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For over 110 years, Osram has been a brand name synonymous with quality and innovation in the auto lighting industry. Osram LED and HID bulbs deliver the quality, luminous intensity and output performance for safer driving day or night. If better visibility and more responsive lighting is what you have in mind, The Retrofit Source Inc. has a complete selection of Osram HID bulb replacements and LED car interior lights in stock at a competitive price. Place your order today!


As automotive enthusiasts dedicated to finding the best lighting upgrade and replacement products available, TRS is proud to offer a complete range of options from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. In addition to an extensive variety of cutting-edge Osram HID conversion kits, we also carry a range of solutions for the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Our inventory includes:

— 4200K Osram HID Bulbs — Are these the best standard headlight replacement lights ever produced? Possibly. The numbers say these Osram HID bulbs are capable of up to 70 percent greater output compared to traditional alternatives to OEM. We put them to the test ourselves and witnessed some of the brightest and most effective bulbs we’ve seen to date.

— 5500K Osram HID Bulbs — Why eat hamburger when you can afford filet mignon? These Osram HID bulb replacements represent the top of the line in lighting upgrades. With ultra intense outputs producing a combination of whiter and brighter light, it’s like the dream of the perfect headlight you never have to wake up from.

— 6000K Osram HID Bulbs — Ever complained your low beams just aren’t bright enough? These babies will put an end to your misery. More lumens, cooler whites, relatively low energy consumption — what more could you want? A great price, you say? Done! We use these in the TRS NSX, and they beat every other 6000K bulb in its class.

— Osram Performance Halogen Bulbs — These replacement bulbs offer a step up from your factory original headlights that are easier on the wallet than an HID upgrade. With 110 percent more light, 40 meters longer distance and 20 percent whiter light than factory bulbs, you get everything you need to reduce fatigue and enjoy a more comfortable driving experience.


TRS also carries Osram HID ballasts that are build in accordance to the highest quality standards for OEM products on the market. With an rated 2,000 hours of run time and easy installation without additional modifications in many factory applications, there’s no wonder these high output ballasts are used as OE equipment on many modern domestic cars and trucks.

Osram OEM car interior bulbs offer the ultimate upgrade with a forward firing LED optics and a body that effectively sheds heat for a nearly infinite lifespan. It’s the best of LED with a cool white light — not off-white or the irritating blue tint that tends to remind you of your 16 year old self.

Don’t settle for subpar replacement bulbs or get fooled by the fakes sold by popular online sources. TRS has al the genuine Osram HID and Osram LED bulbs you’re looking for at a competitive price.