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Assemblies - LED Tail Lights

Tail lights are an ideal place to use LED bulbs. Since LEDs offer a brighter, more luminous glow, they make your car easier to detect for drivers approaching from the rear. This can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and collisions. There are a variety of lights installed on the rear end of your vehicle. These include the brake lights, tail lights, reversing lights, turn indicators and rear fogs. Each of them serves a specific purpose and improves the driving experience for you and other drivers who are driving behind you. Most manufacturers use halogen bulbs in the lights located at the rear end of your vehicle. The only exceptions perhaps are the tail lights where some manufacturers have started installing HID ballasts. HID bulbs offer better visibility and they are easier to see for drivers approaching from behind. If you are looking for a really bright glow, you can install LED tail lights on your vehicle. They offer much better visibility and the variety in color and design also gives your ride a unique, stylish look.

LED Tail Lights for Your Vehicle

The modern LED technology is really cutting edge and offers huge benefits for car owners who are looking to upgrade their tail lights. LED lights have a rapid switch-on feature. This is why when used in the brake lights, LED bulbs achieve full brightness 1/8th of a second sooner than HID bulbs. This gives a fraction of a second more to drivers behind you and they can respond quicker. 1/8th of a second may not seem much but when cars are driving at a high speed on the busy highway, a split second can make a huge difference. A vehicle going at 45 mph travels about 8 feet per 1/8th of a second. An LED tail light can help you avoid an accident.

LED Lights for Brakes

Halogen lights were the most common type of tail lights and came as standard on most vehicles until recently. Xenon HID lights were used to replace them because they were brighter, stronger and higher in intensity. TRS offers both these types of tail lights for car owners. LED lights are now becoming a more popular choice for tail lights. LED lights use lower energy and last longer than traditional tail lights. They use an electrical arc that is lit up when electrically charged, compared to a filament used in incandescent bulbs. This new technology makes LED tail lights safer and more reliable. The one down side is that LED bulbs are more expensive than HID or halogen lights. An HID tail light set costs around $100 - $150. An LED tail light set is $300 and goes up to $500 on average.

Should You Get LED Tail Lights?

Personally, we feel that LED is the future. However, cost can be a limiting factor for many. Not everyone would be willing to spend $400 on some tail lights. We completely understand the rationale. However, consider the long-term benefit of getting an LED tail light. We agree that it is generally easier and cheaper to use the regular halogen or xenon light bulbs for your vehicle. But switching to LEDs has become much more cost effective in recent years. When you upgrade your vehicle’s tail lights to LED light bulbs, it reduces the power consumption from the battery. This mean you don’t use as much fuel as you would with HID bulbs. If you drive frequently, the reduction in fuel costs can add up. LED tail lights also have a much brighter light output, quicker response time on brake lights and reverse lights. More than anything else, they have a lifespan that may possibly outlast the life of your vehicle. Although LED light bulbs may cost a bit more up front when you upgrade to them, you won’t need to switch the bulbs as often as you would for HID and halogen bulbs. This means they could save you money in the long run.

Get Your LED Tail Lights at TRS Store

The Retrofit Source stocks a variety of LED tail and brake lights for all car models. We offer stylish tail lights for all Chevy and Ford models. Our main supplier is Morimoto but we also distribute tail lights from other popular brands including Osram and Phillips. We have a record for supplying the best lighting solutions and conversion kits for car owners. Over the years, we have sold and shipped tens of thousands of bulbs, kits, ballasts and accessories for customers. TRS ships products all over the world and has an excellent reputation with clients. If you browse through our collection of LED tail lights you will find different numbers next to the name of the lights. These numbers show the year of the model that the bulbs will work with without any issue. Feel free to browse through our selection or get in touch with our customer services to find out more. Need a recommendation on parts for your project? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!