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  • 08.13.2019

    Have had HID setups on on my vehicles but was tired of the constant flickering and shortening out. Decided to try out LEDS and I saw the difference right away. No problems along the open country, they light up the path A+. Next will be the fog lights.

    — Tony De Hoyos

  • 07.20.2019

    I have used many HID and LED lights over the past few years. None of them come close to the quality or the light output by these products. The customer service has been second to none. Any questions I have had have been answered quickly. I would recommend The Retrofit Source to anybody looking to upgrade their lighting.

    — Steven Peacock

  • 07.13.2019

    TRS is one of those companies that does everything that they can to sell and stock high quality components. I keep coming back to them for their awesome customer service and prices!

    — Aleksandr Usovich

  • 07.09.2019

    Was looking to get new headlight bulbs for my 2019 F150. After searching tons of places for the best bulbs, I ended up here. The website has the best description and details about the lights which made the decision easy. Plus the ability to filter the bulbs down to my specific truck made the process better. I'm so happy with my new light bulbs, they are awesome! Thank you so much TRS for offering a great product

    — Tyler Gribble

  • 07.08.2019

    I'm not in the automotive/audio industry, so it took me longer than most to configure ballast placement, but the project was very straight forward. I made a bonehead mistake and the guys at TRS helped me work through it. Than you for your help and for the amazing lights. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality product.

    — Frank Diaz

  • 07.05.2019

    I've been dealing with the retrofit source for over a year and a half now the HID kits they carry are astounding high quality super easy to install and are worth every penny then some, as for their customer service hands down some of the best tech support and customer service I have dealt with in my entire life, always going above and beyond to help on installs or troubleshooting or the no questions asked warranty replacement help! I will forever buy my lighting needs from these guys and I will always recommend them go anyone looking for good service and products.

    — James Haley

  • 07.05.2019

    I was given a set of morimoto hid headlights as a gift with sadly the wrong bulbs due to retrofitting a mini h1 projector. I ordered the new bulbs and messed up the order. Great customer service called me back and did their best to fix it. will continue to order from TRS from now on for all my lighting needs.

    — Austin Campbell

  • 07.03.2019

    Amazing kit, my yellow halogen headlights went to nice bright white 6500K. Pretty self-explanatory installation, however the online PDF instructions are very generic. I would suggest including some vehicle specific installation tips, places to mount the ballasts, and things like that included in the shipment. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the quality, cost, and quick response on the email I sent shortly after I made the purchase online. Will buy from TRS again.

    — Brian Ulmer

  • 07.02.2019

    Ordered the new LED Headlights for my Silverado to replace my Ebay projector lights. The difference in quality is night and day! They look awesome, especially with that sequential switchback turn signal. I spent over a year looking for some cool lights for this old work truck and I'm glad I found these. I just hope a taillight becomes an option in the future. Definitely will be back for the classic muscle build later. Thanks guys!

    — Shaun Montgonery

  • 07.02.2019

    I had some questions on a product and the chat was easy and the person was helpful, they addressed everything I had. I also had questions on another product and they helped me with that as well, very professional and easy to deal with!

    — Todd Jakubowski

  • 06.30.2019

    My wife drives our '02 4Runner, and the off chance that I drive it, in SE Georgia back roads, or while camping - in back woods Ga/Fl, the headlights of the 4Runner just weren't up to the task anymore. Part of the problem was the daytime running lights have drained the halogen bulbs, but when changed to Osram's they still were not up to the lighting needs these older eyes required. So, after considerable research, I decided to install D2S 5.0 HID's in the factory lenses. Since this was my first time, I decided to set aside a full 24 hours for a "just in case" scenario. All went mostly well, just a "newbies" first time jitters had me triple checking everything. After placement of the Control box, and Ballast, all of the wiring completed, and hooked up - the time had come to brighten the night...with a turn of the headlight switch, it was - okay - then I got out to verify, and to my tired self I noticed I had forgotten to hook up the right side negative/grounding wire. So, with that fixed, I again turned on the switch, and then Did light up the night. What a fantastic upgrade - Thanks TRS & Morimoto for Great products!

    — T.J. Hill

  • 06.27.2019

    I purchased the budget friendly BI-XENON: ACME H1 STANDARD PROJECTOR SYSTEM and a new set of TYC headlights for my '03 Pathfinder and did the retrofit... probably one of the best mods I have EVER done. The retrofit was simple and the outcome is amazing! I'll be purchasing a second set in my future for my other car. This were packaged well and the shipping was fast. Thank you!

    — corey moorman

  • 06.21.2019

    Fast and knowledgeable service and great product!

    — Tony Souza

  • 06.16.2019

    I cant begin to tell you how amazing my car looks with the morimoto led fogs and HIDs. Thank you retrofit source for quality products and surprisingly fast shipping!

    — Daniel Garrido

  • 06.15.2019

    These lights are amazing. I had a cheap set of LEDs in my Jeep before these, and the light pattern was all over the place. These lights have a great pattern with only minimal central hot spot. The lights have a great cutoff and a nice wide beam on low. High beam stacks right on top of the low beam cutoff and has me wondering if I should just remove my Daylighters all together. Running high beams, I can barely tell when I turn my Daylighters on. For anyone considering these lights, find the video where TRS compares these lights with the other big name lights for Jeeps. That video is what ultimately sold me on these lights over the competitors.

    — Jeremy Jones

  • 06.11.2019

    I had purchased a complete set of headlights from another source that uses TRS in their builds. The lights were very expensive. I had them installed by what was supposed to be a PROFESSIONAL shop who ended up just doing a hack job which ultimately caused me to have many failure issues. After several months of chasing the gremlin I finally just reached out to source a new harness and some other potential spare parts as I tried to finally resolve the issue. Parts arrived quickly and I was able to find the problem (A hacked/spliced up wiring harnes. Who does that to a plug and play system? Guess they weren't as professional as they led me to believe.) and got the lights up and working again. Any time I have needed anything to resolve an issue, TRS has been there to replace whatever I needed. In a few cases at NO CHARGE. Recently sent me two relay boxes when my headlights went out on the highway. No questions asked. Great company to do business with! Keep up the great customer service. Lee

    — Lee McConnell

  • 06.10.2019

    Outstanding ! Trevor sets a new benchmark. Received the call back from Trevor who truly was interested in the questions I had w/respect to swapping out of the HID Lens to the clear Morimoto ones I had just ordered. One of the very Best interactions I have had with a firm that stands by their words of customer satisfaction. Usually ones is rushed and pushed to purchase more from the firm. Not in this case, Above and Beyond Sales, Support and Service. Noel D Souza.

    — Noel Dsouza

  • 06.05.2019

    I ordered halos and switch back led strips for my Acura. They look great. Had an issue with on led strip, called and talked to customer service and within a few days my replacement strip is on its way, thank you!!

    — Sean Waterloo

  • 06.03.2019

    Just got these installed yesterday, super nice product high quality and so easy to install. Plug and play all the way took more time to jack up car and take wheels off than it did to put these in place. 100% recommend

    — Nicholas Baker

  • 05.30.2019

    I had a different brand of demon eyes in my car and they died in less than a year. TRS demon are so much better and better quality

    — michael moehler

  • 08.21.2019

    Have Miromoto headlights and fog lights from TRS and I absolutely love the products I received. The LED lights are out of this world bright and easy to install. The fog lights were also easy too install and look clean as heck in the bumper of my truck also with amazing light output. The products ordered were shipped and received in a timely manner as well! Well deff go with TRS in the future!

    — Andrew Bell

  • 08.21.2019

    Very responsive they will do everything to make it right. They are always responding to your emails on time. Very fast shipping and amazing products.

    — Juan Pale

  • 08.20.2019

    I been calling about 4 times now to cancel my order due waiting time and every time whoever I spoke to tell me the same thing (order has been cancelled and my money will be back ) so this is been happening for over a week now ! wonder how many times I need to cancel for them to actually do it and send me my money back

    — Miguel Zamora Terrones

  • 08.19.2019

    Great customer service in today's age seems non existent but these guys have it and are more than helpful. O, and their products are 👌 and stand behind them.

    — Rob Smith

  • 08.18.2019

    Speedy delivery & excellent prices!

    — Martin John Atkins

  • 08.17.2019

    the guys have the cool stuff that everyone wants! buy stuff. they will ship it to you. good place to buy cool lighting .

    — Mark Leslie

  • 08.16.2019

    Had some issues with some old LED lights in my pick up so I emailed them and they got right back to me to help me figure out my issue and I ended up ordering new ones. Plugged right in. Shipped to me across the country in three days with free shipping. New LEDs look awesome plus got some sweet stickers with my purchase. Highly recommend.

    — Justin Boll

  • 08.11.2019

    Excellent customer service, pricing, and out right the best in business!

    — Christian Tew

  • 08.10.2019

    Everything came well packaged and super fast! Like 2 days free shipping. Would buy again

    — Samuel Lee

  • 08.09.2019

    great customer service, very friendly staff and willing to help with any questions, thank you guys!

    — Justin Palcic

  • 08.09.2019

    Bought some for my 2014 GMC Sierra and they are By far the brightest headlights I've ever had!! But I'd recommend that if you have a newer vehicle you may want to buy the anti flicker!!

    — Justin Scott Townsend

  • 08.01.2019

    Very unsatisfying experience, internal issue I was told sorry about your luck. After 3 months of ownerships

    — Ron Howard

  • 07.29.2019

    I ordered the 9006 morimoto hid kit last week. after a couple rainy days I decided to install it today. The quality of this kit is remarkable. Anti abrasive jacketed wires, quality connector, and simple plug and play system. I was scared at first to do the install because I didn't want to hurt my baby. kit doesnt come with instructions but TRS has tons of install videos on YouTube that make the install painless. I highly recommend TRS!! if you have questions about your install or their products give them a call. super supportive and courteous staff will walk you through their products and install questions!!!!

    — John Flanagan

  • 07.29.2019

    just got my new morimoto switch backs and reverse lights and the quality is phenomenal will definitely be buying more leds wrom trs in the future!

    — Joe Rigotti

  • 07.28.2019

    TRS is by far the one of the best companies I've ever had to deal with when it comes to customer service and support. Highly recommend them!!!!

    — Doug Thomas

  • 07.24.2019

    Great company to work with. Even better customer service. Have their lights in just about all my vehicles

    — Wyatt Morris

  • 07.23.2019

    Very satisfied with the Morimoto fog lights for my FXT. Great quality and quick delivery. For sure a returning customer 👍

    — Ashley Kennedy

  • 07.23.2019

    Retrofit provided me with awesome DRL for my 2018 JL. Shipped fast. Great product.

    — Michael Gross

  • 07.17.2019

    Top quality products and the best customer service .

    — Brad Tyree

  • 07.12.2019

    Received a harness wired in reverse low beams/high beams and told Cesar on customer service chat that I didn’t have the ability nor the patience to require a new harness. His response was to tell me how to rewire the harness. Seriously all this hassle over their mistake and a $5 harness. Wow! Product quality will be determined over time, but customer service ranks a 0!

    — Phillip Perkins

  • 07.11.2019

    I purchased the taillights, headlights, and fog lights for my 18 F150 and could not be happier with the quality and styling of this lighting setup. Morimoto and TRS truly knocked it out of the park with these products and their installation guides are spot on and easy to read.

    — John DE

  • 07.10.2019

    Super high quality parts and even better customer service! I did my first retrofit and had alot of questions, they were very eager to help. I ordered the wrong bulbs accidentally and they exchanged the bulbs no hassles at all. Emerson has gone out of his way to help me with a few small parts I lost during a move! Highly recommend doing business with The Retrofit Source. I certainly will continue to do business here!

    — Kurt Barnes

  • 07.08.2019

    Placed an order online because they don’t answer their phones or return the call as the message says. Submitted order and their system somehow used my old address. I have tried to call at least 20 times and have sent 3 emails as well as a message on on Facebook messenger. Nothing. No response. So they will ship my order to my old address because their system is worthless and I’m going to have to fight with them and PayPal to get my $300+ back. What a scam company.

    — Wade Shaffer

  • 07.07.2019

    I highly recommend The Retrofit Source inc. professional company with a large inventory of parts you need for your setups. the best quality in automotive lighting

    — Frank Javier Corona Contreras

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