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  • 03.20.2018

    Great products with great information about each. Best place to go for headlight needs. Shipping was decently quick.

    — Ian Goodney

  • 03.20.2018

    overall great website, good info and very modern looking. Just bought my new harness and can't wait to work on em this weekend hopefully!

    — Ray Stapleford

  • 03.19.2018

    I was in the process of converting all my halogen bulbs to led and I ran across a coupon code that made the price of the Morimoto XB Fogs too good to pass up. I was already familiar with the quality and performance of these fog lights. The blacked out look sealed the deal. They truly live up to their reputation. The light is pure, clean, white and the throw is excellent. The swap took no time at all. I opted to remove the grill. This took 5 minutes and made the removal and install process a breeze. The Retrofit Source is a well respected vendor on the forum and now I know why. Great price, great communication, and shipping was lightning fast. I highly recommend the Morimoto XB Fogs for your Tacoma and The Retrofit Source for all your lighting needs. Rob

    — Robert Pettis

  • 03.18.2018

    The Retrofit Source was very responsive as well as very ongoing to help me with any questions i had. I place an order with them and cant complain the servoce and shipping was without a doubt very excellent ...If you haven't retrofitted your headlights ect. I honestly don't onow what your waiting for. Thank god someone showed me the light on the other side of the tunnel

    — Diego Godinez

  • 03.16.2018

    These are quality parts! I also called customer service and they helped me through the entire process, answering all of my questions.

    — Albert Yen

  • 03.14.2018

    Really love retro fit source really good customer service and also they go the extra mile to look for the right bulbs for your car. I did this process the first time around and i wanted to look at other places in terms of pricing. Overall, these folks have the best pricing anyone can never find at all. TRS will be my only source for car lighting.

    — Paul Raymond Agustin

  • 03.14.2018

    I waited to write a review as I wanted to give the HIDs a fair testing time first. I installed the H11: MORIMOTO ELITE 4500K my 2010 Camry. It has been about two weeks now and I am extremely pleased with the HIDs. The Camry has projector lenses which controls the light very well, I have excellent coverage of the road yet a crisp cut-off so there is no glare for oncoming traffic or blinding the driver in front of me - both of which were important. The install was easy enough once I found places to mount the ballasts (ended up using 3M red double sided tape). The driver's side headlight does give me issue with not firing up when I turned the headlights on, normally turning them off and back on remedies this, occasionally I need to repeat this before I have both lights up and running, this was not new to me as I had the same issue with the HIDs on my motorcycle. This is my second install of Morimoto HIDs, I had previously installed a set in the passing lights for my motorcycle, they easily over powered the headlight, offering a much brighter view of the road. Only issue here was they were mounted in reflector lenses, producing a lot of glare, I had to make a point of turning them off in traffic... unless I really wanted to be noticed ;) I emailed RETROFIT with a variety of questions, both Austin and Andrew were very quick to answer my questions making my purchase decision very easy. Thanks guys.

    — Thomas Oase

  • 03.13.2018

    I have not yet installed the product I purchased from TRS but I'm very happy with my experience thus far. The website is informative and easy to navigate. Product information and specifications are all available. My purchase shipped quickly and I couldn't be happier so far. Keep it up TRS.

    — Anthony Grzesik

  • 03.13.2018

    So happy with my halos and demon eyes. Absolutely love them, best quality and customer service. Shipping so quick.

    — Omar Mancilla

  • 03.12.2018

    Customer service answered my questions and put me on the right track to get the right HID kit for my 2016 F150. The Morimoto product is quality stuff. When you mix excellent customer service with quality parts you end up gaining a returning customer. Thank you TRS!

    — Christopher Slager

  • 03.12.2018

    I had contacted customer service about ordering a product I saw on their FB group. The gentleman who picked up was very polite and guided me thru the ordering process. My package arrived in a few days and was wrapped up securely to ensure that there was no damage to the product.

    — Anthony Loh

  • 03.12.2018

    I was rushing to order the 2018 Toyota Tundra LED headlights for my truck and TRS was able to get them to me quicker than Toyota was! I hopped on the support chat prior to placing my order and the TRS support rep had the answers to all of my questions. The entire process was quick and easy and I had my light within a few days. TRS4LIFE

    — Daniel Voltmer

  • 03.10.2018

    So my grandpa was having a hard time seeing at night while driving because his stock lights were so dull so he asked if I could get him some better ones, I spent a long time looking around online to make sure i could find him the best out there, I've followed TRS on Instagram for a long time but had never ordered anything. I decided to take a chance and ordered some Morimoto HIDs as well as Morimoto LED DRLs and let me tell you, my grandpa will no longer have a hard time seeing while driving, these lights are like pure sunlight, so amazing and well built.

    — Francisco Flores

  • 03.05.2018

    Purchased the Morimoto XB Elite HID headlight kit for my 2015 GMC Sierra and I absolutely love them! SOOO much better than the stock headlights. I would recommend TRS and these headlights to anyone! Thank you so much!

    — James Drumheller

  • 03.05.2018

    Purchased this set for my 2010 Maxima. Excellent quality !! super fast shipping and excellent packaging !! still need to install but tried them and very satisfied with purchase. Thanks Retro fit !!!

    — Johnny Davila

  • 03.05.2018

    I was that guy with HIDs in his stock headlights blinding oncoming traffic. once it was time to get new headlights after 8yrs of long island weather abuse i decided to try a retrofit. since i already had 35w ballasts i just purchased 5500k h1 morimoto bulbs, morimoto mini h1 7.0 projectors with the mini gatling gun shrouds, the motoholders for the bulbs, and morimoto retro rubber. everything was in stock and shipped quickly, and was packaged extremely well. i can't comment yet on the performance because ive learned painting headlights to my liking is tedious. but they look great in my basement haha! i would recommend TRS to anyone, great service and they answer all my stupid questions on the retrofit.

    — eric yakstis

  • 03.03.2018

    After trying to attempt LED setup I switched to HID. A little more work but worth it all. Looks great and quality is fantastic

    — Peter Nielsen

  • 03.02.2018

    I purchased a Morimoto HID kit with plug and play relays/harness/anti-flicker link for my 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax this past week. It arrived to New York in about 4 days. Very well packaged. The product was an extremely simple install, probably one of the most comprehensive and easy to use kits I have ever purchased for something such as this. After install and usage for two days now, I couldn't be happier this kit has probably a 100% increase over stock illumination with no hiccups or bugs. Highly recommend to anyone with a Sierra/Silverado of my era. This lighting system took me less than an hour start to finish and is light-years ahead (excuse the pun) of the stock halogen light output. Can't wait to buy another kit for my 2002 Camaro z28 as well!

    — Paul Coppola

  • 03.02.2018

    Great quality and excellent customer service.

    — mike slack

  • 03.02.2018

    Tried other HID kits and always had an issue with my 15 Chrysler 200. Figured id splurge on the best. What a difference. Had an issue while installing but a 10 min phone call to TRS solved my issue. The beam pattern is so much better and no more flickering like with the cheaper kits. So happy i paid the extra money and the customer support is phenomenal!!!!!

    — Edward Gerard

  • 03.16.2018

    My go to place to get lights for all my cars from projectors to led bulbs for my interior. And always excellent customer service. Thank you

    — Josh Manego

  • 03.16.2018

    Poor quality of products: I assumed that TRS is a great quality product. Unfortunately, the HID kit i got from them just fails randomly - one bulb will not ignite and all TRS wants me to do is to swap components from left to right. They have no clue why their product fails. Poor customer service - Customer service responds, but they are incompetent - they cannot solve problems. They will make you run around, for months, asking you to swap components but ultimately you will never receive a solution. I will take my matter to court now - these guys deserve to be sued. They do not understand that one light fails every now and then and its a huge safety risk for me.

    — Anurag Anand

  • 03.15.2018

    I picked up a set of HIDs a couple of weeks ago and have been thoroughly impressed with the level of customer service both during the purchase and afterwards. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to walk you through your ideal setup to ensure you're able to make your vision come together.

    — Shane Gillooly

  • 03.15.2018

    Nothing bad to say! Ordered 2 LED for my 4runner hatch and could already tell the difference on quality and fast service! Will order more in the future.

    — Rov Car

  • 03.14.2018

    I've dealt with a lot of automotive electronics over the years and have always come back to the retrofit source for all my needs, because they carry top quality gear at the best prices. That's a fact.

    — A.W. Carpenter

  • 03.14.2018

    They were extremely helpful with finding the right HID kits for my Chevy dually. Package arrived on time and it was a super easy install. Highly recommended.

    — Michael Correa

  • 03.14.2018

    Update: Zach came through once again and provided me with the necessary help and information to find and fix the problem! I have to say that if it wasn't for his help and professionalism, I would have gave up. I really have nothing bad to say about TRS. They will take care of you if you have any problems! I'm proof of that. The problem ended up being a female socket that got pushed down inside the connector. All I had to do was push the female sockets back up flush with the connector, problem solved! Update: Zach from TRS emailed me today and put forth an excellent effort to show that he wanted to help. Because of him, I'm willing to do what is necessary to fix the problem because with employees like that, you can't help but to give them credit! Although we haven't solved the problem yet, I wanna thank Zach and TRS for coming through when I lost faith! I ordered a kit for my 2014 Ford Fusion. The Mopar Elite kit and its supposed to have CANBUS built in but the headlights still shut off when I use my turn signals.

    — Daniel Rochester

  • 03.13.2018

    I recently bought and installed both the Morimoto Elite HID kit and Morimoto 2Stroke LED bulbs. Overall I am very pleased with the look and performance of both kits. Installation was fairly simple especially for someone with any mechanical skills. The thing I was disappointed with (and the reason for 4 stars) was the poor fit of the bulbs (both HID and LED) into the housings. I was able to make it work with the help of a dremel tool and some silicone, which I wasn't too happy about. When buying a vehicle specific kit I would expect everything to fit properly without these kinds of modifications.

    — Andrew Flannery

  • 03.13.2018

    Excellent customer service and they sell nothing but the best products!! My only source for lighting!

    — Cullen Erisman

  • 03.12.2018

    I have been working in the automotive industry for 13 years now and I am very impressed with the level of customer service I recieved from these guys. I purchased a set of LED bulbs to replace my hid set up and has one bulb fail after about a year. I was able to drive over to the retrofit source and they swapped out the defective bulb as it has a 3 year warranty and they were great to deal with. I will definitely recommend these guys to other people and will do business with them a gain in the future

    — David Taxer

  • 03.12.2018

    Super fast shipment and great products thanks again!!

    — James Courtney

  • 03.12.2018

    I ordered the full morimoto kit with the 50w ballast 5500k bulbs and the wiring harness for my 2013 f150. The whole set up is very nice however the wires running to te passenger side ballast could be a little longer. All in all great products and they are insanely bright.

    — Nicolas Martin

  • 03.10.2018

    I purchased an HID headlight kit and everything came in within a week and it all works perfectly!

    — Cody Adams

  • 03.08.2018

    Ordered the morimoto sealed 7 for my third gen nova. TRS sent next day and I got some badass headlights at a great price. Thanks!

    — Jonathan Harrison

  • 03.07.2018

    I ordered the complete 50 watt retro kit including new lenses for my 2016 RAM along with the 2stroke LEDs for my high beams. I went into this knowing it was going to take some work and with some modifications everything fit inside of the headlight housing. The light output and spread is amazing. 2 months in I had a ballast fail prematurely. 2 quick phone calls and an email and my new ballast was on the way. It took longer for me to take the truck apart to replace the ballast than the warranty claim took. The customer service was excellent! Very pleased with the products and performance of the same. I definitely recommend to all my friends.

    — Chris Sisseck

  • 03.06.2018

    Top quality products, and SUPER fast free shipping on my order. Couldn’t be happier!

    — Dan Myers

  • 03.06.2018

    Excellent product really easy to install (plug and play) and also the prices are unbeatable! Thanks!

    — Felix Figueroa

  • 03.06.2018

    Fast service great retroquik kit for my 18 WRX. the only problem is that stock halogens on other cars I drive are painful. Good company great service.

    — Glen Patricio

  • 03.05.2018

    Carlos was friendly and very professional. Will definitely be doing business again. Thank you

    — Nic Jaws

  • 03.05.2018

    Awesome products, amazing quality and great light output.

    — Cameron Margeson

  • 03.05.2018

    Morimoto LED H11 headlights only work for 9 months

    — Rufo Reyes

  • 03.03.2018

    I haven't had a experience with a headlight kit yet, but I was on the website just browsing and I came across these t10 (194) male adapters for led headlight setups! I never knew they existed, I got them Tuesday, installed them in less then 10 mins fort both sides!! I'm a happy camper!

    — Francisco Chavez

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