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The Philips brand brings over 120 years of experience in developing the most innovative and effective lighting solutions in the industry. Whether you’re in the market for a Philips LED headlight kit to update the lighting on your vehicle, replacement Philips 4300K or Philips 6000K HID bulbs to replace the stock HID lighting or the best interior LED options on the market, The Retrofit Source Inc. has everything you require in one convenient place. Contact us with any questions and we'll help you place an order today!


Philips HID bulb replacements and LED lights are known for offering the right combination of precision, longevity and clear, color-accurate lumens. We know the type of quality Philips represents on the aftermarket because we use them ourselves and put them to the test against the competition. Head to head against most standard and premium lighting options, the Philips LED headlight kits we carry outlast and maintain intensity long after other similarly priced products throw in the towel.

Included in our inventory are:

— Philips 4300K HID Bulbs (Standard) — Philips has set the bar higher for the industry standard with 4300K HID bulbs that deliver true luxury car performance. Our selection of 4300K HID bulbs offers the ideal headlight replacement or upgrade if yours are simply getting old, for many of the most common foreign and domestic vehicles on the road with OEM HID headlights.

— Philips 4800K HID Bulbs (Xtreme Vision) — These Philips replacement lights are every inch as good as any other high performance OEM bulbs, especially for applications when a few hundred extra lumens of light on the road come in handy. These premium OE options come in 4800K and provide perfectly white light output for car guys who know the difference and don’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks for it.

— Philips 6000K HID Bulbs (Ultinon) — Blaze a brighter path on the road and set your automobile up with the unique look of Philips 6000K HID bulbs. These top-of-the-line bulbs deliver a bright white beam infused with a subtle tinge of blue that stands out from the crowd. You get 2,300 pure lumens on a standard 35W bulb at a price from TRS that can’t be beat. Literally, if you find a better price elsewhere – we will match it!


In addition to Philips HID bulbs for cars, trucks and motorcycles, we carry interior LED lighting options that are cutting-edge and difficult to find here in the US market if you aren’t dialed in to TRS. You benefit from a 12-year rated lifespan of bright, beautiful white light with none of the off-white or blue that’s an unwelcome hallmark of so many other LEDs. Our all-purpose LED bulbs offer a 360-degree beam pattern that’s excellent for auto interiors and other auxiliary uses. We also carry interior LED bulbs that provide a daylight effect you commonly only see in the most modern, high-end vehicles.


Don’t get gouged on dealer prices or get caught up in the web of too-good-to-be-true deals on Philips replacement bulbs from eBay or Amazon that are most likely fakes. Our Philips LED kits and HID bulbs for cars are the real deal at a cost that’s easier on your wallet. These prices are as difficult to beat as the quality of these bulbs, so place your order today.