H1: Morimoto Elite HID System

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H1: Morimoto Elite HID System

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Since their debut in 2011, the Morimoto Elite Systems have earned their reputation amongst many as the aftermarket's best HID kit. We urge you to check out their spec's below, Read the Reviews, Google "Morimoto Elite", and then decide for yourself. We're sure proud of it!

The 'Moto 3Five H1 bulbs feature: Ceramic bases for precise alignment giving you a clean beam pattern. Quartz glass tubes to minimize UV output and maximizing luminosity. Their Praxair (US) metal halide salts produce very accurate color temperatures (3K/4.3K/5K/6K)

The 'Moto ballasts feature: Compact, clutter-free design with integrated igniters. Completely weatherproof body & potted internals. Braided tech-flex insulated high voltage line enhances durability and looks, the interior lining prevents EMI interference. Laser etched graphics, aluminum fittings & mounting hardware. "DSP" (Digital Signal Processing) and 23KV Siemens Igniter greatly enhances bulb warm-up speed, now comes standard as of January 2014.

The 'Moto Heavy Duty Relay Wire harness features: All new completely sealed dual 40A Relay set, 14 gauge stranded copper wire protected by durable black tech-flex mesh looks like a factory harness when installed. Designed to be completely plug n play. (another new standard for 2014)

The optional Standalone Can-Bus harness replaces the relayed battery harness with two individual sub harnesses. Recommended for vehicles that recognize when a bulb is out, these contain a series of capacitors and resistors to trick the car into thinking nothing has changed and help you avoid annoying "bulb out" warnings. Great for many modern Euro applications

Let's not forget the 5-year warranty on the entire kit (3-year on a 5Five kit). The Morimoto Elite system is designed to run for 2500 hours, so that's what it's guaranteed for. Don't let vendors with their BS "lifetime" warranties fool you into thinking you're buying something well-made with that lame excuse. (no HID's will last you a lifetime, and if you think that company will be around forever anyways let alone pick up the phone when you have a problem, think again).

Buy from the company with the Internet's best reputation for unbeatable prices and killer customer service. The Retrofit Source Inc. is trusted by car guys world-wide, so we invite you to contact us today with your questions. Whether you need a recommendation on parts, have a tech question, or even a wholesale inquiry: our customer service team is here to help!


What's Included

  • Standard Equipment Includes the Following:
    Morimoto 3Five or 5Five DSP
    Morimoto H1
    Wire Harness
    Morimoto HD Relay or Standalone Canbus
    Ballast brackets
    Alcohol bulb wipes, TRS Decal
    Five Years for 3Five kits, Three years for 5Five kits


  • Parts

    Should match original size
    Should match original size (H1)
    Standalone Can-bus
    Used to cancel "bulb out" errors
    HD Relay Harness
    Used to provide adequate power in most applications
    Don't know?
    Find my size!


  • Electrical

    DC 8-32V
    AC 85V 35/50W
    Max Voltage
    25KV (at start-up)
    Rated Lifetime
    2500 hours (3Fivew)
    Rated Lifetime
    2000 hours (5Fivew)

    Kelvin and Lumens

    Warm White (3100 lu)
    Pure White (3000 lu)
    Cool White (2850 lu)
    5Five Ballasts Option
    (+20% intensity) (-20% lifespan)
  • Bulb Size: H1

DIY Guide

  • Cutting Involved
    • Cutting involved:
    • Little/None
  • 1 hrs Install Time
    • Time to install:
    • 1 hours (estimate)
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Product Reviews

Reviews for: H1: Morimoto Elite HID System

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5 out of 5 stars
Based on: 5 user reviews
Taras Boichenko Reviewed: 08.24.2012
5 out of 5 stars

Wow! Amazed with the quality of the TRS product! The installation was Really simple!!! Andrew was guiding me in choosing the right type of bulbs and ballasts for my head lights and even suggested getting "pass-throughs" which also eased the installation process. Great customer service TRS!!! And Great quality product!!!! The price is fair for this quality product! The light output and the quality of bulbs is amazing! Ballasts are soooooo quiet I was even astonished!!! No "bulb out" error on the dashboard! I compared the quality of the bulb (light color and cut-off line) to my friends cheap kit he got off ebay. It's like heaven and hell! My TRS kit had a bright 5000K focused light output and a clear cut-off line. My friend's light was scattered, of weird blue color (though he had 5000K), had a weird cut-off line, and noisy ballasts... The shipping was super fast , though my wiring harness was on a back order. I don't regret spending couple days waiting! This kit just stricken me!!! Next, I'm planning on doing xb LEDs and Gatling gun projectors to stand out!!!! Good job TRS guys! Keep up the good work!!! Coming back soon!

Seth Brethauer Reviewed: 06.29.2012
5 out of 5 stars

This was my first time installing HID's and needless to say that the person I talked to, I think his name is Ander helped me out a lot. Shipping was extremely fast and the product was of great heavy duty quality. I got them installed in about 2 hours, got sunburnt in the process, but they are soo bright and have very nice color to them. Now all I have to do is adjust my headlights straight. Anyways, you have a customer for life!

chris newton Reviewed: 02.21.2012
5 out of 5 stars

Awesome lighting system. I purchased the Mini H1 Bi-Xenon projectors with this HID kit & it kicks but. Talked with Andrew @ TRS and he hooked me up & got me what I needed. Had 1 little hiccup but I called him & got me squared away real quick. If you want HIDs on your ride & want to keep the total cost down, I recommend the Morimoto 3Five Mini H1 set-up. This was my first retrofit & I started on Saturday & finished it on Sunday. Great product & great people. 4 thumbs up!

Joshua Pukl Reviewed: 11.26.2011
5 out of 5 stars

This kit is truly amazing and performs with excellent quality. The feel of the components alone scream precision and expert craftsmanship. I have a 2010 VW MK5.5 and the Can-Bus adaptors that come as an option were a blessing in and of themselves! No more bulb out, no flickering, NOTHING! I went through numerous 'fixes' and I still had problems, but these simple 'plug n play' connectors made them perform just as though they were truly OEM components. This kit is simply amazing!!!

Bilal Chaudhry Reviewed: 10.23.2011
5 out of 5 stars

Can't believe that Lexus sold LX470's with H1 as headlights!!.
Switched over to the H1: Morimoto Elite HID System and love it.
The headlights are better than the 4 Hella Driving lights (mounted on my ARB) linked to my High beams.
Went onto the back roads last night and checked out the new set up, wow!! Then turned on the 4 Hella's and High beams......guess what? Not much more light was added! So all the money spend on the Hella Driving lights for off-roading was totally wasted.
Now planning on changing the fogs on my sedan to a retrofit kit. Cant wait. The kit is so easy to install and comes with everything that anyone can do the conversion in very little time and with very little effort.