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One of the best arguments for adding fog lights to your vehicle is the added visibility it provides you and the oncoming traffic. LED Projector Fog Lights cut through the fog, rain and snow to give you a better view of what’s up ahead on the road. It also allows other vehicles and pedestrians to see you sooner, making the roads safer for everyone. For years, many automakers have been making a half-hearted attempt to add fog lights to their designs, but often include cheap and dim bulbs that aren’t at all effective. Upgrade to our universal LED headlights from our team here at The Retrofit Source to enjoy REAL fog light performance!


If you have an older vehicle and can’t find the model-specific kit that suits, don’t worry — you can opt for a kit of your choice and custom install for a truly unique look. If you’re not sure how to choose, our helpful team of automotive enthusiasts will help. We love upgrading our rides just like you do and will answer any questions you might have. We’ll point you in the right direction and give you tips and advice for installation. Our only request? Share a few pics and videos of your car, truck or SUV after your LED projector fog lights are installed! We’re always excited to see custom installations from our customers, so let us know how it went!


At TRS, we don’t carry under-performing automotive lights. We leave that for the other sites. We only carry high-power lights and bulbs that improve on the original lights installed on your vehicle. Our daytime running light kits use LED technology to offer improved performance and reliability. LED lights resist shocks, vibration and heat to offer many more hours of service than standard lights. Don’t settle for second-rate daytime running lights when you can have the best selection on the market of high-quality, high-value kits and bulbs from our large catalog..


You might think that the added value we provide with our market-leading customer service prices us above the competition. That’s not the case. As a leader in automotive aftermarket lighting, we have the clout and reputation to command competitive pricing from our suppliers so that we can pass along great prices and value to you. We’re clear and upfront with all of our pricing and display it on every product page. Search our catalog and compare the different features and specifications of our best LED projector fog lights and headlights and choose the kit that suits your vehicle and budget. We even include free shipping to make our pricing even more enticing!


Our team here at TRS wants you to be satisfied. We offer better selection and better customer service than anyone else out there. You can read testimonials from our satisfied customers on our Yelp, Google and Facebook pages. You'll quickly see why more and more automotive enthusiasts are turning to TRS for their projector LED headlight purchase, so browse our selection now or contact us for more information.