Tundra Switchback Halos

Toyota Tundra (14-20): Diode Dynamics C-Light Halos


PART #: 1 x DD2227

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Product Details

2014-2019 Toyota Tundra Switchback LED Halos: Computer-designed LED halos, for perfect fitment in Toyota Tundra headlamps. Huge increase in brightness, with pure white and brilliant amber output. Assembled in the USA

Time for an upgrade! This halo kit, designed specifically for the 2014+ Toyota Tundra, includes custom-sized "C" light accents with multiple functions that will add a distinct, unique look to your vehicle both day and night!

When installed on STANDARD headlamps (no factory LED): This LED will illuminate a brilliant amber as DRL, extremely bright white when headlamps are turned on, and flash amber when the turn signal is engaged.

When installed on PREMIUM headlamps (with factory LED): This LED will illuminate bright white as DRL, dimmed white when headlamps are turned on, and flash a brilliant amber when the turn signal is engaged.

High output, clean appearance: The custom-designed LED modules replace the factory bulb or single LED, illuminating with a much higher intensity. With our proprietary high-density "HDLED" technology, these modules are populated with over 500 LED chips, which are then coated by a diffusing gel, resulting in a perfectly uniform light when turned on. When it's off, the diffusing gel hides the chips, resulting in a clean, OEM appearance.

Pure white color. Assembled in USA: The modules light in a pure 6000K white color, not a cool blue like cheaper products on the market. And because they use modern high-power amber chips, rather than traditional LEDs, the amber is even brighter than the white!

Constant-current power: To power the modules efficiently, your order includes two custom-designed drivers, which feature transient voltage suppression, reverse protection, and a switching driver for extremely high reliability over time. And here's what really makes this product shine over the competition: with an embedded microcontroller, the drivers utilize multi-stage PWM dimming, to allow for a half-brightness white, for use at night (parking lights), as well as a full-power white, for use as DRL during the day. Finally, the amber is run at even higher power, making the turn signal easily visible in broad daylight!

Professional installation: is strongly recommended, as the factory headlights must be opened for installation. The halos must be custom-mounted in position using adhesive or beading wire.

Made in the USA: If you're a lighting enthusiast who only buys American; Diode Dynamics is a clear winner in that category. One of very few brands in the automotive lighting industry who designs, engineers, and proudly produces their products right here in St. Louis, MO. We've sold their products for many years and are confident you won't be let down in the performance or quality departments. There's no better place to buy Diode Dynamics lighting upgrades for your car or truck.

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • 2x: Custom-shaped LED halos, left and right

  • 2x: Waterproof driver units

  • 2x: Input wire pigtails with T-taps

  • Warranty: 3 year warranty

  • 100%: Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Compatibility

  • Make: Toyota

  • Model: Tundra

  • Years: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

  • Tech Specs

  • Electrical Compatibility: No electrical issues (tested and confirmed)

  • DRL Function: Operates at full brightness for DRL

  • NOTE: These boards are not compatible with aftermarket (non-factory) headlamps.

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