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In our quest to become the leading online source for automotive headlight upgrades and aftermarket bulbs and headlight assemblies, our team here at The Retrofit Source is always looking for ways to make your life easier. One of those ways is by carrying products for more makes and models of vehicles. Our lineup of replacement headlight assemblies is the broadest you'll find and we're constantly adding to it. You'll find LED headlight assembly kits for leading brands like GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda, as well as luxury brands such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi. We even carry the best headlight replacement assemblies for iconic vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler. Yes — we’ve even got your rough-and-rugged Jeep covered!!


Why do we stand behind LED technology? The difference between stock automotive lighting and HIDs is night and day. You get brighter lights that throw a more well-defined pattern that makes the roads safer for everyone. You’ll see and be seen better than ever when you upgrade to our complete headlight assembly kits. Going custom also makes your car, truck, van or SUV look better even when you’re not moving. Our high-tech custom headlight assemblies skillfully mimic high-end brands, making your car look like a million bucks!


While your vehicle will look like a million bucks with our LED assembly kits, you’ll pay significantly less! We offer competitive pricing thanks to our great relationships with our suppliers. We’ve spent years scouring the market for the best brands and models of aftermarket headlight assemblies and are proud to offer what we feel is the best selection around. You have more choice when you shop at TRS and can count on us for honesty, integrity and an industry-leading selection. We even throw in free shipping to save you a few more bucks!


While many of our customers are driving some of the hottest new cars on the market, others are driving late-model and classic cars that want some lovin', too! Don't worry, we haven't forgotten you! More than a few of our TRS employees are also fans of older vehicles and have installed our universal headlight assemblies with great success. These headlight assembly kits can be retrofitted to a wide range of vehicles. The custom look adds to the style of your car and gives you vision and visibility that's worlds better than what you're used to. One of our most popular custom headlight assembly kits is our 7-inch round headlight model, so browse our catalog and find the right package for your vehicle.


First and foremost, our team here at TRS is a bunch of passionate car enthusiasts like you. We spend our spare time upgrading our rides and have experience installing many of the products we have for sale here in our catalog. If you’re not sure which LED headlight assembly kits to choose from, let us know. We’ll point you to the best headlight replacement kit for your vehicle and make sure you’ve got the tips and advice you need for fast and easy installation. Contact us today for more information and find out why TRS is your best source for all of your aftermarket lighting needs!