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  • 03.24.2019

    This is my first lighting purchase and I was very pleased. TRS gave me plenty of information on the products I was browsing which made my selection very simple. The site is simple and to the point. Unfortunately, the lights I ordered are on back order from the manufacturer but TRS did let me know that ahead of time. It was a quick and simple shopping experience for me. I'll use TRS again.

    — Jacob Ramirez

  • 03.21.2019

    I called regarding a set of LED projectors for my older Jeep. My call was answered immediately, no waiting on hold. The employee on the phone was extremely knowledgeable about their products and was a huge help in making sure I got everything required to get my project looking amazing and get the performance I was looking for. They know their stuff and were a huge help.

    — Christopher Wagoner

  • 03.20.2019

    Just installed... Amazing....Plug and play. Worst of it getting bumper off the car (Not Retrofit Source's problem) Third time I've purchased from Retrofit Source. Easy, great quality, looks great. Cheaper than replacing with OE and better quality! Very Happy !

    — Jason Bronsther

  • 03.17.2019

    I bought the Marimoto 2 stroke high and low beam lights for my 2016 Jeep Compass and I couldn't be more pleased with with everything from TRS!!! The shipping was very reasonable and quick, the product is excellent and the customer support was quick to respond and extremely helpful when I had an issue!!! (I had the polarity wrong on a couple of plugs). Will recommend to anyone who is looking to upgrade to LED lights on their car!!

    — Bryan Helveston

  • 03.15.2019

    Thank you Retrofit Source! Received my kit quickly and even though had some help from a friend, everything provided was exactly what my truck needed. Quality product and excellent customer service all the way down to their instant chat feature on the website to answer any questions along the way. Thank you!

    — Noel Doyle

  • 03.14.2019

    Just received my 2Stroke 2.0 bulbs and they are fantastic! They are well worth the price.

    — Matt Rowe

  • 03.11.2019

    Trs is a great source for all your vehicle lighting needs. They have great service and have shipped extremely fast anytime I order from their site. Any information I've ever needed I can always count on them to provide me and guide me to putting together a great pair of headlights. Thanks!

    — Jerry Yang

  • 03.11.2019

    Light's amazing. Install was a pain without a flat, level surface, I ruined a headlight with the

    — Jesse Shaw

  • 03.10.2019

    The quality of the products are absolutely amazing. The wiring was relatively easy. Was confusing at first with some components but then saw they had instructional videos. Overall, I am very happy I bought products from TRS.

    — Bailey Haines

  • 03.06.2019

    I am very pleased with my recently purchased conversion kit for my ford focus. The kit was an easy install and didn't take too much effort. The plug and play kit made it super easy. No flickering lights or malfunctions. These lights could not compare with the originals, I am very pleased!

    — David Gortman

  • 03.04.2019

    My order was send super quick and the part I received was high quality. Definitely recommend and will be back in the future!

    — Brandon Ice

  • 03.02.2019

    I ordered some D3S HID bulbs for my mustang because it was In need of new bulbs. I have to say I was very satisfied with the product and service. Bulbs were cheap and work great. Shipping was fast. You also get stickers with your order which I thought was pretty cool. Overall great experience. Recommend and would shop again.

    — Carlos Salinas-Rincon

  • 03.01.2019

    I ordered Morimoto XB fog lights and the Morimoto 35w 5500k HID system for my 2014 GMC Sierra. As someone who does a lot of country night driving on roads with no lighting, these two products have made a incredible difference. I used to get high-beam flashed by oncoming cars when I had eBay led's, The morimoto HID system is bright and the beam is on the road - where it is supposed to be, and I don't get flashed anymore! From when I placed my order, It was delivered three days later. I look forward to doing business with TRS in the future.

    — Wyatt Joyce

  • 03.01.2019

    I purchased a set of profile prism rings for my 2001 Dodge Ram. One of them ended up going out so I contacted trs and they quickly shipped out a new one free of charge! Great customer service!

    — Michael Shilling

  • 02.28.2019

    I recently ordered from the guys at TRS and I couldn't be happier with the service. These guys know what their talking about when it comes to lighting and trying to retro lights. I got out of the car game for almost 15 years and now coming back to a scene with groups like TRS that are so supportive help make this new age so much more friendly. THank you so much guys!

    — Tony Nguyen

  • 02.28.2019

    I just purchased my 2015 GMC 2500HD truck and on the first night of driving I could not stand the stock lights, they were the worst headlights I ever had on a vehicle. I researched light upgrades and went with The Retrofit lights based on price and past comments. Let me tell you the difference is unbelievable!! They light up the road the way headlights should be and the beam pattern and brightness is fantastic. After I watched a few online install videos the install went fairly smooth. I did have a few issues with the wiring harness not having enough length to mount all the components the way I would have liked to. The wires need to be about 6" longer at all connections to be just right. I don't think you should have to buy extra cables to fix this issue. The other issue I had was the lights would not work at first because the plug that attaches to your stock headlight wires would not plug in properly. I had to take their plug apart and plug contacts directly into my plug then tape it up. It is inside the headlight so I don't think it will be a future problem. Their tech support was great and helped me trouble shoot this issue. Overall I would recommend these lights to anyone looking for better lighting on their GM trucks. Their product is very high in quality of all components.

    — kent yozie

  • 02.28.2019

    Ordered some led front turn signals they shipped out the very next day, I got them quick! I was tired of cheap led bulbs the ones I got here are amazing quality and extremely bright.

    — Josh Fiebelkorn

  • 02.22.2019

    So happy with the products, been using them seens 2008 when HID just came out and they still working like new......great customer service and a reaally good shipping and very fast....highly recommend it to friends and familly

    — Francisco Sauceda

  • 02.22.2019

    Started out with some HIDs purchased from TRS. I was more than happy with them but was really wanting to retrofit my truck. Being my daily driver I had a hard time convincing myself to start paying my headlights apart. When the morimoto headlights came out I knew I had to get them to match my xB led fog lights! Been super happy with them! Customer service was awesome helping me with the few issues the headlights had upon release. They got the necessary harnesses and filters to me free of charge as soon as they got them in. Kept in constant communication with me and made sure my issues were taken care of. Extremely happy with my experience with this company! Tried to sneak by their shop when I was in the area to look at tail lights but unfortunately they were closed due to the holidays.

    — Andrew Lyle

  • 02.17.2019

    The website was super easy to navigate. The checkout process went super smooth. This was my first time ordering stuff from you guys. I have to say that I'm very impressed by how quick my order shipped out and then arrived. My Morimoto LED Fog lights are perfect. A+++ Transaction and Experience!

    — Kenneth Newton

  • 03.24.2019

    great buying experience, fast shipping. Great product, love the menu selection process to find the exact products I was looking for made things easy online.

    — Brian Wear

  • 03.24.2019

    My experience with the The Retro Fit Source was amazing, I was building a set of headlights for my car and being a first time builder I had a bunch of questions. The customer service Jamielle helped me out a bunch. The shipping was amazing and didn’t wait longer then a week for my packages and when they did come in they were packaged tight and nothing was damaged at all. If I ever build another set of headlights in the future I know exactly where I’m buying the products to do it from. Thanks guys!

    — Christian Canfield

  • 03.21.2019

    Ordered a pair of morimoto h11 elite with 6500k bulbs and hd relay for $167 after taxes fair price , brighter hid system then all the other systems ive ran on my 2008 silverado very clear crisp and bright , did i mention how bright will recommend to friends family and people i meet at car shows will be ordering a set for my 2009 ram high quality product by and ever higher quality company thanks morimoto you "light" up my night

    — Tyler Clements

  • 03.21.2019

    very happy with the quality of the morimoto retro rubber. Thanks to TRS it arrived quick and my headlights are sealed back together nice and secure will 100% be ordering again.

    — Andrew Osborne

  • 03.20.2019

    fast shipping and great products! will do business again!

    — Michael Neal Kitts

  • 03.20.2019

    Top-notch product and excellent customer service

    — William Shipley

  • 03.20.2019

    Ordered some Morimoto Fog lights from TRS shipping and customer service was great ordered on a monday at my house before friday. Install was super simple and perfect fit! 💪🏼💪🏼

    — Devon Raghoonanansingh

  • 03.19.2019

    Absolutely loved it - easy to install and looks good as well

    — Ryan McLain

  • 03.19.2019

    Great customer service, fast shipping, reputable products. Now they have another customer.

    — Rocker Edwin

  • 03.19.2019

    Always a great buying experience and excellent customer service!! Great product offerings with amazing quality.

    — Sam Comstock

  • 03.18.2019

    I ordered a set of 2016 F150 OEM LED Headlights from Retrofit for my XLT. These are the headlights typically found on Platinums, King Ranches, etc. With my stock chrome grill, I always felt these headlights would look great on my truck, and boy was I right! Though shipping was a bit longer than expected since Retrofit first had to order the headlights from Ford, It was definitely worth the wait!! Huge shoutout to Drew for excellent customer service! I called at least 3 times for status updates and drew was very helpful and patient with my questions. In all, I loved my truck before I got these headlights, and I love my truck even more now with them on! I know they will definitely turn heads of other F150 drivers.

    — Fabian Buentello

  • 03.18.2019

    We recently became a dealer of The Retrofit Source and instantly became a believer in the difference between quality and junk! I just purchased a set of LED fog lights for my F150 and will get them installed tonight! Can’t wait! Pursuit Electronics is Middle Tennessee’s home for all of your lighting for all makes and models!

    — Jeff Lewis

  • 03.18.2019

    The Retrofit Source has excellent customer service and a live chat option that has saved me tons of money, by having someone available to answer my questions.

    — Kellee Wile

  • 03.18.2019

    Ordered the 9012 2Stroke LED headlight bulbs for my 2015 GMC Sierra and they work awesome! Shipping was fast and easy as well as the install!

    — Nick Fleenor

  • 03.16.2019

    I wish I'd known about this company a long time ago!!! I've changed DRLs on my truck at least 6 times, never really fully satisfied (hence the reason for constantly changing) But the products from this company are 2nd to none!!! Customer service is more than amazing too!!!

    — Marque Walker

  • 03.16.2019

    I ordered a set of the morimoto 2 stroke 2.0s they're a nice high quality build and alot more sleek than the cheap Amazon ones I did have

    — Jacob Hawk

  • 03.16.2019

    I ordered the camaro taillight and light etching service. They have excellent customer service they where able to get the exact pattern I was looking for even supplied me with a discount code 👍🏻

    — JoshWa Camacho

  • 03.16.2019

    TRS could start by making their prices reasonable instead of laughable

    — Cory Derrickson

  • 03.16.2019

    I ordered some headlights for my truck and soon to order everything else I need, this good prices fast delivery and the website makes it easy to know I'm getting the right parts for my truck. I'd recommend the retro fit source to anyone

    — Dustin Gregory Faught

  • 03.14.2019

    I recently ordered a bunch of products from TRS and also called with some tech questions and these guys are awesome. They will be my go to website for all my headlight upgrades along with all my customers vehicles.

    — Tj Storck

  • 03.13.2019

    clean crisp lines of light beam not washed out where you don't need it easy to install and a great fit

    — Nate Austin

  • 03.10.2019

    Boomshakalaka! What a difference new eyes make!

    — Jimmy Young

  • 03.10.2019

    Best led lights on the market hands down!

    — Jerry Garcia

  • 03.09.2019

    Fast delivery 📦 the write equipment the first time Hassle free great place.

    — Marquel Brooks

  • 03.08.2019

    quality parts and great online tutorials

    — Justin Giles

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