that look better, shine brighter, project farther, and last longer. Our bulbs are easy to install, deliver precision alignment for consistent output and uniformity, and offer compatibility with virtually all ballasts from major brands.

Sure, we have some incredible low-cost options in 4300K HID bulbs to 8000K bulbs that are precise, color-accurate and can’t be beat for the price. However, for true car guys with deep pockets and a burning desire to have the sharpest ride on the road, our premium, OEM, and performance halogen units are on another level.

In fact, we’re proud to be among the only distributors of genuine Philips and Osram lamps online. Buyers beware — if you see these types of HID bulbs advertised on the Internet for less then you see them listed here, there’s a good chance they’re knock offs.


Let there be light! Frankly we cringe at the alternative, i.e. a car traveling at night with only one headlight or running on equipment that gives off about as many lumens as a tea light. Let TRS set your chariot up with modern torches that deliver the type of beam that alerts other drivers you’re coming and helps you see the entire road.

Choose the headlight bulbs you require from our extensive selection, or get in touch for assistance from a knowledgeable representative. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and help you place your order for a set of HID headlight bulbs today.