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  • 11.06.2019

    I purchased HI-LED brights and Morimoto D2S Minis. I am currently in the week long process of my first time ever installing HIDs, but so far it has went well and testing the lights with a 12V supply has provided good results :) The only reason I went with 4 stars instead of 5 is that when I contacted customer support, the support was not comparable to a place like Crutchfield, where they help you pick out stuff if you're a first timer, like me. I was given some useful information, but for the most part had to figure it out on my own. I look forward to buying any other future projector parts and equipment from TRS! Lack of simple information is not much of a problem because you can always find it anywhere else, it's just nice when a pro can help you browse the store.

    — Chase Philport

  • 10.24.2019

    I have gone through at least 5 different types of LED/HID and these are BY FAR the best performing and easiest to install! The power behind these bulbs make me feel like I'm driving those new cars with those fancy bright lights. I drive an 06 Subaru Impreza and I only want to drive more with these!! 5 STARS!! THANK YOU!!

    — Marcus Farradzs

  • 10.22.2019

    Just switched my OEM Tacoma fog lights to some Morimoto XBs and so far I'm loving them! Lights are so much brighter and they were super easy to install!

    — Alea Dugan

  • 10.20.2019

    I orderd the h7 kit in 6500k, and so far so good. Very nice and bright light pattern with no shadows. If anybody is thinking on a new set of hid's or wanting to upgrade from stock bulbs morimoto is definatly the way to go. I have bought ones on amazon and one from a site online that had good reviews and what i got was cheap china stuff that was junk. These are not junk.

    — jeffrey wagner

  • 10.15.2019

    Super easy to install and looks beautiful! Bright as my HID. Great Product!

    — Steven Nguyen

  • 10.14.2019

    Fit and finish are perfect. Great output. The install was straightforward and worked like OEM. The option to disable sequential turn signals is excellent too. Not sure why anyone would though. They look awesome.

    — Vlad Dobin

  • 10.04.2019

    A few years ago I, ordered a complete Morimoto XB35 kit for my e46 and I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the electronics and manufacturing. The package included excellent instructions and full compliment of adapters to complete the installation easily. When I needed support TRS was extremely helpful, ensuring that I got everything I needed to keep the kit running flawlessly. I will continue to purchase their products in the future without hesitation!

    — john tames

  • 10.04.2019

    I had issues with my address and I called in to correct it. They called me back and got everything shipped real fast. The Panamera switchback shrouds look amazing I can't wait to install em this weeekend.

    — Andrew Duenas

  • 10.01.2019

    Purchased a deal on the Morimoto LED Foglight on the closeout section. Shipping was fast as expected. But, there was a missing bracket on one of the foglight which makes the item pretty much useless and can't be installed. Contacted customer service for a spare bracket and while the response was fast, the spare bracket cost was substantial putting the total spent on a open box item more than the cost of a new pair, even after the rep was able to give me a "discount". I now have a pair of used foglight that cost more if I were to just buy new. I can vouch for their product quality, but just be careful of missing description when buying something form the closeout section.

    — Marco Halim

  • 09.29.2019

    I purchases the morimoto fog lights and these guys make it easy to know I'm getting the right parts with good installation instructions. Will be buying more products from them in the future.

    — Tyler Brown

  • 09.28.2019

    The lights showed up Thursday, I just got them installed today. Taking my time and finding the clips that are for some reason not covered in any of the videos I’ve watched to prepare myself. It was around 2 1/2 hours total start to finish. They look great, and tonight I’ll get them adjusted.

    — Jim Chmielowiec

  • 09.28.2019

    The bulbs look great and are super bright! Great quality.

    — Levi Benjamin

  • 09.24.2019

    Tag bulbs are brighter than ever, helps bring some years off my ride!

    — Daniel Garibay

  • 09.23.2019

    The customer service here is awesome and they only have the best products that they sell. Fast shipping too. Will not disappoint.

    — Aaron Mo

  • 09.23.2019

    The customer service here is awesome and they only have the best products that they sell. Fast shipping too. Will not disappoint.

    — Aaron Mo

  • 09.23.2019

    The customer service here is awesome and they only have the best products that they sell. Fast shipping too. Will not disappoint.

    — Aaron Mo

  • 09.23.2019

    The customer service here is awesome and they only have the best products that they sell. Fast shipping too. Will not disappoint.

    — Aaron Mo

  • 09.23.2019

    The customer service here is awesome and they only have the best products that they sell. Fast shipping too. Will not disappoint.

    — Aaron Mo

  • 09.23.2019

    The customer service here is awesome and they only have the best products that they sell. Fast shipping too. Will not disappoint.

    — Aaron Mo

  • 09.23.2019

    The customer service here is awesome and they only have the best products that they sell. Fast shipping too. Will not disappoint.

    — Aaron Mo

  • 11.15.2019

    great company,fast shipping, & great products. I highly recommend to order from them.

    — Joltan Williams

  • 11.14.2019

    Very Knowledgeable about the products and gave me a peace of mind when deciding on the headlights I wanted. I'm very picky when shopping online and check reviews and research wherever I can. Everything kept leading me back to The Retrofit Source Inc. I have and will keep recommending these PROs to all my buddies and anyone who asks me about my D3S: Osram Xenarc 66340 CBIs 5500ks!

    — Doc Jasso

  • 11.13.2019

    Great Product and a reasonable price! Definitely recommend for high quality lighting.

    — Andres Gomez

  • 11.12.2019

    Great company with amazing products. Easy to navigate their site and filter out items that pertain to your needs. Will definitely order from them again!

    — Jeffrey Oldham

  • 11.12.2019

    Everyone that I have worked with is knowledgeable and helpful. Over all I have had a great experience. I plan on buying more parts from them soon.

    — Ryan Foltz

  • 11.07.2019

    Just installed my Morimoto headlights and fog lights on Monday and only took me about an hour to the headlights and fog lights. Let me tell you how insane these lights are, it was late afternoon sun was out got my truck fired it up and boom there’s the magic I could see the beam spread on my garage door even with the sun beaming down on my garage door impressive. The worst part about installing them was waiting to see these lights at night and man what a difference it made at night. Now my truck looks like a high end sports car with the bright white lights and how amazing the beam spread looks everything is so much clearer at night. These lights are the best on the market hands down it’s going to be hard for someone else to beat these headlights all I have to say to them is GOOD LUCK. Photos coming soon need to wash my truck first.

    — Richard Slone

  • 11.06.2019

    Ordered the Morimoto projector fogs for the 07 to 13 Silverado. They shipped fast and was packaged well. They fit better than the stocks in my opinion and definitely focus the light better than the led’s I had in my stocks. Saving now for the new headlights for the 07 to 13 Silverado. They look awesome and if they’re anything like this fog lights they will be awesome.

    — James McAnear

  • 11.04.2019

    I've got a 96 ranger, and the headlights are totally garbage. I bought an HID kit from these guys and used the totally free install videos. and man talk about turning night into day. the tech support was also amazing. I 💯 recommend this company and its products.

    — Aaron Kennon

  • 11.02.2019

    I bought some projectors off they're site, very easy to work you way around and shipped to my house in 4 days. Very high quality and best prices around!

    — Blake Weaver

  • 11.01.2019

    Did a headlight conversion on my F150. Staff was super quick to respond and extremely helpful. I purchased a Morimoto harness and was surprised at how easily the plug-n-play worked. The headlights work just like OEM, i could not be more pleased!

    — Erik Swiger

  • 10.28.2019

    purchased the 2Stroke 2.0 headlights for my 2011 Ram 1500. Awesome lights for a great price! would recommend

    — Garrett Nagy

  • 10.28.2019

    We did a projector retrofit on my 2017 Tacoma sr5. We got all the products off the retrofit Source! We used mini H1 projectors and profile prism rgb halos! I would highly recommend The Retrofit Source for anyone, from anyone just looking to upgrade headlights to those who wanna do a full retrofit! They got it all! Thanks again guys!

    — Anthony Corpuz

  • 10.27.2019

    These new 2.0 made a serious difference in how well I could see at night in my Peterbilt. Fast shipping quality led’s!

    — Michael Clements

  • 10.21.2019

    Bought rock lights for my sxs. Great quality and easy installation. Very bright lights with enough wiring to reach the switch.

    — Craig Sykes

  • 10.20.2019

    Placed an order for some H4 2Strokes on a Fri morning. Never got an email with tracking information, so I called TRS the next Wed afternoon to check up. Immediately when got through to a CSR agent, the package was dropped off on my porch! Talk about coincidence LoL Everything through the checkout process was smooth, and they even had awesome hold "music" when I called in. Would recommend. Will update once I get bulbs installed.

    — Javin Melton

  • 10.20.2019

    Seeing better over stock headlamps from the factory.

    — Ole Ottis

  • 10.20.2019

    After getting fed up with budget HID kits - I decided to go all out. I purchased the Morimoto H1 7.0 projectors, HID kit, HD wiring harness, 2 stroke LED high beam bulbs, and 90mm LED fog lights. This setup ROCKS! It wasn't cheap, but it was definitely WORTH IT. I have a 2006 GMC Sierra Duramax with swapped in Denali headlights, and these projectors slid right in with some custom mounting brackets. I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend these guys!!

    — Cody Pullins

  • 10.19.2019

    I finally got tired of buying the “budget” lighting kits and purchased a quality HID kit. I definitely notice the difference in quality between the Morimoto set and budget sets I’ve used in the past. Great service and fast shipping!

    — Chad Hahn

  • 10.19.2019

    Bought a set of Morimoto HID from TRS for my ‘13 Explorer. I was skeptical at first as the OEM projectors are crap. I put in HIDs and have been blown away. Well worth the money.

    — Josh Troy

  • 10.19.2019

    I ordered a set of headlights and fog lights for my 2014 Ram 3500. Yes they are a little pricey but I’ve ordered cheap headlights in the past and got cheap results. These headlights are worth every penny! Truly plug and play and they look amazing. On top of that they are a crisp white that lets me see everything at night!!! 100% happy customer!

    — Nick Cantrell

  • 10.18.2019

    fast shipping, #TheRetrofitSource #Morimoto #Retrofit. Great parts and very resonable shipping to Canada.

    — Mo Mohsen Tdi

  • 10.18.2019

    Great customer service and super fast 2 days shipping. Bought the morimoto led headlights for my 4runner, noticed the design is 90 degree from bulb to projector. Msg them and got quick response with answer. Great service and attitude.

    — Alex Mak

  • 10.18.2019

    Better lights than f150leds. These actually fit in the housing no problem. Recommend 100%. Purchased from f150leds and broke my adjustment on my headlight due to the fan being so large and fit being so tight in opening.

    — Mark Basinger

  • 10.15.2019

    Customer service is almost nonexistent! They don't return calls or emails, I bought LED lights for a brand new truck, one of the lights does not work and I need a replacement asap! The dealer recommended I remove the Retrofit lights, reinstall the stock lights until I get this resolved, then remove stock lights again and reinstall Retrofit lights...not going to happen! if I have to install my stock lights I'm returning the Retrofit lights. You have my phone number and email, get this taken care of!

    — George Kleines

  • 10.10.2019

    Fast shipping with quality products!

    — Tyler Blankenship

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