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  • 05.16.2019

    I purchased some LED Morimoto foglights for my RAM truck. Not only did the TRS have the best price, they also provided free shipping. The transaction was seamless and the product was as described.


  • 05.14.2019

    Morimoto HID lights are amazing and look incredible. They make night driving so much easier and really give off some spectacular light. The service from The Retrofit Source is SUPER slow if you need the lights in a hurry you may want to consider purchasing elsewhere. The technician I dealt with was knowledgeable.

    — Cody Geuke

  • 05.03.2019

    I've not been in the retrofit world all that long and one thing has been clear, suppliers of parts are here today and gone later today. That can be said for countless flyby night brands and suppliers both. The only supplier that has been there my entire 4-5 years has been trs. While I don't buy every single part I use from trs I always know for the import parts and sometimes hard to find parts I come back and back. I've never had anything bad to say about trs and never had a single part fail from them. So the short version is solid supplier of quality parts.

    — Ryan turner

  • 05.02.2019

    Ordered Morimoto 2 Stroke 2.0 H13 bulbs and antiflicker adapters for my 2006 Ram. They work fine on low beam, but after driving with the high beams on I switched back to low beams and had no lights. Had to pull over, turn the truck off, and then restart everything. Emailed about the issue on Monday April 29th and as of Wednesday May 1st haven't had a response. Spent a lot of money on headlights that don't function properly. On the flipside the turn signal bulbs and Morimoto resistors work and look fantastic.

    — Jason .

  • 05.01.2019

    The buying experience with TRS was solid. All questions I had were answered quickly and provided me the most confidence in my purchase. Very happy with my purchase and the support from TRS.

    — Donte Brown

  • 04.30.2019

    I’ve placed a few orders with TRS and I have also acquired some items that were purchased from here from friends. One of the Rock lights that I purchased started to fill with water. I contacted TRS to inquire about the warranty for the light. They simply asked me to email some pictures and within a few hours and a few emails confirming shipping addresses my replacement light was on the way. Zero hesitation or anything. The completely owned the warranty offered by their product and stood behind it. Cannot say enough about my experiences with their customer service.

    — Kenneth Melvin

  • 04.29.2019

    Product arrived with superficial damage, whether or not it was shipped this way, or was damaged in transit, I do not know, but based on the poor packaging material, I would not be suprised if it was damaged in transit. The product also has Sharpie marks on it, when it's sold as being like new/ new condition. Pretty disappointing...

    — David Ticknor

  • 04.29.2019

    Just ordered 2 sets of profile pilot halos switchbacks (100mm and 120mm) for a customers bmw e60. This is the first time using these halos and i was kimd of sceptical of how bright it would be. These things are bright!! Definitely worth every penny and simple to install. The installation wire (sold separately) deff makes installation easier.

    — Jonathan Montenegro

  • 04.27.2019

    I ordered the xb headlights for my 2018 f350. I installed them immediately, I ran into some technical difficulty, however the guys at the retrofit source were very helpful in helping me troubleshoot until I remedied my problem. Thanks for the awesome customer service! The headlights look amazing!

    — Jordan Michael

  • 04.24.2019

    Can't really think of anything to complain about. My retro is Profile Bi-LED projectors and Profile Hi-LED high beams in a 2010 Tahoe. All parts arrived quickly and as advertised. I was able to complete my retro in a weekend and everything is working great. Granted it's been less than two weeks so I can't speak on long-term performance but so far so good. Working with TRS has been a painless experience. THANKS!!

    — Kevin Dervarics

  • 04.20.2019

    The right amount of products for the very best performance from your vehicle. My vehicle is a Chevrolet Cruze LTZ/RS 2015. I had my eyes set on the Morimoto 2stroke 2.0 and the peak performance LED bulbs. The Morimoto LED bulbs are ridiculously bright (Compared to HIDs) for a pair of LED. I've always had speculations on LED performance but after my research on this product. I was sold on the performance and longevity of the product. Fitment and "clocking" the bulb was a breeze for my Chevy Cruze. You'll notice little teeth around the LED bulb and that will allow you to adjust accordingly. The Turn signals are a bit larger than the OEM bulb but fitment in the housing was just fine and provides a higher lumens output than the OEM bulb. Overall very happy with the products and purchase.

    — Carlos Mendoza

  • 04.16.2019

    Whether it is chatting on line, sending and email or good ol' talking to a real human on the phone, TRS support staff is amazing. Recommending the RIGHT product, troubleshooting, telling you where to find educational materials ... they do it all and they do it RIGHT. Thank you, TRS! I can SEE at night now!

    — Thomas W Durick

  • 04.16.2019

    This kit was truely plug and play. Took maybe 30 min to install, and most of that was securing the wires where I wanted them to be.

    — Peter Smith

  • 04.15.2019

    I ordered the HID Elite kid for my 2018 Tacoma and I was absolutely blown away by it! The HID bulbs do not even compare to the stock halogens. I should have upgraded sooner. If you're thinking about buying that kit, I highly recommend it! Installation is super easy also! Very happy with my purchase!

    — Jose Diaz

  • 04.14.2019

    Excellent shipping speed and quality product! Thank you!

    — Brian Vandendriesche

  • 04.14.2019

    I just recieved a paid of D4s osram nightbreaker and holy cow they are bright and were cheaper than anywhere else. Previous owner of my LS460 had put in some no name bulbs and they were horrible. Cannot beat these lights, or the customer service, and super fast shipping! Thanks guys!

    — Brian Vandendriesche

  • 04.09.2019

    Great selection of lights for all kinds of vehicles! fast and easy check out! Fast shipping as well! Will be doing business often!!

    — Josh Gareau

  • 04.09.2019

    Hell yeah , 5 star in everything. Great customer service and product ,

    — Jose Durand

  • 04.04.2019

    I ordered the Morimoto 2 Stroke 2.0 LED bulbs to put in my 2017 Nissan Titan and I couldn't be happier with the results. All of the information on the website was great to have and the speed in which I received my order was incredible. Keep up the good work!

    — Alexander Kelly

  • 03.30.2019

    Bought the morimoto XB LED fog light kit for my 2012 Subaru Impreza. Morimoto product quality is superior. Went from 400 lumens to 1200 lumens per side. Enough said. TRS website, customer service and shipping are outstanding.

    — Charles Neubert

  • 05.17.2019

    Never answer back my msj when I am asking about the morimoto headlights and taillights for a ram. I have to cancel my order because I was waiting for months and I heard many people waiting for more than 7 months. they play with everyone, saying first of this month or middle of next month, they are coming on a ship, or next week coming by plane, what kind a business is this, is very simple said the true. What is the real reason for morimoto not to have a good production on time, or why we have to wait many months to have those lights, is ridiculous put 1,800 on hold for many months

    — Carlos Moreno

  • 05.15.2019

    Awesome and easily navigational website. Fast shipping and kept me in the loop on every little thing.

    — JR Cullen

  • 05.15.2019

    you need to include note: No DOT approval. offroad use only

    — Pi Bil

  • 05.15.2019

    I got the H11 morimoto HID kit for my 4runner and it's amazing compared to the oem halogens. directions were easy to follow and install was simple with the plug and play.

    — Chong Vuue

  • 05.15.2019

    my friend spent alot of money for the great quality full set of headlights and taillights, but headlights,brakelights, reverse lights not working and nobody has got back to him in 2 weeks

    — Ernie MacDonald

  • 05.14.2019

    I've had an absolute nightmare of an ordering experience with TRS. I placed my original order back in February of 2019. A month and a half later, no product. I go back to their website and see there is a better coupon code, I ask customer service if there's a way I can have that coupon code applied to my order since it hasn't shipped yet. Not only did he say no, but they'd also have to cancel and reorder, he told me it wouldn't work on my order! Calling the customer service rep on his lies, I just reordered my stuff and lo' and behold. It worked! A month later my headlights finally arrive. (I ordered headlights, taillights, and 2 cable harnesses) I contact customer service to see where my taillights are and tell them that I also didn't receive my cable harnesses despite being told previously they were in stock. They say they will ship out the cable harnesses ASAP and that my taillights are backordered and will be in within 2 weeks. 2 weeks later I re-contact customer service to ensure that the cable-harnesses will be included in the box with the taillights, I was told they would be. They finally come in a week later; however, wouldn't you believe that the cable harnesses aren't in there? I contact customer service. The harnesses are backordered now. I wait 2 more weeks for harnesses. I finally get my cable harnesses, pop open the box to the tail-lights and one of the lights is broken, the housing is chipped on the corner. I have an RMA processed and they take $200 more from me for RMA hold. I'm told the lights are backordered but they'll be in by the first week of May. It's now the middle of May. I just contacted customer service again and they told me their shipment came in but none of the product has been allocated to me, and I'll have to wait until the end of the month to MAYBE get my RMA. They will not refund my RMA hold, they will not divert a headlight to me for RMA. When I finally get what I ordered I will potentially have waited 4 MONTHS and they've had my money (plus RMA hold money) the entire time, and don't seem to have a care in the world. Just the same tried and true "there's nothing we can do for you right now" These people sell products. They are not innovating. They are a vendor and their logistics are absolute smoldering dumpster-fire. Spend your money somewhere else.

    — Bret Dunning

  • 05.13.2019

    Hi I'm not sure if this is being sent a private message or as a review but I've already dont two retrofits and I'm working on a third for a friend I get my parts from these guys only because they seem to be one of the few that sell automotive specific light parts and upgrades, unfortunately though I can only say the only thing I like about the retrofit source is the output of there hid headlights, the warranty sounds great at 3-5 years and even though (as of now) they honor it I had at least 4 warranty claims within the FIRST YEAR I'm super bummed about it whats the point of paying more for the quote on quote better nicer product if it's just going to be junk it's not worth it in my opinion to pay more and have to fix it every few months if this was cheap Ebay (which I have never had a issue from) then I would understand and not care about the few dollars lost, there customer service though always helpful seems like a large hassle and inconvenience, its always a pain to get them on the phone, once you wait on hold or get called back hours later or even the next day trying again, they will usually ask me to wait on hold I'm pretty sure it's just how they do business lol want to know anything? ok sure hold on one sec..... I am currently working on a third retrofit for a friend like stated before I purchased the kit off there website paid in full instantly selected 2-3 day shipping and we are now almost 15 days from the date of purchase and still not shipped I've called twice and talked to people and I've probably called 4 times to get on hold for hours or no return call. My reason behind this lengthy story is on Thursday I was promised my package to be shipped on Friday, it is now Monday at 3pm and it is still not shipped I called three times with the voice recording telling me they were closed but every peice of information on there social media platform and there website with Google included says they are open today, specifically mon-fri 8-5:30 est. My rant is over I wonder if we will get our parts or if I'll have to call my bank instead of TRS

    — Gabe Dominique Jr.

  • 05.11.2019

    Bought some Profile Peak 1157 switchbacks and their H4 Motocontrol relay harness for my ACME retrofits and they're absolutely awesome. They work great and the quality is second to none. I will definitely pick The Retrofit Source over anything else for parts.

    — Lee Thao

  • 05.09.2019

    Great customer service, very helpful information, and an even better product. Will buy from again.

    — Timothy Robert

  • 05.09.2019

    Recently enquired about retrofitting D2S into my Q5. Purchased everything that they told me I needed, including expensive postage to the UK (I was happy to pay as I thought I was getting the best) Got the wrong information out of the guy at retrofit source and the lights do not work. Have emailed them 3 times regarding it and get no response. I wouldn’t recommend them to guys here in the UK

    — Marc Haldron

  • 05.09.2019

    Quality parts and easy install

    — Dino Vece

  • 05.08.2019

    perched wheel lights and got a defective one. when I got my warranty one in it dosen't match the other 3. now travis is telling my installation shop that I need to buy 3 more new style wheel lights that match. I NEVER GOT TO USE MY FIRST SET WHY WOULD I BUY A SECOND SET?

    — Jake Sevigny

  • 05.08.2019

    Very happy with my purchase. Received my products much earlier than anticipated.

    — Richie Lovan

  • 05.07.2019

    I had to get some 4 pin male and female ends for my halos I was fixing on my truck and the retrofit source was the only people that carries things like this and I needed it ASAP for a show I was in and they got them there way sooner than I expected, always going to be my go to for halo supplies!!

    — Logan Stanley

  • 05.03.2019

    I place a few orders with them recently. ordered some peak 3157 amber led bulbs and Morimoto resistors that look awesome and work great. I also ordered some Morimoto H13 2 stroke 2.0 led bulbs and 2 stroke 2.0 antiflicker adapters. When I use the high beams and switch to low I have no lights. So now I can't use my high beams or I risk having no low beams. I emailed them Monday and haven't heard anything back from them in almost a week. After spending $140 on bulbs plus the cost of adapters I can't really go spend money on something else right now.

    — Jason Kephart

  • 04.29.2019

    I've always used the rerofitsource for all my HID and led needs. last week Lexus quoted me $500 for 1 new bulb. I said Biiiiiiitch (in my key and peel voice) and immediately hit up The Retrofit Source. I placed my order on Friday after hours and had my shipment on Monday afternoon. kudos to you guys for the excellent customer service and fast shipping.

    — Keith Morris

  • 04.29.2019

    2015 challenger, installed bulbs and anti flickering boxes. Lights were brighter, but 2nd day of instal on the way to work they turn off for a few seconds and back on randomly while driving. I’m sure it’s an easy fix, just waiting to hear back from tech support.

    — Timothy Williams

  • 04.29.2019

    I recently purchased the retro quick kit for my 09 Impreza and I'd just like to say how pleased I am with the upgrade from the less than sub par stock lighting from the factory. I could barely even drive at night due to the poor light output, but the difference these projectors provide is quite literally like night and day. I feel much safer now. Also, the customer service they provide is second to none. It's not very often that you find a company so committed to customer satisfaction, and I will absolutely continue doing business with them as well as recommending all my friends do as well.

    — Chris Mac

  • 04.29.2019

    Verry happy with the customer service and support. The HID kit makes my honda civic '07 looks newer and better.

    — Janic Lessard Forcier

  • 04.28.2019

    Bought some led bulbs and they work great, very easy to install and haven’t had any problems, will definitely buy more from here.

    — Matt Watkins

  • 04.28.2019

    Great Awesome Wonderful Amazing Prefect Out of this world

    — Michael Murphy

  • 04.27.2019

    Great products and even better customer service! Thanks for going thru some trouble le shooting with me a few weeks ago guys!

    — Nick Walter

  • 04.26.2019

    very good product's 👌🏻 I purchase reverse lights

    — David Solorio Juarez

  • 04.23.2019

    I am a light “freak” as my girlfriend would say - I’ve ordered a handful of HID lights and LED lights from numerous vendors. The experience I had today as my first interaction with the customer service team was a pleasant one. Tyler was professional in his character and although I was making things difficult at times, through his professionalism and patience we were able to come to an agreement that worked for both myself and the business. Highly recommend TRS to anyone looking for an upgrade and want to make sure Tyler is recognized as well.

    — Brett Allen Bishop

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