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No Comparison: When it comes to HID bulbs, Morimoto has always brought us the best in the aftermarket, and their latest examples are no exception. Sure we think the options from Philips and Osram are great too, but when it comes to bang for the buck - nothing compares to the Morimoto XB HID lineup. Compatible with 35W and 55W: The XB's will produce more lumens, last longer, project farther, and look better doing it.

Luminosity: At the heart of the XB 9006 bulbs is their perfectly aligned 100% Philips quartz glass that houses a capsule from APL-USA. Using high quality halide salts from German-supplier Messer; the bulbs produce nearly the same luminosity (intensity) as the amazing Osram CBI bulbs at 5500K. No, you're not seeing things here, but yes you will be seeing everything at night. In our Comparison to the big brands; Morimoto's XB capsule ran with the best of em!

Long Life: The Austrian-sourced Plansee electrodes help keep the bulbs running brighter for longer. In comparison to a Philips bulb with 200 hours of use; the Morimoto will maintain 83% of it's intensity whereas the Philips bulb will retain 86%. Yeah, the Philips maintains a little longer, but this kind of longevity is unheard of in the aftermarket. We're impressed!

Precise Alignment: Morimoto's Symmetry-Structure frame surrounds the base of the glass capsule keeping everything properly lined up, which is paramount when it comes to HID bulbs. In the past we all agreed that precision wasn't the strong suit for the XB bulbs...but the latest are indeed the greatest - and they're now consistently well-aligned, which is a good thing - because it means the output is also consistently bright and uniform throughout. [Applause]

KV Konnect: The wireless design at the base of the XB HID Bulbs is unique since the high voltage input wiring can be removed from the bulb itself - making install a breeze. Not that we recommend this for any HID bulb...but go ahead and fire it up 100 times in a row or even run it underwater for days at a time and they wont falter. The tightly toleranced molded connection is well-executed to the point where there's really no downsides from our point of view.

Industry Standard: The XB replacement HID bulbs are built to industry-standard size specifications and are compatible with all ballasts with "AMP" outputs - making them a perfect match for a replacement bulb or upgrade! We've tested them here in the shop for reliability with all ballasts from Morimoto, Hylux, ACME, Denso, Hella, Bosch, and Koito and passed with ease.

Please Note: There are two base types, H11A and H11B. We can confirm fitment on most newer Japanese vehicles as needing H11B, and most Hyundai/Kia vehicles as needing "H11A" despite what the bulb itself may state. Determine fitment by using the visual guide in the pictures and watching this video!

Trusted: For more than a decade, we've worked hard to earn our killer reputation. Car guys world-wide know that TRS carries the internet's best selection of high performance automotive and powersport lighting products at the best prices, and we've got the best, most knowledgeable team of real enthusiasts to help back it up. If we sell it, then you bet we've put it to the test on our own cars, trucks, and bikes. Need a recommendation on parts for your project? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact Us

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • HID BULBS: 2x H11B Morimoto XB HID

  • HIGH VOLTAGE WIRING: 2x KV Connect / AMP Cables

  • LOW VOLTAGE WIRING: 2x 9006 female cables / seals

  • ACCESSORIES: Alcohol pads (to clean bulbs before use)

  • WARRANTY: 2 Years

  • SWAG: Morimoto Decal

  • Compatibility

  • HEADLIGHTS: H11/H11B Only

  • INPUTS: AMP Male/Female

  • WATTAGE: 35w and 55w

  • Confirm Fitment: Find my size!

  • Tech Specs


  • LIFESPAN: 2500 Hours

  • WATTAGE: 35W and 55W

  • 3000K: Golden Amber (~2800 lm)

  • 4500K: Warm White (~3500 lm)

  • 5500K: Pure White (~3400 lm)

  • 6500K: Cool White (~3200 lm)

  • 55W BALLASTS: (+20% lm) (-1000K)

In Action

Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars


Fahd Yehia Reviewed: 06.06.2017

Installed in my 8th gen accord coupe and I'm really amazed
I got 5500K with XB55
And the color is white only, without any tint of blue
It looks more like the OEM halogens but 3X brighter in my opinion
I felt MAJOR Difference and it's by far one of the best mods I've done

If you want the OEM HID look with a slight blue tink I think you should go for 6500K with the XB55 ballast

5 out of 5 stars

Relaced DDM Tuning HID bulb with Morimoto 9012 HID Bulb

Jacques Blouin Reviewed: 12.31.2016

Made a mistake and went with a badly made DDM Tuning HID kit for my 2015 Charger. Bulb from Morimoto was an exact fit / repaclement for my 9012 hologen bulb socket as opposed to the other brands knockoff. It's a badly make 9006 configuration and the power lead plug would not plug into the Dodge wiring connector. Pins did not line up. Should have chosen Morimoto first and saved money and time.

5 out of 5 stars

Great Quality

Kris Reviewed: 03.20.2016

I bought these to replace a pair of standard H11 bulbs I got off amazon and you'd be surprised. Not all hid bulbs are the same; these have a much more even color and seem to be a good deal brighter as well. For the price, they're well worth it

5 out of 5 stars

Great Quality!

Israel Reviewed: 03.04.2016

I bought this bulbs as a replacement for an aftermarket HID System without any issue. I noticed that the quality of the manufacturing is quite better than other products online. Also I recommend H11B when installing on systems having a projector.

5 out of 5 stars

High Quality hid bulb

Quoc Reviewed: 12.11.2015

This hid bulb are well built better then most cheap one I got 5500k the color look good and better sight at night time then my previous hid bulb but I prefer 6500k which I'm ordering right now. I'm more into like white and little bit of blue but 5500k good for overall lumen in rain and fog day that if you like oem but if you more like bmw and Mercedes go for 6500k

5 out of 5 stars


Ernesto Reviewed: 09.08.2015

Just plain awesome! Spent almost a week researching for a decent HID kit then I finally came across this! Awesome. You guys are the best to deal with. I like the 5 year warranty and fast shipping! I was so happy with the outcome that I recommended this site to most of my co-workers. Well, they got busy ordering a morimoto HID kit to replace their current chinese made HID.

5 out of 5 stars

No more shadows

Leo Reviewed: 07.10.2015

I finally switched from H11A to H11B for my Morimoto kit. H11B wasn't available when I first got the kit, the new H11B has completely remove the shadow in front of the car, now I have a beautiful beam spread.

5 out of 5 stars

Best Retrofit Parts and Kits on the market

William Reviewed: 07.08.2015

I ordered my HID retrofit kit for my 2013 Fusion almost a year ago. My first system that I bought from another company didnt even last one winter. This Kit has lasted through one of the coldest winters on record and has lasted through some summer heat without fail. I am more than satisfied with the quality and customer service provided by The Retrofit Source. They are always there to help when needed and provide advice along with great long lasting quality products. Since buying my first kit, they have already started to offer improved versions with better connections allowing for more easily replaceable items. I just bough replacement bulbs to change the color on mine but the other ones were working fine. I was blown away that you can now remove the wiring from the bulb and just change the bulb which allows for less work. Anyone who is looking for a great HID retrofit kit, this is the only place to get it.

5 out of 5 stars

Best Bulb for Prius 3

Felix Reviewed: 04.03.2015

I bought it for my Prius gen 3 2012, compared to my old chinese HID bulb (CNLight), no more ground shadow and much better light pattern.
I am really satisfied and I have now a OEM quality HID light system...
(well, I think the HID Planet guys will not approuve...)

5 out of 5 stars

best bulbs so far

Matthew Reviewed: 11.18.2014

I bought a pair of the H11 XB35 to replace a pair of cheap Chinese bulbs I can tell you there's a world of difference the color is spot on there is no ground shadow and no hot spots either the light is evenly dispersed I definitely recommend these bulbs to anyone looking to do an upgrade

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