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Impressive: Honestly speaking, to headlight geeks like us, this 9006 HID kit is an aftermarket product to get amped about. Top-of-the-line Morimoto components, easy installation, extended warranty — what more could you want? If being able to see while driving at night is on your list of what’s important, take a closer look at the specs and read the Reviews on this all-in-one HID replacement kit.

Customizable Components: Whether you are using it for a 9006 HID fog light conversion or as an upgrade to your factory installed halogen headlights, you can choose the parts suited to the application. This quick video breaks down all the options available to you.

Booming Ballasts: Morimoto XB ballasts have a reputation that’s among the best in the industry. We’ve put them to the test in our own vehicles, and they passed with flying colors. Countless hours of research and development went into redesigning these HID ballasts to mitigate failures and the chance of misfires, all whilst using only half the power consumption and producing warm-up times that are twice as fast. Did we mention they look cool, too?

9006 HID Bulbs: It’s the small details and extra effort that set Morimoto XB HID bulbs apart. Halide salts from Germany, electrodes from Australia, high voltage wiring from Japan — they spared no expense in providing a bulb that outshines any other aftermarket solution. In our annual Lux comparison test, they even fared well against XV and CBI series lamps from Philips and Osram. Morimoto's Elite 9006 HID kit provides all the Kelvin options too with 3000K, 4500K, 5500K, or 6500K bulbs.

What's In a Wire?: Don’t sleep on the importance of your wire harness. It’s one aspect of a headlight or fog light conversion where skimping never pays. Morimoto Elite Systems come with the best relay harnesses on the aftermarket. Highlights include 14-gauge stranded copper wiring protected by abrasion resistant Techflex mesh sleeving and laser engraved mounting brackets for genuine OEM looks, performance, and reliability.

No Flashing Lights: Many newer vehicles have finicky lighting systems that display a “bulb out” warning when modifications are detected. An optional Morimoto Standalone Canbus harness is designed with a resistor pack that’s able to fool the system into thinking it’s still operating on its original bulbs. We’ve used these on all different VWs, BMWs, and other Euro models, and they not only eliminate dash board warnings, but they also deliver safe, efficient power that keeps the system running smoothly. Are they easy to install? Yep — so simple, a child could do it.

Protected: Morimoto says these 9006 HID replacement kits are built to last up to 2,500 hours, and we’re confident to guarantee that. Our 5-year warranty covers the entire kit* and is backed by peerless customer service and support. You’ll hear a lot of false promises from other online sources that are here today and nowhere to be found when you really need them. TRS is the name you can trust, but don’t just listen to us. Read the unbiased Reviews from other customers we’ve served in the past. [*XB55 kits have a 3-year warranty]

User Verified: These video examples (1,2,3,4,5,6) show successful installs of everything from 9006 fog light HID kits and HID headlight conversions spanning many generations of Morimoto Elite Systems. Nothing makes us happier than seeing like-minded folks put the products we provide to good use and show off a little bit while doing it.

The Source You Depend On: For over a decade, The Retrofit Source Inc. has been providing the best and largest selection of aftermarket and OEM automotive lighting solutions at reasonable prices. We’re driven by a passion for the industry and culture that shows in everything we do. Whether your project is a fog light conversion or you’re swapping out underperforming 9006 LED bulbs, we’ll help you find the 9006 HID replacement kit that’s configured to your needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is standing by to answer all your questions and assist with placing an order. Contact Us today.

Product Specs

  • Tech Specs


  • BALLAST OUTPUT: 85V AC 35W or 50W

  • BALLAST MAX. V: 25kV (at start-up)


  • 35w RATED LIFESPAN: 2,500 hours

  • 50w RATED LIFESPAN: 2,000 hours

  • 3000K BULBS: Golden Yellow ~2800lm (each)

  • 3800K BULBS: Halogen White ~3000lm (each)

  • 4500K BULBS: Warm White ~3500lm (each)

  • 5500K BULBS: Pure White ~3400lm (each)

  • 6500K BULBS : Cool White ~3200lm (each)

  • 50W BALLASTS: (+20% intensity) (-20% lifespan)(-1000K color)

In Action

Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars


Clint Zephir Reviewed: 10.04.2016

I installed these on my 2006 Scion xB and the total time was about 20 minutes. What took the longest time was routing the wires for a clean look and the instructions could not be easier. I'm recommending TRS to everyone I know!

5 out of 5 stars

Best on the Market!

Anthony Whittington Reviewed: 09.21.2016

Well worth the money. Sad to say, but I initially made the mistake of buying one of the more common "ebay" cheap units from a shop in California. I thought it would be better then the other cheap units, I was WRONG. Within months, a ballast went out. After fulfilling the lifetime warranty, the other ballast went out. Instead of having to continuously deal with this headache, I decided to get this system from TRS.

This is by far the best option on the market. You pay for what you get. The quality is so much better, especially with the bulbs. Plus when hitting bumps, there is no jitter that I experienced with the previous kit.

Install was fairly easy on my 2008 Mitsu Lancer. Just took some time to feed the relay and find convenient placements for the ballasts. I would highly recommend removing the front bumper if you have a Lancer like I do. Made install a breeze! Thank you TRS! Now I just have to find the time to do a projector retrofit...

5 out of 5 stars

Best HIDs on the market!

Geoffrey Reviewed: 10.02.2014

I purchased this system for my 2004 Chevy Silverado. I had heard many great things from TRS and thought I would give this HID system a try. Wow! Well worth the money and great quality. No better company than TRS. My old "cheap" HIDs went out less than 6 months with no warranty. I like the idea of the HD Relay Harness connecting straight to the battery and only using the cars headlight plug as a trigger. TRS FTW!

5 out of 5 stars

Better than expected

Donald Reviewed: 09.08.2014

I purchased the 9006: Morimoto Elite HID for my 2003 Miata. The results were better than expected. I have tried other HID kits only to remove them because the beam pattern was everywhere and blinded everyone. Someone suggested that I try the Morimoto kit and I decided that I would. I figured there would not be much of a loss if it didn't work since most of the parts are what is used for a Retrofit and I still plan on doing a proper Retrofit in the future. See the before and after shot on the TRS Facebook page.

5 out of 5 stars

Happy Camper!!!

Robert Reviewed: 06.17.2014

These are the best hands down. I installed these on my 2008 Trailblazer SS. All I can say is if you dont have one of these kits your missing out. Huge difference in the stock head lights. I cant say enough good about this product. Keep up the good work guys.

5 out of 5 stars

Best HID's on the market!!

Nolan Reviewed: 02.25.2014

I've bought DDM Tuning HID's and those lasted a week before the ballasts went out. I've seen several low-end HID's also go out. But these TRS HID's are the real deal! Yes, they are pretty expensive, but the quality, craftsmanship and customer support is the best out there! I'm glad I made the leap to TRS HID's!

Best HID's on the market!!

Nolan Reviewed: 02.25.2014

I've bought DDM Tuning HID's and those lasted a week before the ballasts went out. I've seen several low-end HID's also go out. But these TRS HID's are the real deal! Yes, they are pretty expensive, but the quality, craftsmanship and customer support is the best out there! I'm glad I made the leap to TRS HID's!

5 out of 5 stars

Jose Fabian Reviewed: 06.02.2013

Read nothing but great things about these HID kits and I'm finally getting one for my Toyota Corolla, low beam and fog lights. Also outstanding customer service from this site and very helpful.

5 out of 5 stars

Alex Duhanin Reviewed: 05.15.2013

I ordered the 9006: Morimoto Elite HID System and unfortunately had not had the chance to install them on my car by myself but, I took it to an aftermarket shop and when they were installed It looked amazing. I have to tell you, the quality is just ridiculously good. It is very bright, even without specific Xenon projectors the flicker is very sexy at startup. I have a 2008 Honda Accord V6 EX-L 4 Door and the 5000K temperature goes along extremely well with my car. I would also like to buy these HID's for my fog lights but they are a little out of my price range so I will wait. DO NOT get eBay crap, in my opinion, Morimoto is the best HID company out there. For this price, and the 5 year warranty that they offer, this kit is just unbeatable.
Overall, this kit looks sexy on my 2008 Honda Accord and if I can get a good discount for another pair of these lights from TheRetroFitSource I'll buy myself another pair.
Thanks TheRetroFitSource, definitely not a waste of time OR money,

5 out of 5 stars

Justin Rutledge Reviewed: 12.28.2012

I purchased this kit knowing it would be top notch since I have already done a full projector retrofit on my wife's car using all parts from TRS, just want to put in two cents for this kit as well.
Construction of all parts is excellent. The Morimoto 5five ballasts I chose with this kit are as close to OEM quality as I have ever seen. Warm up time is quick, and the ballasts do not even run warm, let alone hot like the cheap kits.
The heavy duty wiring harness is in fact heavy duty. The wiring is actually of a thick gauge and properly sheathed, unlike ebay kits.
The OSRAM rebased bulbs, when compared to the factory halogen HIR2 (9012) bulbs, are aligned precisely and are extremely solid.
I am not sure I can say enough about TRS customer service either. I had the unfortunate experience of breaking a bulb (completely my mistake) when installing this kit in a hurry. TRS was happy to talk to me on the phone and get me a new set of bulbs shipped immediately.
I also discovered that my car uses pulsing DRL, rather than low voltage. A quick chat with TRS customer support and the plug-n-play capacitor I needed was on its way.
If you are thinking of going with a cheap ebay kit to save some money, trust me you won't in the end. Just go with TRS and know that you are in excellent hands. Their equipment and customer service is second to none.

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