9006 Extension Cords

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Brand: Morimoto




PART #: 2 x H310

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These 9006 Male to 9006 Female extension cords are designed to provide additional length for your HID Ballasts or high beam solenoids, making them versatile and practical for various automotive applications. If you're retrofitting a large vehicle or need to mount your ballasts in unconventional spaces, these extension cords are the ideal solution. They offer a universal fit and come with 12 inches (30cm) of 14-gauge wire in between the male and female connectors. To ensure durability and protection, these cords feature a heat-resistant TechFlex mesh covering, giving your setup a factory-like appearance. Moreover, the metal pins on both ends are sealed with rubber grommets, preventing moisture from affecting the connections and enhancing the product's longevity. These extension cords are a valuable addition to any automotive enthusiast's toolkit, providing flexibility and reliability for your HID lighting system.


  • Extended Length: Provides extra length for HID Ballasts or high beam solenoids.
  • Versatile: Suitable for retrofitting large vehicles or unconventional ballast mounting.
  • Universal Fit: 9006 Male to 9006 Female connectors for compatibility.
  • Durable Construction: Features 12 inches (30cm) of 14-gauge wire and heat-resistant TechFlex mesh.
  • Moisture Protection: Sealed metal pins with rubber grommets prevent moisture damage.


  • Extensions: 2x (One Pair) 9006 Extension Cords


This Morimoto product includes a 2 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the Morimoto team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, Click Here.


  • Input: 9006 Female

  • Output: 9006 Male

  • Wire Thickness: 14 AWG

  • Insulation: Braided TechFlex


  • HARNESSES: All Morimoto Harnesses

  • BALLASTS: All with 9006 Male Inputs

  • HALOGEN BULBS: Compatible up to 55W

Extend: some extra length to the outputs of your harness for your HID Ballasts or high beam solenoids with these 9006 Male > 9006 Female extension cords.

Oversized: If you're retrofitting a big truck or mounting your ballasts in an unconventional space - a universally sized relay harness may not have the length you need. Here is the answer.

Universal: 9006 Male inputs to 9006 Female outputs with 12 inches (30cm) of 14 gauge wire in between, then protected in a heat-resistant TechFlex mesh for an factory-look.

Sealed: metal pins with rubber grommets on both ends ensures the longevity by keeping moisture out of the connections.

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Nice Harness


Well sealed on the back of the connector where the wires enter. The ends seat firmly and seal well, contacts look good and the extra wire length is nice. I have cut these in half to use male and female connectors to build a harness for a set of off road lights that id like to be able to unplug in the event of damage. The harness that came with the lights does not allow for that as the lights must be crimped or soldered to the harness. This harness is perfect for my application and is a solid product.

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