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XKGlow Search and Rescue Series Bars


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Product Details

Search and Rescue Series: This is truly revolutionary: a light bar system designed for 360-degrees of light, but also easily adjusted to light only a specific direction. The controller can even provide a rotating light for the most visible of situations. Think a lighthouse with a rotating light beam--it's that but atop your car or truck! This system is just badass!

From XKGlow: Welcome to our revolutionary SAR Lighting System: SAR being for Search and Rescue. With the patented control technology that individually turns on&off each LED, and the multi-angle reflector that allows the light to pan in either direction when prompted, SAR creates some truly unique functionality. The plug-n-play data wires connect multiple light bars in daisy-chain style, leading all the way to one central controller. Each light bar can be configured to face one of the four directions: front, left, right, and rear. Different light bars can connect to its own power source. Together multiple light bars forge a seamless system that instantly lights up where you need the most. In addition to the jaw-dropping Search mode for focusing the light exactly where it's needed, the SAR controller is equipped with a Solid-on mode, Direct mode for directional chase, and Strobe mode for various strobe patterns. With a little study of the included instructions, you will even find a custom-made Show Mode that can that promotes you to be the most eye-catching star at auto shows.

XKGlow x TRS: Here at The Retrofit Source, we represent the best brands in the automotive lighting business. XKGlow has a reputation for making high-end, high-performance LED accessories for the aftermarket, and we're proud to deliver their product to our customers. If you have any questions on XKGlow LED gear for your car, truck, or motorcycle, contact our customer service team today!

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • Light Bar(s): 1-4x SAR-Series LED Light Bar(s) (Based on Selection)

  • Included With Complete Kits: 1x SAR Controller, 4x 12ft Extensions, 4x Data Wire End Caps, 4x Data Wire Inline Fuses, 1x Data Wire Extension

  • Optional Brackets: XKGlow Mounting Brackets

  • Optional Controller: XKGlow SAR Controller

  • Warranty:5 Years (Click for Details)

  • Compatibility

  • XK-SAR-1: XKGlow SAR LED Light Bar: 20in

  • XK-SAR-2: XKGlow SAR LED Light Bar: 36in

  • XK-SAR-3: XKGlow SAR LED Light Bar: 52in

  • XK-SAR-BRC: XKGlow SAR Light Bar Brackets (Pair)

  • XK-SAR-CONTROL: XKGlow SAR Light Bar Controller

  • XK-SAR-WIRE-PLUG: XKGlow SAR System Data Wire End Plug

  • XK-SAR360-2211: XKGlow SAR360 Light Bar System: 2x 20in, 2x 36in

  • XK-SAR360-3311: XKGlow SAR360 Light Bar System: 2x 20in, 2x 52in

  • XK-SAR360-3322: XKGlow SAR360 Light Bar System: 2x 36in, 2x 52in

  • XK-SAR360-1111: XKGlow SAR360 Light Bar System: 4x 20in

  • XK-SAR360-2222: XKGlow SAR360 Light Bar System: 4x 36in

  • XK-SAR360-3333: XKGlow SAR360 Light Bar System: 4x 52in

  • XK-SAR90-1: XKGlow SAR90 Light Bar System: 20in

  • XK-SAR90-2: XKGlow SAR90 Light Bar System: 36in

  • XK-SAR90-3: XKGlow SAR90 Light Bar System: 52in

  • Tech Specs

  • Input Voltage: 12V DC

  • Power: 90w (20in), 180w (36in), 270w (52in)

  • Intensity: 7,500lm (20in), 15,000lm (36in), 22,500lm (52in)

  • Compliance: IP67

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