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Sealed Beam Holley RetroBright LED Headlights (7" Round)

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Brand: Holley




PART #: 2 x LFRB135

*Guaranteed Fitment
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Introducing the Holley RetroBright LED Sealed Beam Headlights, the perfect solution for classic car enthusiasts seeking improved nighttime visibility without compromising on the vintage aesthetics of their vehicles. These headlights offer a remarkable 32,000CD for low beam and an impressive 53,000CD for high beam, providing three times more light output than original sealed beam lights. Engineered by Morimoto in the USA, these lights ensure exceptional width, long-range visibility, and high beam performance. Designed with an ultra-shallow profile, they seamlessly fit into vehicles built between 1950-1980, eliminating the need for extensive modifications. The RetroBrights come with a warm-white LED for a classic appearance, but you can also opt for a modern pure white light or a yellow lens conversion kit. Not only do they boast a 20,000-hour lifespan, but they are also serviceable, allowing for easy replacement of individual LED cartridges if needed. With high-quality Philips-Lumileds LEDs and UV-coated polycarbonate lenses, these headlights are a durable and precise choice to enhance your classic car's safety and style.


  • Enhanced Visibility: 32,000CD (low) & 53,000CD (high) beams for superior night driving.
  • Classic Design: Modern LEDs seamlessly blend with retro sealed beam look.
  • Easy Fitment: Fits shallow vintage car headlight buckets (1950-1980) without modification.
  • Customization: Choose warm-white, pure white, or yellow lens conversion.
  • Durable & Serviceable: Philips-Lumileds LEDs, UV-coated lenses, and 20,000-hour lifespan.


  • Headlight: 2x Holley RetroBright 7in Round LED Headlights

  • Wiring: H4 Male Input


This Morimoto product includes a 2 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the Morimoto team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, Click Here.


  • Intensity: 32,000 candela (Low), 53,000 candela (High)

  • Power: 20w (Low), 35w (High)

  • Luminous Flux: 2,000lm (low), 3000lm (high)

  • Input Voltage: 9-18V DC

  • Power: 25W (low), 30W (high)

  • Traffic Pattern: LHD Only

  • Material: Cast Aluminum (Housing), UV treated Polycarbonate (Lens)

  • Light Source: Philips Lumileds ZES 3000K (Classic White) or ZES 5700K (Modern White)


  • Sealed Beam Standards: Par56 / 7in Round

  • Input Wiring: H4 3-pin (low/high/ground)

  • Replaces OE Part #: H6024

The Search is Over: Just because you love your classic car doesn't mean you have to live with poor visibility at night. Until now, you had two options... keep it stock, or find a brighter set of headlights that would compromise the period-correct styling. The Holley RetroBright LED Sealed beam headlights deliver the best of both worlds. They pair the safety and performance benefits of modern LED headlights with the old-school look of your original sealed beam lights.

Superior: Light output effectively illuminates the road for added safety at night. The Holley RetroBright 7" Round LED sealed beams produce 32,000CD for low beam, and 53,000CD for high beam, which is nearly three times more light output than your original lights. Their beam pattern is well distributed for excellent width, long-range visibility, and added range in high beam mode. These patent pending lights were engineered entirely in the USA by Morimoto, the masters in performance automotive lighting.

Fitment: The buckets behind old sealed beam headlights on most vehicles built between 1950-1980 are extremely shallow, making it nearly impossible to retrofit a modern LED-based headlight without sticking out or modification. Not the case with the RetroBrights, which were purposely designed with an ultra-shallow profile to ensure perfect fitment.

Options: They come standard with a warm-white LED that maintains the classic look. If you prefer the classic style of the housings, but prefer a more modern pure white light output, that is also an option. For those who want a yellow lens (and yellow light output) --you can also opt for the Euro lens conversion kit.

Serviceable: Though the rated lifespan of each LED headlight is over 20,000 hours, the Holley RetroBright is designed to be serviceable. If a light ever goes out, the proprietary LED cartridge can be unbolted and replaced with a new one.

Quality: The heart of the headlight is powered with high quality LEDs from Philips-Lumileds. These aren't cheap emitters to begin with. Your classic car has already withstood the test of time and the UV-coated polycarbonate lens will take another couple decades worth of abuse without fading. You can feel the precision in the heavy-duty die-cast housings that double as a heat-sink. A special PWM LED driver resides inside of the headlight to keep the LED's running at their peak intensity, even during prolonged periods of use.

7" Standard: Designed to replace all 7" Round headlights, these are cross compatible with other sizes commonly known as PAR56. The RetroBright LED Headlights offer full low and high beam functionality. They come standard with H4 3-pin male inputs and should be plug and play on most classic cars / trucks.

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