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The new Benchmark: Morimoto XB35 The new XB35 super-performance bulbs produce nearly the same lumens as the Osram CBIs for 25% of the price! Shop XB35 Bulbs
TRS is now a JW Speaker Distributor! The Retrofit Source is the Southeastern US's largest JW Speaker distributor with many LED headlights in stock in our warehouse here in Atlanta, GA. Shop JW Speaker
New LED goodies coming soon! Fall 2014 brings many new LED products: Morimoto XC RGB COB Halos, LED replacement bulbs, and more XB LED Fog Light fitments coming soon!  Shop LED Lighting
The Retrofit Source is more than the world's largest supplier of high-end automotive lighting upgrades. We're a group of enthusiasts with a passion for perfecting your night-time driving experience. From humble beginnings to our current 15,000 square foot facility that's always stocked with an unbeatable selection of headlight happiness, our roots have nearly doubled in size annually since opening in 2005. Our goal is to supply you with the best performing headlight upgrades that have been tailored to fit your application, at a price that works within budget. This is an upgrade for those who are serious about the looks and performance of their vehicle. If you're looking for the cheapest or easiest, go elsewhere. TRS carries the most trusted brands in the industry from Morimoto, Philips, Osram and Denso, so we have something that will meet every need except for the one to compromise. Our massive facility is always stocked with an unbeatable selection of headlight happiness from the best brands, and our goal is to supply you with the best performing headlight upgrades that have been tailored to fit your application, at a price that works within budget. Nobody can match our knowledge base and personalized customer support, and If you're unsure where to start; our team is always here to help. We've partnered up with over 500 authorized distributors all over the world and have served well over 100,000 individuals ourselves. If you're driving something truly special, other enthusiasts will notice you during the day - but don't make the mistake of cruising by unnoticed at night. No matter if you're daily driving a Dodge or running the streets on an R6, we can help! Call TRS at 404-220-7940 today!
The Retrofit Source Experience Without exception, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the art of the Happy Customer.
We’re honored to have received affirmation with some pretty kind words...
“So now the FX-R lens is no longer in production. I went with the TSX-R lens with 2 spacers on each side worked out great! I orders the B stock lens and they sent me what appears to be perfect condition lenses. (Supposedly minor cosmetic blemishes) Shipping speed was quick as well. Overall I highly recommend anyone with a FX35 do the clear lens mod.” — David
“I recently purchased a Morimoto 35W 5500K HID Conversion Kit for my 2014 VW CC R-Line. First off let me tell you that I went through 2 faulty kits with DDM who I use to purchase from exclusively and never had any issues. That’s changed however, both kits I purchased for my fog lights in my CC either would not ignite, stay on or would throw a bulb out warning. I have had 5 VWs all fitted with Xenons in the fogs and know what I am doing and found that the one kit had a bad bulb out eliminator and the other kit had a ballast that when plugged in during testing actually popped and smoked. Needless to say I was over it and threw them both out because the return process is ridiculous and the kits are about $55.00 each so I just trashed them. I always knew about TRS and Morimoto but was a little hesitant to pay $150.00 or more for a kit when I was not sure if it would work correctly-being stubborn and wanting my fogs to work and look the way I wanted them to I decided to give the Morimoto 35W XB Conversion Kit with 9006K Bulbs and 5500K output a try. Let me tell you, first, shipping was fast, the package arrived quickly and when it did I could immediately tell that I had purchased a very high quality and well built kit. The packaging was professionally done and the look and feel of all the components made it instantly clear to me that you get what you pay for. Next came install-most kits I have worked with are pretty much all the same, you make the connections, plug in the power and they work (or should work). This was the case with the Morimoto 35W XBs, all the connections were perfect, and this was an actual plug and play install with the power plug into the cars fog light OEM Plug fitting perfectly (VW Folks out there please note that VW uses reverse Polarity on their fogs so you have to flip the plug backwards and do not want the plug connected where it actually snaps together or the lights will not work). Knowing this I made the connection, securely wrapped the plug with electrical tape since the snap plug was flipped due to the reverse polarity, turned the car on-gave it a second to recognize and accept the signal from the cannbus that all was well and flipped on the fogs. Brilliant, bright white light immediately-no flickering, no bulb out warning on my dash not one single issue. Completely satisfied beyond any kit I have ever purchased. The Morimoto’s fire perfectly every time and continue to get brighter and brighter as it takes about 40 driving hours for the bulbs to fully break in. Another note to folks looking at other bulbs or conversion kits-if you look closely at your HID bulb there is a small bubble in the middle of the quartz glass part of the bulb. This small bubble should have mercury particles in it. The more particles in this bubble the better lifespan and performance of the bulb. If you buy a cheap knock-off there may be no particles in this little bubble. Morimoto Bulbs have a great amount of mercury which tells me that these are quality, well produced and long lasting bulbs very similar to the Osram Xenarc’s which I also purchased from TRS which perform beautifully and are super crisp and bright-best Xenons I have ever had. Long story short-you get what you pay for, TRS gives amazing customer support, warranty and a product line that I would personally stand behind if I were selling to the public. If you want absolute quality, great lifespan of product and a company that stands behind the promises they make to their clients TRS is hands down the place to go to for your products-I am extremely satisfied with every dealing I have had with TRS and recommend them and their products to anyone who wants and expects the best for their vehicles. ” — Vincent
“Put the hammer down, no need to carve your way into a redecorated sawdust house with the TRS projectors. Here Im talking about the morimotos. Wish I found these guys first, it would of saved e a pair of headlights (may they rest in piece.. s) Anyway I love the site, great prices and a great way to keep the love of personalizing your ride or expressing identity alive. Good stuff TRS. ” — Marc