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The Morimoto LED fog lights replace many OEM housings with ease! We now sell the newest LED fog light on the market, after over a year of testing. Shop xB LED Fogs
Sealed Beam Housing Owners! TRS stocks the latest Bi-Xenon Sealed Beam replacements, the Morimoto Sealed7 for all 7" housings! Shop Sealed7
D3S and D4S OEM HID bulb users rejoice! The newest sizes of Osram CBI bulbs now available. Bring the pinnacle of HID bulbs to your headlights. Shop Bulbs
The Retrofit Source is more than the world's largest supplier of high-end automotive lighting upgrades. We're a group of enthusiasts with a passion for perfecting your night-time driving experience. From humble beginnings to our current 15,000 square foot facility that's always stocked with an unbeatable selection of headlight happiness, our roots have nearly doubled in size annually since opening in 2005. Our goal is to supply you with the best performing headlight upgrades that have been tailored to fit your application, at a price that works within budget. This is an upgrade for those who are serious about the looks and performance of their vehicle. If you're looking the cheapest or easiest, go elsewhere. TRS carries the most trusted brands in the industry from Morimoto, Philips, Osram and Denso, so we have something that will meet every need except for the one to compromise. Our massive facility is always stocked with an unbeatable selection of headlight happiness from the best brands, and our goal is to supply you with the best performing headlight upgrades that have been tailored to fit your application, at a price that works within budget. Nobody can match our knowledge base and personalized customer support, and If you're unsure where to start; our team is always here to help. We've partnered up with over 400 authorized distributors all over the world and have served well over 100,000 individuals ourselves. If you're driving something truly special, other enthusiasts will notice you during the day - but don't make the mistake of cruising by unnoticed at night. No matter if you're daily driving a Dodge or running the streets on an R6, we can help! Call TRS at 404-220-7940 today!
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“love this THE RETROFIT SOURCE best shipping, customer service, and parts.” — John Amirkhanian
“where to begin? all i can say is that i dont know how i drove before without these projectors, these things are amazing! they give my car the attitude it deserves and a look that i can call my own. i am soo proud of my work and the finished results. i couldnt have done it without the help from TRS. before the sale during and after these guys where there to help with ideas, tips, and guides. the tech was priceless. the quality of every piece was over the top. i feel that i that they got cheated out of their money. i was a little nervous at first and a little apprehensive but the thought of help being only a phone call away gave me all the confidence i needed. i cant wait to make a business out of retrofitting and have already started dreaming of my next project. thank you guys!” — Adam Fragoules
“Hi y'all, Thank you for your super swift effort. I ordered a pair of original Osram Xenarc burners on Nov. 25. Despite the x-giving days, I received the material in good order here in Lugano, Switzerland. Compliments to your team. My Bimmer mechanic mounted the burners today in no time. The 320d has clear eyes again and this after 145k km and 10 years. HIDplanet steered me right. Crazy story, in Switzerland, BMW asked 245 Swiss Francs per bulb(US$266.00/piece!) plus a bundle for labor... But thanks to your excellent pricing and the additional x-giving discount, I picked them up at only US$90.00/pair(!!!). By the way, the mechanic (ex BMW) confirms this to be original replacements for OEM part No. 63217160806-1. It goes without saying that your good name is in the hopper here in Switzerland among his, my and other mechanic friends. Just to remind you these parts travelled from Germany to Spain, then via you guys in Atlanta Georgia USA back to Switzerland, lol… I live only about 200 miles from the German town where they were originally manufactured... TRS you are simply second-to-none! Tks again, layaguara.” — Jacques Tschudy