C-Series LED Lights

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Brand: KC HiLites




PART #: 1 x KC1328


Illuminate the path ahead with the unmatched power of KC Hilites' C-Series Light Bars. These bars, crafted for utmost versatility, combine 8° spot and 90° spread reflectors, ensuring you get both distance and width in your illumination. With the potency of CREE LED, they radiate an impressive 21,600 lumens, brightening even the darkest terrains. Not just about brightness, their extruded aluminum structure, coupled with lexan lenses, promises endurance. They're built to resist, thanks to their IP67 rating and GORE Membranes guarding against external elements. Whether it's a Jeep, Truck, or UTV, enhance its night capabilities with these lights, all while cherishing their USA roots.


  • Superior Illumination Delivers a brilliant 21,600 lumens with CREE LEDs.
  • Diverse Beam Angles Perfect blend of 8° spot and 90° spread for full road coverage.
  • Robust Build Crafted with extruded aluminum and protected with an IP67 rating.
  • Efficiency and Value Offers top-notch performance at an affordable price point.
  • Made in America Proudly designed and produced in the USA.


  • Light Pod(s): 1x or 2x C-Series LED Light Pod(s)

  • Hardware: Mounting Hardware

  • Wiring: 1x Relay Harness (with Pair option only)


This product is covered by a 23 year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the manufacturer directly. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information,Click Here.


  • Intensity: 2,200lm (2in), 1,080lm (3in), 5,400lm (10in), 10,800lm (20in), 16,200lm (30in), 21,600lm (40in)

  • Power: 20w (2in), 12w (3in), 60w (10in), 120w (20in), 180w (30in), 240w (40in)

  • Current: 1.6A (2in), 1.0A (3in), 5.0A (10in), 10.0A (20in), 15.0A (30in), 20.0A (40in) @ 12V DC

  • Dimensions: 2.85in W x 2.21in H x 2.17in D (2in), 3.22in W x 3.42in H, 3.14in D (3in), 11.38in W x 3.09in H x 3.40in D (10in), 21.38in L x 3.09in H x 3.40in D (20in), 31.38in L x 3.09in H x 3.40in D (30in), 41.38in L x 3.09in H x 3.40in D

  • Light Source: CREE XMK or XBD 6000K


  • KC1328: 2in C-Series C2 LED - 20w Flood Beam / Each

  • KC1519: 2in C-Series C2 LED - Backup - 20w Flood Beam / Each

  • KC328: 2in C-Series C2 LED - 20w Flood Beam / Pair

  • KC1315: 3in C-Series C3 LED - Amber - 12w Spot Beam / Each

  • KC1330: 3in C-Series C3 LED - 12w Spot Beam / Each

  • KC1332: 3in C-Series C3 LED - 12w Flood Beam / Each

  • KC1313: 6in C-Series C6 LED - Blue Strobe - 16w Flood

  • KC334: 10in C-Series C10 LED - 60w Spot/Spread Combo

  • KC335: 20in C-Series C20 LED - 120w Spot/Spread Combo

  • KC336: 30in C-Series C30 LED - 180w Spot/Spread Combo

  • KC337: 40in C-Series C40 LED - 240w Spot/Spread Combo



OVERVIEW: KC Hilites' C-Series Light Bars provide up to 240w of Performance, featuring a versatile combo beam pattern, both 8deg. Spot and 90deg. Spread reflectors. Great for hood, front bumper, and grille applications on Jeeps, Trucks, UTVs and more.

PERFORMANCE OUTPUT AND CLARITY: The C-Series use an advanced dual row CREE LED design delivering up to 21,600 Lumens of output with maximum power efficiency. They are perfect for hood, front bumper, windshield and grille applications providing balanced and powerful light illumination.

HIGH PERFORMANCE MEETS AFFORDABILITY: C-Series light bars feature an extruded aluminum housing, aluminum core PCBs with thermal management and lexan lenses. What you get is a perfect balance of affordable performance with maximum efficiency.

COMBO BEAM PATTERN AND ADVANTAGES: When it comes to total road coverage the C-Series LED light bar features a combo beam with perfectly angled 8deg. Spot and 90deg. Spread reflectors, for maximum forward distance and increased peripheral illumination along road edges.

DESIGNED FOR DURABILITY: Off road race tested, the C-Series was designed to handle the harshest environments. Featuring a IP67 rated housing and GORE Membranes, the C-Series is resistant to moisture and dust.

MADE IN THE USA: The Retrofit Source is a proud distributor for the best brands in automotive lighting, and all KC Hi-Lites products are Designed, Engineered, and Made in the USA! If you're looking for most advanced, modern lighting gear for your truck, backed by the best people in the lighting business, we've got you covered.

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