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HID Ballasts


Are your existing factory HID headlights or replacement HID bulbs not delivering the type of light you need to stay safe driving in the dark? You just might have a case of the “bad ballasts,” but thankfully we have the cure. The Retrofit Source Inc. offers a complete selection of aftermarket and OEM HID ballasts for sale in a range of options that fit your budget and your application requirements.

Browse our online selection of 35W, 45W, 50W and 75W HID ballasts, and place an order today!


Looking for automotive lighting products to successfully complete repairs, replacements, custom upgrades, and modifications? At TRS, we’re basically a bunch of auto lighting nerds who can’t think of anything better to do with our time than scour the market for the best performing products available. So whether you’re searching for a standard 35W HID ballast that warms up quick and is exceptionally safe and reliable or a Canbus HID ballast that installs easy with no required modifications, we’re sure to have just what you need at a competitive price.

No matter if you’re shopping on a shoestring budget or have a few c-notes burning a hole in your pocket, we’ll help you find the HID ballast for sale that’s a perfect fit. Our inventory includes ballasts by Denso, Morimoto, Matsushita, Hylux, and other leading manufacturers. All of our ballasts are retrofit friendly, top notch at keeping moisture out, and reach full intensity faster than Speedy Gonzales running the 50-yard dash.


Choose to upgrade to:

— 35W HID Ballasts. These ballasts set a new industry standard delivering around 3200 lumens when used in conjunction with a quality 4300K HID bulb. We carry a range of options in the 35W HID category that are fully waterproof to protect interior circuitry and are versatile for powering virtually any bulb with an AMP connector.

— 45W HID Ballasts/50W HID Ballasts. When you want to give your low and high beams a nice little boost, our selection of 45W and 50W HID ballasts deliver the robust output for a serious upgrade. These ballasts provide in the neighborhood of 3800 lumens on a standard bulb while delivering as much as 30% more light output on the road.

— 75W HID Ballasts. For applications where only a true powerhouse will do, our 75W HID ballasts boldly go where brightness has never gone before. Probably best for back-road driving or used as auxiliary spot lights or high beams, you’ll marvel at the output of these “big boy” ballasts.


No other automotive lighting dealer offers the combination of service, selection and value as TRS. Whether you choose an OEM HID ballast, a Canbus HID ballast or any other upgrade or replacement product, we offer free shipping, competitive prices and ongoing customer support.

Don’t be afraid to head toward the light — order your HID ballasts today!