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D-Series Pro LED Light Pods

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Brand: Rigid Industries




PART #: 1 x RIG502323


Experience the future of compact lighting with RIGID's D-Series PRO. This powerhouse, enhanced with the latest in LED technology, promises an astounding light output, outshining its predecessors. Its adaptability is evident in its multiple mounting options, catering to diverse lighting needs. Its compact design, measuring a mere 3in x 3in, is deceptive, offering up to 102% increased raw lumens. The D-Series PRO is available in two elegant finishes classic black and pristine white, both updated with refined branding and a sophisticated blacked-out circuit board. Trust in RIGID's legacy of quality and performance.


  • Unparalleled Brightness Latest LED advancements offer brilliant output.
  • Adaptable Design Multiple mounting solutions for any application.
  • Small but Mighty Compact 3in x 3in size with immense power.
  • Sleek Aesthetics Choose between black or white with a modern design.
  • Trust in Quality RIGID's commitment to excellence shines through.


  • Light Pod(s): 1x or 2x D-Series Pro LED Light Pod(s)

  • Hardware: Mounting Brackets, Hardware


This product is covered by a Lifetime Limited warranty, serviced and supported by the manufacturer directly. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information,Click Here.


  • AMP DRaw: 1.25-3.00A @ 12V DC

  • Number of LEDs: 4-6

  • Raw Lumens: 3,168-4,752lm (excluding Infrared models)

  • Lux @ 10 Meters: 20.6-794.56

  • Peak Intensity (Candela): 2,060-79,456cd


  • RIG201113: D-Series Pro: Flood / Surface / Each

  • RIG201213: D-Series Pro: Spot / Surface / Each

  • RIG201513: D-Series Pro: Diffused / Surface / Each

  • RIG202113: D-Series Pro: Flood / Surface / Pair

  • RIG202123: D-Series Pro Amber: Flood / Surface / Pair

  • RIG202213: D-Series Pro: Spot / Surface / Pair

  • RIG202223: D-Series Pro Amber: Spot / Surface / Pair

  • RIG202293: D-Series Pro Infrared: Spot / Surface / Pair

  • RIG202513: D-Series Pro: Diffused / Surface / Pair

  • RIG211113: D-Series Pro: Flood / Flush / Each

  • RIG211513: D-Series Pro: Diffused / Flush / Each

  • RIG212113: D-Series Pro: Flood / Flush / Pair

  • RIG212213: D-Series Pro: Spot / Flush / Pair

  • RIG212513: D-Series Pro: Diffused / Flush / Pair

  • RIG221113: D-Series Pro HD: Flood / Each

  • RIG222113: D-Series Pro HD: Flood / Pair

  • RIG222213: D-Series Pro HD: Spot / Pair

  • RIG222513: D-Series Pro HD: Diffused / Pair

  • RIG501313: D-Series Pro: Driving / Surface / Each

  • RIG501513: D-Series Pro: Driving Diffused / Surface / Each

  • RIG502313: D-Series Pro: Driving / Surface / Pair

  • RIG502323: D-Series Pro Amber: Driving / Surface / Pair

  • RIG502393: D-Series Pro Infrared: Driving / Surface / Pair

  • RIG502513: D-Series Pro: Flood / Surface / Pair

  • RIG503713: D-Series Pro: Hyperspot / Surface / Each

  • RIG504713: D-Series Pro: Hyperspot / Surface / Pair

  • RIG512313: D-Series Pro: Driving / Flush / Pair

  • RIG512513: D-Series Pro: Driving Diffused / Flush / Pair

  • RIG522313: D-Series Pro HD: Driving / Pair

  • RIG601113: D-Series Pro: Flood / Surface / White Housing / Each

  • RIG601213: D-Series Pro: Spot / Surface / White Housing / Each

  • RIG601513: D-Series Pro: Flood Diffused / Surface / White Housing / Each

  • RIG602113: D-Series Pro: Flood / Surface / White Housing / Pair

  • RIG602213: D-Series Pro: Spot / Surface / White Housing / Pair

  • RIG602513: D-Series Pro: Flood Diffused / Surface / White Housing / Pair

  • RIG611513: D-Series Pro: Flood Diffused / Flush / White Housing / Each

  • RIG701313: D-Series Pro: Driving / Surface / White Housing / Each

  • RIG701513: D-Series Pro: Driving Diffused / Surface / White Housing / Each

  • RIG201213BLK: D-Series Pro Midnight Ed.: Spot / Surface / Each

  • RIG202213BLK: D-Series Pro Midnight Ed.: Spot / Surface / Pair

  • RIG211213BLK: D-Series Pro Midnight Ed.: Spot / Flush / Pair

  • RIG212213BLK: D-Series Pro Midnight Ed.: Spot / Flush / Each

  • RIG20221EM: D-Series E-Mark Cert.: Spot / Surface / Pair

  • RIG202513BLK: D-Series Pro Midnight Ed.: Spot Diffused / Surface / Pair

  • RIG212513BLK: D-Series Pro Midnight Ed.: Spot Diffused / Flush / Pair

OVERVIEW: The D-Series has always been the most versatile compact lighting package on the market today. RIGID has just made it professional grade with the D-Series PRO, which offers more light output than ever before thanks to recent advancements in LED technology. Available with a variety of mounting options, including surface, flush, or heavy-duty, the D-Series PRO can be utilized for virtually any lighting application. Measuring just 3in x 3in, the D-Series PRO packs a powerful punch up to 102% more raw lumens depending on the optics chosen. RIGID's D-Series PRO (Professional Race Output) lights are available with either a black or white finish, and recent updates to the D-Series PRO include new branding and blacked-out circuit boards for a more refined look. They feature the same superior build quality as the rest of RIGID's lighting products, providing reliable and efficient lighting on demand.

Rigid LED Lighting x TRS: Here at TRS, we represent the best brands in automotive lighting. We know more about high performance lighting than any other distributor on the planet because its all we do, all day every day. Rigid Industries is the originator in the off road lighting market and to this day continues to push the envelope with leading edge design, technology, and most of all, light output. To see what products Rigid makes that are a direct fit for your vehicle, use our convenient Buyer's Guide. Otherwise, hit up our dedicated staff of lighting enthusiasts who can help you make the call on what Rigid Industries product is right for you.

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