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XD License Plate Reverse Light Bar

7 Reviews

Brand: XenonDepot




PART #: 1 x XD.LED400


Introducing the XTR LP, your ultimate solution for unparalleled visibility while reversing in the dark! Say goodbye to dim stock reverse lights and welcome the brilliance of 54 CREE J Series 2835 LEDs, producing a blinding 1950 real lumens. Engineered to perfection, our system optimizes light distribution, ensuring a wide and effective beam pattern that outshines the rest. But it's not just about brightness; it's about precision. With a range exceeding any standard backup light, the XTR LP offers vertical spreads from -30 to +15 degrees at the most typical 0-degree mounting angle, exceeding legal limits for output volume. Installation is a breeze with a bolt-on design that seamlessly fits your vehicle's top two license plate mounts, and the die-cast aluminum housing complements US-spec license plates. Plus, our integrated wiring and quick-disconnect make setup a snap. Don't settle for subpar lighting – upgrade to the XTR LP and illuminate your path with confidence!


  • Powerful Illumination: 54 CREE J Series LEDs produce 1950 real lumens for superior brightness.
  • Precision Engineering: Optimized lens design ensures an effective beam pattern.
  • Wide Vertical Range: Vertical spread from -30 to +15 degrees exceeds legal limits.
  • Easy Installation: Bolt-on design, die-cast aluminum housing, and integrated wiring for quick setup.
  • Moisture Protection: Integrated rubber grommet keeps out moisture and dust.


  • Reverse Light: 1x XTR LP LED Reverse Light

  • Wiring: 1x Power Tap Kit


This product includes a 5 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by our team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us.


  • Intensity: 2,700lm (Raw), 1,950lm (Effective)

  • Power: 29w

  • Optic: -30deg to +15deg vertical range



  • Circuits: 9-16V Electrical Systems

  • License Plates: US-Spec Plate Mounts (excl. 19+ Dodge Ram)


Back it Up: Up front we've already got bright low beams, high beams, and fog lights, but too often overlooked is our ability to see well while backing up in the dark. While there are plenty of LED bulb upgrades out there for stock reverse lights; when it comes to a backup light boost there's simply no comparison to the XTR LP.

Engineered: The XTR LP is the only system on the market that leverages optical refinement over raw power to produce the perfect reverse light beam pattern. We started by understanding the most typical installation angles and then optimized the lens to distribute the most possible light in the most effective pattern. To pack a real punch, the XTR LP packs more than just a lot of LED's into a line on the back of car. It's a fully engineered product.

What's Inside: 54 CREE J Series 2835 LEDs rated at 4500K/80CRI. 180mA driver produces 29.9W of maximum power pumps out 2700 raw lumens that's translated into 1950 real lumens after transmission through the optical lens.

Technically Speaking: At a 10-degree mounting angle, the vertical range is -20 to +25 degrees. At the most typical 0-degree mounting angle, the XTR LP provides a -30 to +15 degree vertical spread, which easily exceeds the illumination range of any standard backup for spread. Users should acknowledge that this product far exceeds the legal limit for output volume in a reverse light application.

Bolt-On: The XTR LP will bolt onto your vehicle's top two license plate mounts. Its die-cast aluminum housing is contoured according to the geometry of US-spec license plates for a flush fit, and the mounting points are positioned according to the same universal standard. The system is finished in a satin black powder coat.

Wiring:The XTR LP is powered on with a simple +/- 12v circuit that's intended to tap in to your stock reverse light wiring. The system includes 1.5 meters of integrated wiring that can be trimmed back according to your application, a quick-disconnect for ease of install, and an integrated rubber grommet to keep moisture and dust out of a pass-through hole if necessary.

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Small but mighty

by -

I wish I could just install bulbs that would give me this output from inside the OEM backing light but I'm happy with the product overall. The light output is very good with good width and build feels solid. I had to shave some of the outer wire so that it would ender my trunk through the trunk opener button (2nd Gen IS250). I could have made a hole behind the lic plate for more stealth but then I have to drill into perfectly good metal and paint, no thanks.


Well worth it


It took a minute to fish the line for power, and no instructions on using the splice connector, but it's pretty straight forward. Top of the T clamps over existing power / ground, while the vertical clamps over the new wires. I got the new wires backwards first try, but since there's only a power & ground, it's simple to sort. A bit of heat shrink and tape and presto. It's going to make loading tools at jobsites a lot nicer in the darker months.


Inconspicuous yet very bright


I installed this on the top of my rear license plate on a 1975 Corvette that had custom tail lights with reverse lights. You really don't notice the XTR LP light at all because of the recessed license plate on the C3 Corvettes. The car has tinted windows and all I can say is, "WOW"!!!!!! I am so impressed. I had previously installed a similar looking product from Amazon ($12), and it doesn't even to come close the XTR LP brightness or looks.


I can see!


I have tinted windows in my F150 - and it has been impossible to backup without opening the door. This shines like a headlight! I can see behind me now, with the doors closed. I am no mechanic, but installation was easy. Love it.

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