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  • 03.16.2017

    Got a kit from TRS recently, and very happy with purchase. Had a faulty igniter while testing, and TRS was great to deal with about it. Great service, will be using them again.

    — Aleksandar Vuckovic

  • 03.15.2017

    honestly this product was Even better than what I expected, the quality is just really good. the light output is great if anybody is looking for some good retrofit TRS is the way to go.... free and fast shipping on top of already great deals...highly recommended

    — Yunior Gomez

  • 02.25.2017

    Simply outstanding! Excellent product, easy to install, well packaged and most important...great customer service. Very glad I chose TRS. Well done. After speaking with tech support a couple times I went with 35w ballasts and 5500K bulbs for my 14 GMC Sierra. What a difference. Will be getting the fogs next. Thanks again. John Monroe Winterport,Me. USA

    — John Monroe

  • 01.29.2017

    Thought you guys would like to read my input about my experience with your company on the M3 forum: pwsull Registered User pwsull's Avatar Join Date: Aug 2013 Posts: 29 In the garage: '12 BMW X5 35d '15 MINI COOPER '04 BMW E46 M3 Reputation: 0 pwsull is on a distinguished road Location: New England iTrader: 2 reviews, 100% United States Default Re: Halogen replacement options? Quote: Originally Posted by robgill View Post Check out, they have kits to upgrade halogens. I went with Projector46 3 series BMW Headlights E46 with Orion LED Angel Eyes. They assemble everything and it is plug and play. Same wiring as halogens. I bought a pair of Umnitza "plug & play" headlights three years ago. They were Depo aftermarket headlights customized by Umnitza with the addition of xenon HID projectors and angel eyes. Yes, because they are complete headlight units they were easy to install except for wiring the angel eyes into the car. The Orion angel eyes were stunning, I'd say the best on the market, and have been trouble free. Everything else I'm afraid to say was of poor quality and a pita. The aiming adjustment and high beam bulbs were essentially useless. The projectors were low beam only. Every time the temperature drops to the 30's and below I get bulb error lights on the dash. One of the HID's just failed and I have no idea whether it's the bulb or the HID CANBUS and CPU. Given all of the issues and disappointments I have experienced, the HID failure was the straw that broke the camel's back. I decided not to trouble shoot the light failure and have now taken my original OEM headlights and upgraded them with aftermarket HID components from The Retrofit Source: Bi-xenon HID projectors, "hi-beam splitters" (allowing simultaneous hi beam xenon and OEM high beam output), and 4500K bulbs. Additionally I upgraded the the OEM light boxes with new OEM gaskets and lenses and added Lamin-X lens protectors. The only angel eyes I could find that fit the halogen OEM size reflectors were those sold by Khoalty: While they have fewer LED's compared to the Umnitza Orion's their brightness appears identical. I built and installed the headlights yesterday. The materials, crafting and quality from The Retrofit Source are impressive. Their sales and customer service department were prompt, attentive, helpful and immediate in helping me order, add additional materials, trouble shoot and install. The light quality, dual high beams, and ease of aiming with the OEM light boxes was a pleasure. I am very happy that I made the change. Do yourself a favor. Take the extra time and make the extra effort to build a high quality system rather than trying to do it easily and quickly with a "plug and play" solution of lower quality.

    — Philip Sullivan

  • 01.27.2017

    I used these for low beam only. It's like daylight. The cutoff is sharp. The color is wonderful. There were a lot of extra parts. The equipment looks very sturdy and professional. This was my first experience with TRS, and it was wonderful. I have bought a second kit because I liked it so much. The high beams on my car are still halogens. I can barely tell the difference when I turn the high beams on because the low beams are so ridiculously bright. Communication with this company was wonderful and their products are amazing. I will be coming here for all of my lighting needs.

    — Gregory Kwon

  • 01.23.2017

    It was just what I needed to do my conversion from halogen to HID on my 2014 F-150. I love that the harness is clean and not "junky" looking under my hood. It was very easy to do!

    — Brett Briggs

  • 11.13.2016

    I bought the HID System Kit, 2015+ MOPAR: MORIMOTO ELITE(including HID BALLASTS: 2 x 50w / AMP: Morimoto XB Ballast $100.00 HID BULB SIZE / COLOR: 2 x 9012: XB 6500K $25.00 HARNESS: 1 x 2015+ Mopar Harness $90.00) for my 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT PLUS from TRS. When I installed everything following installation instruction, it was so smoothly because already they connected well but you have to find and print out installation guide and read carefully. If you install for the first time, you will be confused a little bit. However you don't have to worry about that. You can figure out. Back to my installation, after I installed the HID System Kit, I checked the light, it comes up a bit different brightness my driver side and then I sent a inquiry email to TRS customer service, After two days, they sent email to my inquiry. They recommend to wait burning the bulb for 30hrs about my HID bulbs. I waited to burn them. I sent email again because the bulb condition was same after burning 30 hours. Actually, I didn't expected they send new bulb, but they send new one and then I installed again. Finally, my HID bulbs is working very well. Now I don't have to worry about driving night time and even I can enjoy driving on night time. You will be happy , if you want real genuine HID System Kit and best customer service for your 2015 Dodge Challenger and I recommend before you order call and talk to a TRS professional helper. They know what you need exactly for your car. I am satisfied and appreciate their customer service. You don't have to worry about buying and installation HID System Kit. Enjoy your driving at night with this company's products.

    — Jin YE

  • 11.06.2016

    After buying lots ebay kits im amaized on the quality and amzong lighting looks OEM LOVED IT

    — Jesus Sosa

  • 09.27.2016

    What can I say. The products are the biggest bang for the buck and work wonderfully. But, like all things light bulbs eventually wear out and die. That's ok, these guys have your back. I asked for replacement under warranty and they complied after determining the problem was the bulb. Got my new bulb(s) free of charge, free priority shipping. You can't beat that. These guys ARE great. -One very satisfied customer

    — Theodore Nicholson

  • 09.03.2016

    Put a set of RedRockets in the tail/brake lights of my 2011 Ram, with a set of load resistors to take care of the hyperflash. The light disbursement is incredible, as good as the old bulb but brighter, and you get that instant-on of the LED. I couldn't be happier in my quest to convert my truck to more modern lighting all the way around. I'm ordering an HID retrofit in a few weeks and then I'll be able to stop.... Yeah, right.

    — Wayne

  • 08.11.2016

    Thanks Retrofit Source. My 2016 Ram's LED driving lights now work like they should. I installed LED headlights and driving lights from a different company. BIG PROBLEM, The canbus system wouldn't let the LEDs stay on in the driving lights, I called the other company plus a few others with none of them having any ideas. I found The Retrofit Source and with in the first minute on the phone I had the fix. Ordered and installed the Morpar system and they are fixed. The only problem I had is not starting the LED install using The Retrofit Source lights. The Mopar wiring system is made better then OEM parts. I'm telling anyone looking to do HIDs or LEDs to go with The Retrofit Source. Thanks Again. Tom in Arizona.

    — Tom

  • 08.04.2016

    I purchased the ACME Mini H1's which were incredibly affordable and received them in 2 days! The install wasn't all that bad and if I ran into an issue, the forums provided the answers! I will certainly do business with TRS again!!!

    — Austin

  • 07.30.2016

    I just installed the Elite HID Kit Morimoto in my Ford F150 Really light fantastic absolutely recommended Thanks T.R.S. Excellent attention. Cristian Lopez A. Santiago de Chile

    — Cristián

  • 07.22.2016

    Could not be happier with my morimoto projectors and Hid kit for my Ram 3500. Ordered the MoparSpec harness, very simple to install. Customer service was awsome, they got me everything I needed thank you TRS!

    — Gregg

  • 07.22.2016

    Great customer service, great prices, and the best quality products. I recently purchased some Morimoto 50 W ballasts and bulbs and these things are awesome! These things really seem like they are built to last. This is my second set. My first set is the previous generation and still running strong after several years. Zero problems. If you are planning on doing a retrofit these are the guys you want to deal with. Thanks guys!!

    — Craig

  • 07.22.2016

    I couple years ago, I decided one day that I wanted to upgrade my headlights. I bought products off of Amazon and other websites and went through 2-3 different HID kits. They were PnP kits that just used the factory bulb type in the factory projectors. This of course never yielded good results. One day I was on a forum (I had no idea that you could just retrofit headlights) and saw someone mention Morimoto and TRS and the rest is history! I learned how to properly retrofit from guides on the website and their YouTube videos. These projectors/ballasts, etc., are the best! I've yet to find any vehicle, foreign or domestic, that comes with better headlights than I have now!!

    — Jonathan

  • 07.22.2016

    I ordered the Mini H1 Stage 3 retrofit kit for my 2010 Camaro LS with the nasty ugly reflector headlights along with a set of white LED rings (I forget what size). Every product that came in this package was top notch. The projectors felt extremely solid along with the solenoids felt like they could flip up and down a million times without stopping. Every wire in the HID kit was the braided version so it felt like it would never get damaged. I've bought A LOT of stuff for that Camaro and this is by far the BEST product I bought for it. If you're on the fence, DO IT.

    — Mike

  • 07.22.2016

    Been buying from TRS for about 2 years and yes I've got shipped incorrect parts or broken items. But that happens with any company but the thing that stands out with these guys is they go the extra mile to make sure everything is taken care of as fast as possible.. I'll be buying for years to come from the retrofit soruce

    — Zachary

  • 07.10.2016

    Had some leds but they were from eBay and they were crap n burned out. I had someone recommend me from a car meet to The Retrofit Source So I looked them up online read bout them and looked at there site, Wow what awesome products and prices. Got directions and took a ride to the store. The guys there are cooler then cool helped me out look for the best fitment for my light and gave me tips on installing them. I even got to meet the CEO. He was an awesome dude ( I want that baseball cap) TRS lol . My led lights are in and makes the car look sweet as ever and there brighter then expected oh and the trs stickers also . I am So happy I got them next time I'm gonna get the color changing ones . Hey to The Retrofit Source thanks so much 100% Happy 02 Acura rsx

    — Benny

  • 07.01.2016

    Started really nervous cracking open my own lights, but once the first went semi easily (permaseal on jeep is a bi!%$) bright color and really turns heads. Only small issue is the amount of blue in the white light, i really wish there was an update or a tweak or something cause if really love to use as daytime running lights but way nervous ive already been stopped for teal (lol) anyways keep up the awesome work and any suggestions are really useful. Planning on an hid projector upgrade to make the demon eye on my jeep!!

    — Eric

  • 09.22.2017

    Not to blame u guys. But I bought a morimoto Bluetooth controller and it does not work at all. Tried everything to make it pair to my phone but nothing. Been reading up on it and seems more ppl have the problem after the app update. Very disappointed. My 600$ is ruined

    — Michael Statia

  • 09.21.2017

    This guys are a scam. Paid for a brand new pair of H11 2stroke led kit but send me a used parts. They brag how big their place is but can't even separate used parts and new ones. Their great if they get your order right but if they mess it up good luck. I should've just buy this on eBay at least I know their fix it right away if there's any problem. If ever the lights I bought from Trs fail I will just buy a new cause I know trs will just give you hard time to get your warranty. My order number 100179835. Emailed you guys but it's being ignored. I don't want nice comment. I just want my parts new ones not used.

    — Jhaydee Domingo

  • 09.20.2017

    Came across them when they were on eBay and I bought an h4 retrofit kit for d2r/d2s bulbs back in 05. Fast forward to now and I still choose them and recommend them for any auto lighting needs.

    — Rob Martinez

  • 09.17.2017

    quality product wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild

    — Noble Man

  • 09.14.2017

    Makes my Skyline stand out from the rest and I can see at night now

    — Javi Gallardo

  • 09.12.2017

    TRS has been great. Found out last week they are here in the ATLANTA, Ga area about an hr from me. Carlos spent a lot of time with all my questions and showing me demos of different choices and upgrades. Online instructions are good but not great. I upgraded my Hikari - LED H11 low beam set to a 50watt HID kit, 6k color...for my 2014 Ford Fusion that has factory projector lenses. THEY ARE AWESOME.

    — John Littlepage

  • 09.07.2017

    I would have gave 5 stars for the purchasing customer service when I was spending my money, or for the prompt replacement of a burnt out bulb. BUT..... Almost two years later the Morimoto Elite H11 hid retro fit kit, has decided to stop working on the drivers side(since purchase I always had one side not operating at least once per month turn off turn on again always fixed the problem). After going through the steps to get a replacement set of bulbs, I already knew to swap parts with a known good part to verify the defect. Ok so I labeled all the parts D for drivers side P for passenger side. Played to swap game to a failure. After about a hour of swapping checking now both sides are dead. Verified 12.6 volts(vehicle not running) at the factory pigtails and both are good, both also have good grounds and the ability to turn on the halogen h11 bulbs. Also tested the relay harness which I made using two relays one for each side(overkill yes one would have been enough) both turn on and supply 12.6 volts to each pigtail and again turn on the halogen h11 bulbs. So here is my complaint the kit has a 5 year warranty. I e-mailed customer service once with the complaint of one side then a second time informing them of the whole kit not working now. I get a response pretty generic response about swapping parts to find the failure. To give them a call once I did that. Well since I already did that to phone call it was. I make contact with Carlos explain what I already did he basically repeats the email to me. I tell him I already did and now both side won't work. We go back and forth repeating ourselves till finally he suggest I pay to ship the kit back to them so the can test it on my dime. Wait this kit has a 5 year warranty why should I pay to ship out the product to you when I did everything I needed to do and ended up a dead kit. This is where my blood starts to boil. The line goes silent for a few I say hello and hear nothing look at my phone and I'm looking at my dial screen. I almost feel like I was hung up on since I never heard a call failed beep. Now I call back not 30 seconds later get another gentleman on the phone who's name eludes me but must be sitting close to Carlos because he was able to tell me he stepped away from his desk and if I could leave my name and number so he can call me back sure. Well I week goes go by nothing I decide to call. Guess what I get Carlos on the phone. We go through the same conversation about swapping parts. Did that already. Just email me a shipping label I'll box the kit up and you guys can test it to your hearts desire and send me back a working kit. Our shipping label service is down and we can't email out a label. Unacceptable answer how are you shipping products to customers? Ok I'll send out a email to our shipping manager and get a answer for you or label emailed to you. Well here we are a little over 3 weeks later still no email,no label, no phone call, and a dead hid kit sitting on my work bench. And my wallet lighter a little over 200.00 for the cost of the kit and new halogen bulbs for functioning fog lights. Possible solutions at this point. A. Ship out a new kit to replace this one and include return shipping label for the old kit so you can run test and find the failure so it can be improved to prevent it. And keep a extremely grateful customer that will most likely purchase again. B. Get a shipping label out to me either through email or the United States Postal Service. So the kit can be tested and returned with working parts. I will update this review with a outcome once. I'm not your average DIYER. I have 25 years of automotive experience. From parts counter to service manager. So when it comes to trouble shooting problems I'm well versed.

    — Mark Krajewski

  • 09.01.2017

    Been a customer of this company since their humble beginning. Still a customer of theirs God knows how many years later !!! For all alterations to your headlamp ...make The Retrofit Source your first stop cuz most likely it will be your last...same as it was mine :D

    — Roger Ramroop

  • 08.28.2017

    Well I ordered an HID kit for my truck from here which was $170 dollars well I hooked it up over the weekend and one light was not working and it was the weekend so nobody I could get ahold of for one. So today as Monday I call to try to get this handled and the guy for customer service was very rude to me and just trying to make me feel like an idiot the whole time, and then told me the only way they can do anything was by me emailing them, and I said okay well I am at work and my paperwork is at home could you look up my order number for me so I can send the email and he continued to be rude and wouldn't help me at all. Once I get this issue resolved I will definitely never order anything from them again, nor will I recommend them to anyone.

    — Jake Mills

  • 08.23.2017

    A week after installing the 50w HID kit, I'm still amazed at the quality of light they put off. Had HIDs in my truck awhile ago and hated them and switched to another crappy brand of LED lights. When one burnt out after 6 months, I was done and decided to buy quality parts and go back to HIDs. TRS had everything I needed to wire my Raptors headlights up and get back on the road. Only thing that was not spot on was the kit did not include an exact location to mount the ballasts and the control module so had to play with mounting options for about 30 minutes to make sure the harness would reach the other side and the headlights would fit back into their opening rights. Other than that, the kit was amazing and plan on buying another kit for my wife's Explorer.

    — Cody Clayton

  • 08.20.2017

    I have used trs twice now. The first was to replace my Hummer H3's halogen fog lights with HID. The second was to fix/upgrade a aftermarket HID kit on the H3. Both times they spent a significant amount of time with me, helping pick the best products for my projects. They are great! I will not hesitate to use them again.

    — Joel Sandler

  • 08.19.2017

    I upgraded my stock 2005 Volvo V50 35w D2S bulbs to Morimoto 6500k D2S bulbs. Wow! These morimoto bulbs are brighter than the factory bulbs, and the 6500k is a perfect color. I am hoping to install some switchback LED halos soon. I will also be choosing Morimoto for a full H11 HID kit for my other Volvo. Hoping to do a writeup on the Volvo C30crew forum on the H11's in the future! Thanks TRS!!!

    — Tom Cavey

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