3" : ZKW-R

Clear Lenses

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ZKW-R Clear Lenses

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As the very first aftermarket retrofitting part we offered, the ZKW-R continues to be a hot seller. As an upgrade for some of the most popular projectors out there like the TL bi-xenon, the ZKW-R lenses define the term performance gain.

Easily matching & beating the OEM 3" ZKW lens from the BMW E46 that we benchmarked for our version, the optical clarity of the ZKW-R lenses is unsurpassed. Years ago, retrofitters used to pay $200 for a set of those stock lenses.

The ZKW-R lenses work perfectly on Bosch Bi-xenon (AKA "E46") projectors.

Adding a set of clear lenses to your projector retrofit should be a "no-brainer". Not only are they an inexpensive upgrade, but they allow the projectors to perform to their maximum potential in every aspect.

When picking out a pair of clear lenses, the diameter is only part of making the right decision. Learn all about fitment and the benefits of clear lenses in our Buyers Guide!

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What's Included

  • 2x ZKW-R Clear Lenses
    TheRetrofitSource.com Decal
    A Stock Lenses:
    Pristine Condition
    B Stock Lensesc
    Cosmetic Blemishes


  • Popular Projectors
    Acura TL BiX, Hella E55/RS6 Low + Bix, BMW E46 BiX
  • Focus Height: 22mm
  • Lens Diameter: 3"


  • Diameter
    3 inch
    Focus Height


    Example: Acura TL Bi-xenon
    1. 1) Use a flat blade screwdriver as a wedge to unclip the lens retainer ring
    2. 2) The original lens can now be removed from the projector
    3. 3) The ZKW-R lens can be re-installed without any spacers
    4. 4) Bend cutoff shield forward or backwards according to preference to adjust cutoff line

DIY Guide

  • Cutting Involved
    • Cutting involved:
    • Little/None
  • 2 hrs Install Time
    • Time to install:
    • 2 hours (estimate)
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Product Reviews

Reviews for: 3" : ZKW-R

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5 out of 5 stars
Based on: 6 user reviews
Edward Melvin Reviewed: 01.25.2012
5 out of 5 stars

Replaced my stock lens with this ZKW-r for my '04 Acura TL, and the cutoff was razor blade sharp. I also have a deep purple/blue color band at the top of the beam which can be seen on a garage door. The output combined with the Morimoto 3 5000K bulbs gives my car a distinct look at night that's clean and crisp and sets it apart from the other guys running 10000K bulbs.

Tin Pham Reviewed: 01.07.2012
5 out of 5 stars

Really amazing with the ZKW-R clear lens!!! I installed a pair of them to my Acura TL projectors, the output is brighter 30%, wider 20% and the cut-off line is very sharp. Besides that, I think you should install a pair of Morimoto 5Five 50W ballasts and Morimoto 50W xenon bulbs as well, your output is always on the top!!!

Jakub Wiltos Reviewed: 12.22.2011
5 out of 5 stars

Life brought back into my BMW AL headlights!! No more blurry brown cutoff. I can't believe I waited 3 years to do this swap and it was so easy. Took about two hours for both headlights and the results are amazing. Paired with new Philips bulbs I have a nice crisp and defined cutoff. This is a must do!

- Solidjake

Ezequiel Palma Reviewed: 07.13.2010
5 out of 5 stars

I bought from TRS, the Mormimoto mini bixenon projectors. At all times I had a great support from TRS related to technical questions and shipping. I installed the projectors on a Corolla 09 XRS headlight model, the projectors fitted excellent through the orifice of the halogen lamp, no need to cut or break the original reflector. The output is excellent, as well as the cut off. Nothing to envy a BMW project headlight!
100% recommended!

steve khauo Reviewed: 05.01.2010
5 out of 5 stars

I got these for my 04 TL. I am running these ZWK-R with the stock OEM 4300K osram bulbs.
And all I gota say is "AMAZING" I didn't realize how much difference it would make to just swap the lenses out. And the best part was that they are affordable! I have to say its one of my favorite mod! Even though my bulbs are about 5 years old, it still outputs brilliant light.
I tried 6000K bulbs, but those just purely weaksauce. Get these, invest a lil time prying your lights apart. Install the lenses and seal it back up. Set your self apart and start Seeing clearly at night.

Ivan Panayotov Reviewed: 04.22.2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have used the ZKW-R lenses on 3 different TL projects and all turned out fantastic, tons of color and very sharp.

I have also turned my attention to the ever forgotten BOSCH E46 units that have the reputation of being the worst bi-xenon ever created. The results are simply mind blowing. All I did was dropped in the ZKW-R Lens, removed the RV shield, and simply dialed in the cutoff adjuster screw to get an ultra sharp cutoff and insane amounts of intense purple and blue colors...
The E46 is by far the easiest projector to tune with unbelievable results and they can be had for very reasonable prices. I have used both the value and the premium lenses both with the same results, in fact you cant really tell the difference between the two.