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Renowned: Until now, no other manufacturer has been able to solve the trickier-than-ever 2015+ Mopar setup. Having earned their reputation amongst many as the aftermarket's best set of HID's, it's no wonder this special Morimoto Elite kit is first in line to solve the problem. We urge you to check out the specs below, Read the Reviews and then ask yourself whether your ability to see well while driving at night is worth saving a couple bucks?

Optioned Out: With a variety of available options, the Morimoto Elite HID system can be configured perfectly just for you. This helpful video goes over each of the options shown above.

HID Ballasts: Designed in California by Morimoto’s engineer, Yoshi Ishida, the Morimoto XB 2.0 HID Ballasts are just as good looking on the outside as they are well-engineered on the inside. They are available in both 35w and 50w versions, use proprietary software by the pros at Hylux paired with packaging perfection from the masters at Morimoto. This is today’s most modern iteration of a model that has sold more than half a million units since inception, and we don’t think it can really get any better!

HID Bulbs: At the heart of the XBbulbs is their perfectly aligned 100% Philips Quartz glass that houses a capsule from APL-USA. Using high quality halide salts from German-supplier Messer; the bulbs produce nearly the same luminosity (intensity) as the amazing Osram CBI bulbs at 5500K. No, you're not seeing things here, but yes you will be seeing everything at night!

NOTE: The 2015 Ram truck requires 9012 bulbs in the headlights (for the projector), whereas the 2016 Ram is 9005 bulb size there. High beams are 9005 bulbs for both years. No matter how new the truck, this Ram HID Kit works great!

Wiring: The special 2015 Mopar-Spec Relay Harness features an all-new completely sealed double 40A Relays, 14 gauge stranded copper wire wrapped in durable black tech-flex mesh that looks like a factory harness once installed. No cutting or splicing here: there are only five connections and they're all plug-n-play. Most importantly, the harness includes the properly calibrated add-ons to trick the factory headlight circuit into working normally on the super-picky 2015 Mopar vehicles! Check out this clean install video done by a customer of our friends over at RetroShop.

Backed Up: Let's not forget the 5-year warranty on the entire kit*. The Elite system is designed to run for 2500 hours, so that's what it's guaranteed for. Don't buy into empty promises from other places offering BS "lifetime" warranties. Nothing lasts forever, and if you think "the other guy" will be there to pick up the phone or even stay in business long enough to assist you when there's a problem; guess again! [*XB55 kits have 3 year warranty]

User-Approved: By satisfied enthusiasts with all kinds of cars and trucks. With a quick and easy search we pulled up install examples (1,2,3,4,5,6) that span several generations of the Elite HID systems! If you haven’t made a decision just yet, keep reading!

Trusted: For more than a decade, we've worked hard to earn our reputation. Car guys world-wide know that TRS carries the internet's best selection of high performance automotive lighting products at the best prices, and we've got the best, most knowledgeable team of real enthusiasts to help back it up. If we sell it, then you bet we've put it to the test on our own cars. Need a recommendation on parts for your project? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact Us

Product Specs

  • Tech Specs


  • BALLAST OUTPUT: 85V AC 35W or 50W

  • BALLAST MAX. V: 25kV (at start-up)


  • 35w RATED LIFESPAN: 2,500 hours

  • 50w RATED LIFESPAN: 2,000 hours

  • 3000K BULBS: Golden Yellow ~2800lm (each)

  • 4500K BULBS: Warm White ~3500lm (each)

  • 5500K BULBS: Pure White ~3400lm (each)

  • 6500K BULBS : Cool White ~3200lm (each)

  • 50W BALLASTS: (+20% intensity) (-20% lifespan)(-1000K color)

In Action

Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

2019 Ram 1500

William Copley Reviewed: 03.30.2019

I ordered the wrong kit for my truck before ordering this one, but TRS was very quick to respond, and quick to get my packages back to them and the right kit sent out. I rate the customer service 5 out of 5 easily. I have contacted them several times over the last few weeks and they are very helpful, and honest. They are also very knowledgable with their products

5 out of 5 stars

Best HID kit I've come across

Gerardo Saldivar Reviewed: 02.09.2019

This kit specifically made for Mopar vehicles is as great as advertised. You can tell right away Morimoto had quality in mind, nothing seems cheap in this kit. From packaging, to the braided wiring and even the sick looking ballasts this is one top notch kit and on top of that it WORKS GREAT. Easy to install great customer support overall 5 stars. Highly recommended if you need this specialty kit on your mopar vehicle.

4 out of 5 stars

Great look and pretty straight forward

Julian Mendez Reviewed: 12.30.2018

I installed this kit on a 2015 Chrysler 200S and it took me a couple of hours only because I was adding brackets to the engine bay to mount some of the components to and did run into an issue where the car, when turned on, would say I had a headlight out and then turn off the headlights all together but then just flipped the connections on the capacitor to the harness and that did the trick. Been running the lights for about 4 days and it looks great at night. Highly recommend the price tag and time required to self install.

5 out of 5 stars

Love them

William Wells Reviewed: 04.26.2018

2017 Ram 1500. Mounting the resistors was the hardest part. I mounted the resistors above the light to the metal of the fender. this allowed for more space between the resistors to breath. As always the build quality is amazing and the packaging was clean. I wish that the cross connection from the Relay to the ballast was about another 6-9" longer to allow for a cleaner install. As I had to mount the relay on the fuse box itself to barely have enough space.

5 out of 5 stars

Get this kit!

Katelin Cooper Reviewed: 01.27.2018

It is difficult to find information regarding the 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk and HID/LED upgrades. After many failed attempts (other kits) this kit is finally the one that has tricked the ecu can bus system. I was installing this in my fiancee 2015 Cherokee due to her constant complaints with low light output. After the install, I have not had any issues with flickering or low beam out warnings. Buy this kit it will save you a lot of headaches... A quick note: In order for this kit to work properly you will only be running the resistors on the passenger side.

5 out of 5 stars

2016 Ram Rebel

Gabriel Gomar Reviewed: 11.09.2017

I am still in the burn in period but so far this kit has everything I wanted. Other kits I researched did not come with everything you need for Ram specifically (Canbus, Voltage resistors, etc). I had a hard time installing due to Ram, not Morimoto or TRS. It took another review and Austin ( I live in Atlanta, so I was able to show up at the shop) to figure to my mistake. His service and knowledge alone made this project worth every penny. I am now working on the high beams getting an upgrade now, but they are getting LED so I can still flash to pass and not need the warm up time on the HID's (another Austin idea, I told you this guy knows his stuff, I didn't think of that and was ready to spend more on two of these kits.). I got the 35w 5500k, it doesn't match the stock fogs (which are morimoto) but I wanted more clear bright white, so I might later upgrade the fogs to 5500k. If you want to match the stock fogs go 6500k. The Issue we found out is a thing with Ram, inside the light housing the polarity is reversed, just remember green to red, and grey to black.

4 out of 5 stars

Great quality kit that works perfection with 2016 RAM 2500 Canbus

Arthur Airhart Jr. Reviewed: 01.09.2017

Installed this on my 2016 Ram 2500 Laramie and they work great! Take your time with the install. The hardest part is finding an adequate spot for the resistors as they do heat up and need to be mounted to metal. The kit itself is REALLY high quality. I've always trusted products from Morimoto. This is the first time I've used Morimoto bulbs but can say that these have the same performance as Phillips and Osram. TRS is also a great company and is always happy to work with their customers.

5 out of 5 stars

2016 RAM 3500 Morimoto Elite install, initial thoughts

Kevin Ronk Reviewed: 11.29.2016

Completed the install of the Morimoto Elite, HID system into my 2016 RAM 3500. The truck came with Halogen Projector low beam. The combination of you tube video with the schematic provided in the instructions was enough to get the job done quickly and correctly. The one thing that is not documented nor covered in the instructions or video was the color of the wires inside the 2016 RAM headlight and how they connect to the red/black Morimoto harness that you install. The stock wires connecting to the OE 9005 low beam bulb are not red/black. There is a grey wire and a colored wire (maybe orange). The grey wire was closest to black so I connected it that way and it worked fine. The quality of the harnesses is excellent. The packaging of the components was excellent. Everything needed to install the kit was included except fasteners which is expected. The kit installed easily and worked without issue so far. I did a comparison of my headlight output on my white garage door before and after. The light pattern seems very good with the HID. There are no considerable hot spots or stray light with the HID in the stock Halogen projector. The quality of light output is better for my eyes and visibility at night. The length and width of light output is significantly increased without any noticeable side effects that some discuss like bright spots or stray light. I'm really happy with the Morimoto kit from the RetroFit Source. The support was very good answering several emails and calls with different questions before I purchased. Delivery of the kit was fast and complete. The quality of the kit was very good. The performance of the kit so far is excellent.

5 out of 5 stars


Jin YE Reviewed: 11.13.2016

I bought the HID System Kit, 2015+ MOPAR: MORIMOTO ELITE(including HID BALLASTS: 2 x 50w / AMP: Morimoto XB Ballast $100.00
HID BULB SIZE / COLOR: 2 x 9012: XB 6500K $25.00
HARNESS: 1 x 2015+ Mopar Harness $90.00) for my 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT PLUS from TRS. When I installed everything following installation instruction, it was so smoothly because already they connected well but you have to find and print out installation guide and read carefully. If you install for the first time, you will be confused a little bit. However you don't have to worry about that. You can figure out. Back to my installation, after I installed the HID System Kit, I checked the light, it comes up a bit different brightness my driver side and then I sent a inquiry email to TRS customer service, support@theretrofitsourc…. After two days, they sent email to my inquiry. They recommend to wait burning the bulb for 30hrs about my HID bulbs. I waited to burn them. I sent email again because the bulb condition was same after burning 30 hours. Actually, I didn't expected they send new bulb, but they send new one and then I installed again. Finally, my HID bulbs is working very well. Now I don't have to worry about driving night time and even I can enjoy driving on night time. You will be happy , if you want real genuine HID System Kit and best customer service for your 2015 Dodge Challenger and I recommend before you order call and talk to a TRS professional helper. They know what you need exactly for your car. I am satisfied and appreciate their customer service. You don't have to worry about buying and installation HID System Kit. Enjoy your driving at night with this company's products.

5 out of 5 stars

2016 ram rebel

Robert Reviewed: 08.04.2016

Just installed this kit on my 2016 ram rebel it is a very well thought out kit . Install was easy with the online instructions. No bulb out warnings. No flickering and no other negative issues at all. I ordered the XB55 50W ballasts and 9005 XB 6500K bulbs. I would highly recommend the 2015 + Mopar Morimoto Elite HID System to everyone.

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