MotoControl Bixenon: H13/9008

Relay Harness

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Morimoto Motocontrol 9008 H13 Bixenon Harness

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Due to the fact that your original low beam turns off when activating the high beam; without the proper harness your bi-xenon solenoids will drop, but the ballasts/lights will turn off! A headache for retrofitters.

We make it easy with the MotoControl H13/9008 Bi-xenon relay harness. Designed to be completely plug-n-play, it's a seamless solution to keep your low and high beams under control.

The advanced MotoControl 8-Pin Relay has a tiny built-in capacitor that stores and releases it's charge between mode changes. So even if there's a short gap between low and high beam signals from your car, your HID's will run smoothly.

This harness is designed to work with both positive and ground switched headlight circuits, making it universally compatible with any vehicle no matter new or old.

With just a few color-coded and clearly labeled connections, even your mom could set this thing up on a car it's that easy. The wiring is spec'd to be long enough for big and small vehicles alike.

Aside from being a technical masterpiece, it's also a work of art. With its braided TechFlex insulation, anodized and laser engraved relay, it will surely look factory-fresh under the hood.

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What's Included

  • 1x MotoControl H13/9008 Bi-xenon Relay Harness
    Black MotoControl
    Two Years
    Misc: Decal
    One-on-one Support


  • Ballasts: 35W, 50W
  • Original Bulb:
    H13, 9008
    All Bi-xenons

Tech Specs

  • Trigger Count: 1
  • Trigger Type: H13 3-pin
  • Power Count: 1
  • Power Type: 2-prong fork
  • Grounds Count: 2
  • Grounds Type: 2-prong fork
  • HID Ballasts Count: 2
  • HID Ballasts Type: Sealed "9006" style female
  • High Beams Count: 2
  • High Beams Type: Sealed "9006" style female

DIY Guide

  • 1 hrs Install Time
    • Time to install:
    • 1 hours (estimate)
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Reviews for: MotoControl Bixenon: H13/9008

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5 out of 5 stars
Based on: 1 user reviews
Chris Meyers Reviewed: 04.13.2012
5 out of 5 stars

Recently installed the Motocontrol 9008/H13 bi-xenon microcontroller and harness on my 2011 F150 FX-R retrofit - completely satisfied. The harness and controller are high quality products as expected from TRS, and functionality is exactly as advertised and expected. I commend TRS on their stellar customer service. I originally installed the Morimoto HD relay harness and experienced continued problems with the high beam functionality. One phone call and less than 5 minutes on the phone with TRS and the new model harness was shipped at no cost to me! I called TRS on Friday and had the new harness in-hand on Monday. TRS is a model of customer care and product integrity. Thank you TRS.