NOS: ACME Standard (D1S/D3S) Projectors

Product Details

ACME: Picked up the call from consumers who want a product that meets their expectations but aren't ready to break the bank. Their entry-level gear is the new industry standard that delivers real performance at the right price.

Basic: If you're looking for a bump in performance from your D1S or D3S based headlight system, look no further! ACME is one of very few choices out there for a high-performance bi-xenon that still accepts D1/D3 bulbs. A great way to go for those who want a retrofit, but don't want to convert to a D2S setup!

Light Output: Producing a classic DOT-stepped cutoff and a really colorful and still sharp cutoff, compared to your OEM equipment, we are confident that ACME's range-topping D1/D3 Standard Bi-xenons will put the light back in your night!

High / Low: Their Hella-style side-pull bi-xenon mechanism creates both a low and high beam pattern when actuated. This beefy setup is generally very reliable and rarely fails.

Easy Install: The ACME D1S/D3S Bi-xenon uses an industry-standard square style bulb holder to accept all OEM D1/D3 Bulbs. Their 3" Clear lenses and convenient 4-point bolt pattern makes them about as retrofit-friendly as it gets to replace another pre-existing projector too!

Direct: These projectors are factory-direct and do not receive the same level of QC that we've come to expect from other brands like Morimoto. However, they've got a good track record for little to no problems out of the box, and their pre-installed clear lens should give them a nice sharp and colorful cutoff line and and good output.

Closeouts Information: If you're a headlight junkie looking for a hot deal on parts for your next project, look no further. The TRS Closeouts category has non-stop selection of parts at a price that’s impossible to beat! Check out this behind the scenes video that explains a bit more about these parts.

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • PROJECTORS: 2x ACME Standard D1/D3 Bi-Xenons

  • HARDWARE: D1/D3 Bulb Holders and Clips

  • SOLENOID INPUTS: 9006 Male pinned pigtails


  • Compatibility

  • APPLICATIONS: Universal (cars/trucks)

  • BULBS: D1S / D3S HID Only

  • SHROUDS: All Styles

  • Tech Specs

  • DEPTH: 139mm (includes bulb holder)

  • WIDTH: 88mm

  • HEIGHT: 73mm

  • LENS DIAMETER: 3.0 Inches

  • MOUNTING SHAFT: 20mm Diameter

  • HOUSING DEPTH: 115mm Minimum

  • FUNCTIONALITY: Low and High Beam (Bi-Xenon)


  • COMPATIBLE WITH: 35W and 55W D1/D3 HID

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