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  • 01.18.2020

    I was first amazed because I received the headlight the exact same day of the estimated delivery. When I received them I quickly installed them, and they make my car look amazing. They worked perfectly and have no regrets on this purchase. It was exactly what I expected. The packaging was perfect. Headlights arrived with no damage or scratches. I will definitely buy my accessories off this website from now on!

    — Kevin Portillo

  • 01.11.2020


    — Andrew M. Cox

  • 01.11.2020

    I've made purchases off and on for several years from TRS, as well as some other places...let me tell you why it's been just TRS for quite a while now when it comes to lighting. The pricing is great, yes, but their willingness to help people with their project (even non-customers) shows their passion for aftermarket lighting. From the old Morimoto Sealed 7 retrofit assemblies for my Jeep, to some miscellaneous parts to retrofit my BMW, to bulbs for my Porsche Cayenne...they've given me value in their pricing, knowledge, and passion. Thanks TRS!

    — Pat Terry

  • 12.30.2019

    It doesn't matter that I'm the owner of an old car... Once I installed my TRS HID kit, my driving experience turned like if I were driving a new one. My car got a new looking and the most important thing...a good lighting!!! Also, the TRS staff helped me a lot before the purchase; answering all my questions about compatibility and function. I really recommend their products! Josue Gutierrez, Mexico.

    — Josué Azael Gutiérrez Ibarra

  • 12.16.2019

    After a lot of research about LED Headlights I still was a little skeptical due to the wide selection and brands. After talking with a friend that does custom headlights, he suggested to check out The Retrofit Source. I am extremely happy with the quality of the Morimoto brand. The enhanced brightness compared to stock is amazing and I will be purchasing more soon to complete the LED conversion on my car.

    — Andrew Holmsten

  • 12.14.2019

    I finally got some free time to get it installed and i gotta admit that the Headlights looks amazing especially those DRL is super bright! you will fall in love with the designs and the DRL within a heartbeat. But here are the negative things about it. First of all they need to be more clearly about the DRL POWER HARNESS (09-12 ONLY) on their website it clearly says that 09-12 only and i have the 14 but i still need the harness to have it function ( I totally forgot about the DRL so when i put everything back on and i started the truck and i did not see it turn on so i had to took everything off again to run the harness) Secondly which is the most important thing is the brightness of the headlights. I repeat they are not as bright as they advertise, these LED headlights is not even as bright as my eBay HID on the stock projector. Again they can not be compared to HID. Lastly i just wish that the DRL would stay as bright as before you turn on the headlights. These DRL will dim about 50% when the headlights are on so keep that in mind. Conclusion if you are looking for brightness then i suggest don't waste your money on it, but if you're going for the looks then go for it they will definitely turns head, and of course the DRL is super bright which is the only thing that made me less regret about it. If i could return it at NO COST I'd definitely return it.

    — Danh Tran

  • 12.08.2019

    Ive grabbed this product and been impressed with the results. Its really a good feeling when other people can see the work and time, and the look of how your car is. I'm a Car Enthusiast and you can see the details that were put into this product.


  • 12.05.2019

    from the variety of products to choose from, to the knowledgeable staff to answer questions and suggest products for your build you can't go wrong with TRS as a one stop shop. even after they had my money the customer service was superb and was able to add to my order and answer questions. 10/10 experience

    — cody marquez

  • 12.04.2019

    There's a reason I'm a returning customer! Found TRS on IG and have been a fan ever since. The customer service is great, I screwed up and my order, and reached out and they were prompt and took care of the problem without hesitation. This was the 2nd time I've ordered the HID system and did some confidently. Great parts, great pricing and great service. Always recommend TRS to people looking to upgrade.

    — Anthony Baker

  • 11.26.2019

    so the configurator told me i needed: HID BALLASTS: 2 x 35w / AMP: Morimoto XB Ballast H7 HID BULBS: 2 x H7A: XB 5500K WIRE HARNESS: 2 x Canbus: H7 For my 2008 Mercedes GL450 After spending hours trying to figure out why the bulbs wouldn't stay connected into the headlight housing, I googled what the issue could be and there is a H7 adapter for my year/model mercedes. NO WHERE in the retrofit source configurator ever mentioned this. Thanks to AMAZON I had 2 delivered in 2 days for $10...

    — Phillip Camilleri

  • 11.25.2019

    Great customer service very knowledgeable! Will be ordering again soon. i went with Morimoto 35 watt hid after talking to customer service and got everything I needed the FIRST time to install and make everything work as it should. Thanks to TRS for the great support!

    — Robert Richardson

  • 11.17.2019

    I have had my eyes on the Morimito XB plug and play light housings for my 2017 Dodge Ram but could never fathom spending $2200 CAD on a set of lights. Retrofit source notified me of an Open Box deal that allowed me to purchase the headlights for half price.

    — Jordon Bergen

  • 11.06.2019

    I purchased HI-LED brights and Morimoto D2S Minis. I am currently in the week long process of my first time ever installing HIDs, but so far it has went well and testing the lights with a 12V supply has provided good results :) The only reason I went with 4 stars instead of 5 is that when I contacted customer support, the support was not comparable to a place like Crutchfield, where they help you pick out stuff if you're a first timer, like me. I was given some useful information, but for the most part had to figure it out on my own. I look forward to buying any other future projector parts and equipment from TRS! Lack of simple information is not much of a problem because you can always find it anywhere else, it's just nice when a pro can help you browse the store.

    — Chase Philport

  • 10.24.2019

    I have gone through at least 5 different types of LED/HID and these are BY FAR the best performing and easiest to install! The power behind these bulbs make me feel like I'm driving those new cars with those fancy bright lights. I drive an 06 Subaru Impreza and I only want to drive more with these!! 5 STARS!! THANK YOU!!

    — Marcus Farradzs

  • 10.22.2019

    Just switched my OEM Tacoma fog lights to some Morimoto XBs and so far I'm loving them! Lights are so much brighter and they were super easy to install!

    — Alea Dugan

  • 10.20.2019

    I orderd the h7 kit in 6500k, and so far so good. Very nice and bright light pattern with no shadows. If anybody is thinking on a new set of hid's or wanting to upgrade from stock bulbs morimoto is definatly the way to go. I have bought ones on amazon and one from a site online that had good reviews and what i got was cheap china stuff that was junk. These are not junk.

    — jeffrey wagner

  • 10.15.2019

    Super easy to install and looks beautiful! Bright as my HID. Great Product!

    — Steven Nguyen

  • 10.14.2019

    Fit and finish are perfect. Great output. The install was straightforward and worked like OEM. The option to disable sequential turn signals is excellent too. Not sure why anyone would though. They look awesome.

    — Vlad Dobin

  • 10.04.2019

    A few years ago I, ordered a complete Morimoto XB35 kit for my e46 and I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the electronics and manufacturing. The package included excellent instructions and full compliment of adapters to complete the installation easily. When I needed support TRS was extremely helpful, ensuring that I got everything I needed to keep the kit running flawlessly. I will continue to purchase their products in the future without hesitation!

    — john tames

  • 10.04.2019

    I had issues with my address and I called in to correct it. They called me back and got everything shipped real fast. The Panamera switchback shrouds look amazing I can't wait to install em this weeekend.

    — Andrew Duenas

  • 01.23.2020

    Ordered a set of LED fog lights. They were shipped quickly. When I opened the package I found one was correct and the other was not (wrong connector for my vehicle). Started calling them a week ago and called at least 4 times. Never got an answer. Emailed them through their website 4 days ago. No response. Messaged them through FB messenger this morning. No response. So far I'm out $180 for something I can't use. Next step is disputing charge with PayPal. I suggest you look elsewhere.

    — Steven Ford

  • 01.22.2020

    It’s not that I “wouldn’t recommend them”, but it certainly would be nice if they’re customer service were as good as they’re products. I ordered a HID kit around thanksgiving, and the bulbs that I received were not the ones I ordered....I emailed a rep back and forth, and ended up sending the bulbs back (myself paying the return priority shipping and insurance), in exchange for the correct bulbs....I got a call back last Friday, and that’s the last I’ve heard about the replacements. The bulbs that I originally ordered with the kit, are $50, the Retrofit Source credited me back $35 for the wrong bulbs that I sent back....

    — Rob Miller

  • 01.22.2020

    poor customer service, bought marimoto h7 2 stroke, started flickering after 5 months, 1157 switchback leds, bulbs were defective. After spending $200, this kind of service, not worth it.

    — Minnie Kaur

  • 01.21.2020

    Great product, fast shipping and a perfect customer service !

    — Jérôme Beaudoin

  • 01.20.2020

    Seems like a great company with great products. But I have purchased H1 bulbs on the 8th of this month and have not heard anything back from them since the day I bought them. I was charged $30 and have not seen the bulbs. I’ve tried reaching them since the 8th of this month and have not heard anything.

    — Bradey Vance

  • 01.19.2020

    Just installed the Morimoto Fog Lights for my Ram 1500 and they are amazing! Such a huge difference! Shipping was a breeze and installation was nothing at all! Thank you guys so much for creating such great quality products. Can’t wait to order the headlights and complete the set!!

    — Levon Gannon

  • 01.18.2020

    Thank you TRS. Got my Morimoto XB headlights installed last night and i love them.I’m completely satisfied with the output, quality and look of the product. 10+ more light output and better directed to where you need the light.

    — Joni Wilson Lanza

  • 01.17.2020

    I have a 2013 Veloster and was wanting halos. I was unsure of the sizing and what all I’d need, but their customer service team (Mike) was really helpful and answered all of my questions. I purchased and received them in a week. I love them! They’re bright, unique, and everything that I was looking for. I will definitely be coming back whenever I have more lighting needs!

    — Julie Findling

  • 01.17.2020

    I purchased a $1800 set of lights for 2018 F350 and have had NOTHING but problems. I have had to remove them 4 times for something. It’s ridiculous to spend this kind of money only to have nonstop aggravation. Clips etc on grill are getting worn out from. removal. Best part is, when I sent a light back it took over 3 weeks to get a replacement. Very bad product. Morimoto XB 2017+ Ford.

    — Anthony StClair

  • 01.17.2020

    Excellent service. Quality products. Very knowledgeable.

    — Billy Betancourt

  • 01.16.2020

    Overpriced for something that can’t stay in place. I bought fog lights for my Silverado and they are totally bolt free. Just pins. The pins do not secure the lights and eventually they fall out. One week into installing them I lose the passenger side and the second week I lose the driver side. These people don’t respond. Probably because they know they are selling overpriced garbage. Do not waste your hard earned money on this overpriced trash

    — Tye Comfort

  • 01.15.2020

    Lack of customer service I ordered hid kits for my truck a week ago no confirmation email on shipment and no phone call or email back when I tried to reach out especially when your on a waiting list to be called back. Not the way to do business for a new customer they didn’t have a problem taking my money right away.

    — Andrew Anania

  • 01.14.2020

    first of I purchased headlight adapters to change my reflector to projector lights which are oem, the harnesses did not work as advertised, but the absolute worst part if this whole situation is their customer service. I would messenge them and it would take 2 days before I would hear a response, it took 2 weeks after I had returned the faulty harnesses to receive my refund. I tried calling them and apparently I'm not the only having trouble with them because I was number 64 in the call line. I've done business with a lot of vendors but these guys customer is by far the worst i recommend you take your business else where that will actually respond to a question in a somewhat timely manner

    — Jorge Lopez

  • 01.13.2020

    I bought a set of ram2500 led taillights from them. I had to reuse my stock hardware as their "nuts" were too large for the factory screws. Not a big deal at all but then one of my lights started acting up. Keep in mind i had only had them in for about two weeks. I emailed over christmas and got a response from Tyler. After several back and forth emails he quit responding to me and now im stuck with a bad taillight.

    — Ashley Low

  • 01.12.2020

    I purchased H1 bulbs from TRS and at first at poor customer service. After speaking with a manager the information I received back was fantastic and they squared me away perfectly!

    — Cody MacLeod

  • 01.10.2020

    This company sold me an HID kit it is crap and now they won’t respond to any email or answer any phone calls. Do not buy from this company. They do not stand behind there product.

    — Justin Mings

  • 01.09.2020

    absolute horrible company. send defective products. have several emails saying to send it back and they wont charge fees, and they will pay shipping. they have since not refunded shipping cost, and also charged me 10% restocking fee. they are very slow to respond to emails etc... would never recommend doing business with them.

    — Tyler Alferio

  • 01.09.2020

    Over ten years ago. Still going strong

    — Nimrod Asbury

  • 01.08.2020

    I really like your products before I had no problems with my lights but I bought them for my yukon and my gmc sierra and the two were melted I sent them an email and they never answered me

    — Danny Montoya

  • 01.06.2020

    I'm glad I used the retrofit source to buy the super duty xb morimoto headlights for my 16 f350. they turned out great. definitely will use them again for any lighting needs in the future.

    — Frank Cole Yoakum

  • 01.04.2020

    Very professional, answered any questions or concerns in a timely fashion, very nice customer service.

    — Mario Michel

  • 01.03.2020

    Answered all my questions in a very timely manner, great knowledge of the products, and very fast shipping considering my lights where in back order! Will do business with them again. Plus the lights look killer!!

    — Jake Borley

  • 01.03.2020

    Very good led lights, very good company and super fast shipping thanks trs

    — Juan Carlos Chapa

  • 01.01.2020

    Quick service. I ordered over the holidays and still got quick delivery. Thanks again TRS for great and quick service.

    — Vince Vendrasco

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