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Bi-Xenon: Morimoto Micro D2S 5.0

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Brand: Morimoto




PART #: 2 x PR50

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Introducing the Morimoto Micro D2S 5.0 - the ultimate solution for automotive lighting enthusiasts! Say goodbye to outdated HID tech, and welcome the pinnacle of Bi-xenon performance. With the Micro D2S 5.0, Morimoto has ingeniously merged the Mini H1 size with the big boy beam pattern of the Mini D2S 5.0, giving you the best of both worlds. Experience a blazing hot spot that outshines the competition, with beam distribution designed for optimal visibility. The Micro D2S 5.0 boasts an Anti-Reflective Coating Lens, enhancing light transmission by 10% while minimizing glare. The AR coating, indicated by a stylish blue hue, sets this projector apart. Innovative hardware upgrades include robust MotoHolders, CNC machined aluminum lock rings, and Torx screws for durability and ease of use. Installing the Micro D2S 5.0 is a breeze, making it perfect for various applications. Upgrade your vehicle's lighting game with the Morimoto Micro D2S 5.0 – where performance, style, and ease of installation unite to provide an unrivaled lighting experience.


  • Bi-Xenon Excellence: Micro D2S 5.0 delivers top-tier Bi-xenon performance.
  • Best of Both: Combining Mini H1 size with powerful Mini D2S 5.0 beam.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating: 10% more light, less glare with a stylish blue hue.
  • Durable Upgrades: Robust MotoHolders, CNC aluminum lock rings, Torx screws.
  • Easy Installation: Hassle-free upgrade for various applications.


  • Projectors: 2x (One Pair) Micro D2S 5.0 Bi-Xenon Projectors

  • Hardware: 2x 9006 Solenoid Input Pigtails, Bulb Holders, Mounting Hardware


This Morimoto product includes a 3 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the Morimoto team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, Click Here.


  • Power: 35w HID Systems Only

  • Traffic Pattern: LHD

  • Lens Diameter: 2.5in

  • Mounting Shaft: 34mm Diameter

  • Housing Depth: 110mm Minimum

  • Lens Type: AR Coated 'Kuria Optic' Glass



  • APPLICATIONS: Universal (cars/trucks/motorcycles)

  • DIRECT FITMENT: H4 housings


  • HID BALLASTS: 35W Only


  • SHROUDS: All Styles (w/ Centric Rings)

  • CENTRIC RINGS: Shrouds Require Mini H1 Model


APPLICATION: HID and LED projectors are street legal in the USA for Fog Light use only. Not compliant with DOT / FMVSS108 and not street legal in the USA for Headlights. Legal for off-road use in Snowmobile and ATV headlights and off-road racing use only auxiliary or forward lighting. International street legality varies by country. For detailed clarification on street use, CLICK HERE
Note: This usage regulation is not unique to this item. All LED and HID bulbs from all other brands, regardless of marketing claims, are prohibited from street use in halogen headlights in the USA.



Best of Both Worlds: While HID tech peaked years ago,Morimoto is still coming out with the good stuff for the OG retrofitters who still believe Bi-xenon is best! Frankly, being the more mature technology relative to LED, that is hard to argue too, and when it comes to performance, that shows! With the introduction of the new Micro D2S 5.0, Morimoto brings the big boy beam pattern from the Mini D2S 5.0 into a Mini H1 sized package. Best of both worlds? Why yes!

Output: The hot spot on the new 5.0 bi-xenon sits right in between a Mini H1 8.0 and a Mini D2S 5.0, but its certainly closer to the D2S performance side of the spectrum! With decades of experience in the projector game, the beam pattern is perfectly distributed with a natural gradient of intensity down to the foreground, and the high beam is hard to beat. Derived from the powerful EvoX-R design, dare we say it may even be more effective than its big brother in that department?

Anti-Reflective Coating Lens: The blue tint to the lens is more than marketing fluff too. That's an AR coating, and it serves a real purpose. AR coatings increase the transmission of light through the glass all while decreasing bleed. The result? 10% more light and less glare compared to a traditional clear lens. The blue-hue may not be for everybody, but in this case we're down. Read more about AR coatings HERE.

Hardware Upgrades: The Micro D2S 5.0 comes standard with the MotoHolders: which were originally developed for the top of the line D2S 5.0. They are a one-piece design that's far easier to work with than the bulb holders found on no-name brand projectors. The CNC machined aluminum lock rings are not only pretty looking, but they're 300% stronger than the old die cast part. To tighten them, Morimoto now offers an optional lock-ring tightening tool that works with any 10mm socket set. Torx screws now hold the lens holder on too instead of Philips screws.

Installation Summary: On a H4-based fog light reflector for example...Remove the fog light lens, insert the threaded mounting shaft through the pre-existing hole in the back of the reflector, add the alignment plate, tighten the lock ring, and re-seal the fog lights. For other applications, minimal cutting will probably be involved but you'll find the results well worth it! Check out the installation procedure linked above.

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Big light small package


Tldr, if you need a small projector or a 2.5 for a factory style retrofit this is it!

Even though I had factory e code projectors on my car I was just not satisfied with the light output. After much research and debating I settled on these as the best option that would fit in my factory housing. the stock projector has to be disassembled to remove it and these just slide right in. Although not the brightest set up they provide a significant upgrade over the oem projectors and over the past few nights there has been no time when I didn't feel like I had enough light output. I'm running osram night breakers for maximum light in all weather and am satisfied with my choices.


Micro light cannons


Tldr, if you need a 2.5 for a factory projector retrofit or just a small over all size this is it.
Even though I had e code projectors on my car I was just not satisfied partly due to 20 year old technology partly the reflector bowls showed some wear. I searched for awhile for a 2.5 projector that was small enough it fit in with out splitting the headlights but had big enough performance to be worth it. I also did not want h1 bulbs, i wanted to maintain my factory d2s ballast/ignitors. I decided these paired with osram night breaker bulbs where the best move and I was not wrong! Light output is great, distance is great, and the cut off is very crisp. Not only that they slide right in my headlights through the access hole in the back. Unlike the stock projectors that need to be disassembled in the headlight to be removed. All in all a pretty easy retrofit and satisfying results. Also the high beams paired with my stock reflector highs with h7/9 hybrid bulbs is insane!

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