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  • 01.20.2018

    Products are top-tier and customer service is hands down the best, with them being experts there to answer any question you throw their way.

    — Carlos Aguilar

  • 01.20.2018

    Products are t

    — Carlos Aguilar

  • 01.17.2018

    I recently installed a Morimoto HID Kit from TRS, and I am thrilled with the results. I came from an SDX kit and was blown away by the quality of the Morimoto. TRS got the order to me quickly and well packaged. I will certainly be using TRS when I upgrade my Corvette's lighting

    — Christopher Paquette

  • 01.16.2018

    I recently swapped O.E.M. HIDs into my 2014 F150, and bought a Morimoto conversion harness, igniter cables, and Acme switchbacks. I received all of it earlier than expected, and it was all high quality. I had a problem that turned out to be the motocontrol relay in the harness, and they were helpful in troubleshooting the issue, sent a replacement which also arrived quickly, and I'm very happy. TRS backs their products.

    — Bryan Arp

  • 01.16.2018

    I've been using TRS for almost 6 years now and I can't say a single bad thing about them. Their products are always great quality and their customer service is hands down the best I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Keep up the great work guys!

    — Maharshee Patel

  • 01.11.2018

    Description of products are very good. Shipping was extremely fast! Would definitely buy from again. Great company to deal with.


  • 01.11.2018

    Just before heading out on a 900 mile round trip venture, I had a light go out and needed one sent overnight at the last minute. Its great to see a company that listens to the customers needs and goes out of its way to make things happen. Customer service rep was awesome and got it done. Will definitely use again.

    — Matthew Sisler

  • 01.11.2018

    I've installed HIDs before, mostly the off brand stuff you get off eBay and amazon. However, I was blown away with the quality from the start! You can immediately see the difference when opening the packaging. Initially was worried about the complexity of the install, but was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly it went in. Directions were easy enough, and the finished product is fantastic! I'll only be using the Morimoto kits from TRS from here on out.

    — Steven Barela

  • 01.09.2018

    TRS shipped my order out less than 24 hours after ordering! Fast service and I'm stoked on my new profile prism halos and xbt controller. They also have a great social media presence. It's nice to be able to ask a question on their instagram and have it answered so quickly. THANK YOU TRS!!

    — Holden Clarke

  • 01.08.2018

    TRS is awesome and sells a great product of high quality. Shipping was fast and packaged well. I will be buying more from them in the near future

    — krystle gravitt

  • 01.07.2018

    Ordered a set of Morimoto XB Fogs and LED reverse lights for my 2016 Silverado. The shipping was super fast and I couldn't be happier with the lights. Will order from these guys every time. Excellent product and excellent service!

    — Tim Hilliard

  • 01.05.2018

    I bought new OSRAM HID bulbs to replace the faded ones in my Audi and they've made a huge difference! The bulbs shipped quick and I was able to verify they were authentic through OSRAM's website. Overall great experience.

    — Ryan Ewald

  • 01.04.2018

    I just recently bought a Morimoto HID kit and it was at the lowest price I could find anywhere else. The shipping was free and relatively fast. The ordering process was easy enough with PayPal. It was all just easy. Love it!

    — Mario De La Hoya

  • 01.01.2018

    Great service, very easy to get around the website. Could not be happier with the speed and accuracy of the order.

    — Will Chen

  • 12.30.2017

    After installing many other HID kits in the past and having bad luck with just about all of them i finally found TRS in 2012 .My first kit was for a Mazda 6 and when I received it in the mail and opened it i could tell that components were far superior to any other. Since then I have now installed 6 of there kits and all 4 of my family cars now have there kits in them. Just finish the mini H1 projector upgrade in my 02 ram and couldn't be happier. TRS customer for life.

    — Tyson Trout

  • 12.30.2017

    Had to wait a little longer than expected due to them being out of stock but they made up for it with free interior led bulbs... Awesome company and will definitely recommend them to anyone

    — Nick Mazzeo

  • 12.30.2017

    I couldn't be more happy with the speed and accuracy of my order. The sale they had going on at the time was truly the icing on the cake.

    — Ezra Trull

  • 12.28.2017

    What can I say? Absolutely pleased with the whole transaction. Prompt, thoughtful replies to pre-purchase questions. Excellent advice on complete system recommendation and when I called to place my order Nick took the time to answer ALL my questions and didn't act like I was just another "number" to process through. Highly recommend doing business with Theretrofitsource and will purchase from again.

    — Demian Kolb

  • 12.21.2017

    There's nothing to say except ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, Drew was helpful in helping chose the right set up for my truck.Can't wait to do my build. Thanks guys

    — Artur Walowski

  • 12.13.2017

    There’s nothing to say absolutely amazing, outshining my normal headlights can’t wait to build up my headlights now thanks trs

    — Robert Blanchard

  • 01.20.2018

    AWESOME!!! Customer service and quality of their products are awesome!

    — Nic Chad Farr Thomas

  • 01.19.2018

    Lights work great, staff was great. Rare you see good companies like this one anymore. The morimotos so far look even better than my osrams which cost me double

    — Shomari Bennett

  • 01.18.2018

    Product worked really well! I bought new headlights and purchased the morimoto retro rubber resealing glue so that i could prevent the new lights from leaking as most do when you buy aftermarket. Was really simple to put on and did a great job as sealing my lights and the clean up was easy. Would recommend to anyone with leaking lights!

    — Aaron Grice

  • 01.17.2018

    Awesome customer service, quality product, and loving my new lights!!!

    — Alvin Tran

  • 01.17.2018

    Products arrived quickly and were packaged very well. Everything seems extremely well built with no corners cut. Will definitely buy from you guys again.

    — Matt Adcox

  • 01.15.2018

    These lights are way brighter than the competitors that I had before. These also don’t change color of white like the other. Fast shipping too!

    — Benji Rentz

  • 01.15.2018

    I purchased a Xenon HID kit and within the first week it started malfunctioning so I broke down and got a Morimoto 35w kit with 5500k HIDs and i couldn’t be happier they have worked flawlessly and never had a single issue and they look amazing and super bright. Great customer service and fast shipping will be recommending to Everyone �

    — Maressa Kyle Prah

  • 01.14.2018

    Great customer service and always available during business hours

    — Ryan Skillingstad

  • 01.13.2018

    I order the Morimoto led fog lights for my 2016 Ford F250. The light output is 100% better than the stock OEM fog lights. I'll be ordering H1 led bulbs for my high beams in the next month or so. If you're looking for high quality leds The Retrofit Source Inc. is where to go!

    — Paul Francis Jr

  • 01.11.2018

    Just before heading out on a 900 mile round trip venture, I had a light go out and needed one sent overnight at the last minute. Its great to see a company that listens to the customers needs and goes out of its way to make things happen. Customer service rep was awesome and got it done. Will definitely use again.

    — Matthew Sisler

  • 01.10.2018

    Installed the sealed7 led housings into my jeep TJ. Had to modify the housing slightly to fit into my headlight buckets. Simple fix to clearance the heatsinks. Once installed produced a significantly better quality light than my factory lights. I'm a very happy customer. If not having had to take a grinder to my brand new headlights to make them fit they would have a 5 star rating.

    — Brandon Evans

  • 01.09.2018

    I've ordered two HID kits from this company, one for a 14 Ram, one for a 13 Altima, and both were perfect. The shipping was fast, even during the holidays! I'll always order through TheRetrofitSource.

    — Matt Clay

  • 01.09.2018

    In the past I ordered a cheap ($20) hid kit which was ok, but recently I upgraded to a kit from TRS and am blown away from the quality. Way worth the extra money. Works great on my 2015 mazda 6. I ordered the 5500k and while the color is a little yellow/green I’ve been told the bulbs need to be broken in before final judgement so I’m not too worried about it. Still very happy with this purchase.

    — Alex Fletcher

  • 01.09.2018

    TRS knocked it out with their customer service. I accidentally made a shipping error and they already had it fixed and shipped within 2 hours of the purchase. Will be shopping with them again soon.

    — Patrick Fuller

  • 01.07.2018

    Purchased a Morimoto 50W kit that ended up with possibly a bad bulb. The bulb only works sporadically, and worked on my initial test so I buttoned things up. My issue is the hoops you are required to jump though to get a replacement for a faulty part. You better hope that your install places the components in an easily-accessible part of the engine bay because they require that you undo your install and swap igniters side to side, then undo your install and swap ballasts side to side, then if it's determined to be a bad bulb, undo your install to get to the bulbs (which in some applications like mine includes pulling your bumper and your headlight) and pull the bad bulb you were sold (reinstall your bumper and headlights, potentially), destroy it and send them a picture of a destroyed bulb. Then, when I get the new bulb I get to pull my bumper and headlight again, install it and hope I don't have to go through those same hoops. The customer shouldn't be doing the manufacturer's troubleshooting. If one side is sporadically bad and I check all the connections, they should send me all three components for one side and a shipping label. The customer then only has to disassemble their car ONCE and swap that stuff in and return all three components in the same box. The manufacturer can then troubleshoot on their time. It's like we're their QC department. Unless you want to get stuck in this kind of cycle I'd recommend another kit manufacturer or picking up a second kit for parts. And the 1-star rating for TRS is for their lack of communications. I've been DM'ing them since 12/21 trying to get this resolved and they just stopped responding 12/29.

    — Jason Cyr

  • 01.05.2018

    Shipping was way quicker than estimated, seemingly next day if you’re in or near Georgia. Products are of outstanding quality. Ordered some LED bulbs for my GMC Sierra, realized there was a special harness for the pwm system on these trucks, so I am awaiting my “reinstall” when I have a moment to do so. But I did get to see the LEDs on and view them through the projector lens and it’s exactly what I was going for. I have the Morimoto fogs as well, very high quality piece and took me less than 5 minutes per side to install, plug and play.

    — Joe LaRocco

  • 01.03.2018

    Morimoto hids and led bulbs for my rear. Super bright. Arrived in 2 days ��

    — Sethum Moorley

  • 01.03.2018

    I have a 2014 GMC Sierra Denali 1500. Like everyone else , I hated the oem output from the projectors. I originally bought the cheapo OPT7 kit for my truck and it didn't even work. Did some reading and found these guys. Read their reviews, checked out their videos; then I was sold. Instal took about 1.5 hours. Deciding on wire route was tough. Honestly the guys way in the video is best. They fired right up and matched the 5000k opt7 led fogs and daytime led perfect. Great customer service as well.

    — Brad Mulvey

  • 01.02.2018

    Had to replace an igniter and they sent me the replacement part free of charge under warranty, and had it in less than a week...during the holiday season in the midst of what I’m sure were tons and tons of orders! Thank you again!!! I’ll be ordering some fogs soon!

    — Dave Corcoran

  • 01.01.2018

    Best place to buy trustworthy HID kits and projectors. Fast shipping and they’re super nice and knowledgeable over the phone. Keep up the great work guys.

    — Franklin Ramirez

  • 12.31.2017

    Fast delivery great product great price Ds2 Acura TL 08

    — Nick Morris

  • 12.31.2017

    great company great service can't wait to see the finished product

    — Daddio Khalifa

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