HD Relay: H1/H3

Relay Harness

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HD Relay: H1/H3

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Customers often ask, Do I really need a harness? Yes! A relay harness is designed to deliver steady voltage to your HID ballasts directly from the car battery. Nobody likes a flickering headlight, so why risk it? Factory headlight outputs are really only designed to power a halogen light bub, not an HID ballast.

As one of the most important parts in any HID lighting upgrade; don't skimp out when it comes to your wiring. The long list of features on the Morimoto HD Relay harness is easily worth it's weight relative to other offerings.

HD Relay is Easy to Setup: The layout of the harness makes it easy to setup and cross-compatible with nearly every application that came stock with H1 or H3 bulbs. With just a few simple connections; even your mom could set this thing up! The wiring is spec'd to be long enough for big and small vehicles alike, and the sealed 9006 outputs are compatible with virtually every HID ballast on the market.

HD Relay is Fail-Safe: Unlike most generic harnesses out there that rely on a single low-quality relay to power both headlights, the Morimoto Harness utilizes one relay per side- so if one did fail, you wouldn't be left completely in the dark. Each 40A relay is completely sealed against the elements using ribbed silicone upper and lower seals, and uses flywheel diodes inside for back-EMF protection.

HD Relay is OEM Under Cover: Aside from being ahead of the game from a technical standpoint, it's also a work of art. Every single connector is OEM standard, and is 100% sealed. With it's wiring protected by abrasion resistant Techflex mesh sleeving and OEM-style relay cubes held together by a laser engraved mounting bracket that's been artfully anodized with a titanium gray finish - the HD relay will look factory fresh under the hood!

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What's Included

  • Harness:
    H1/H3 HD Relay
    Sealed 40A Cubes
    Two Years
    TheRetrofitSource.com Decal
    One-on-one Support


  • Ballasts: 35W, 50W
  • Original Bulb:
    H1 or H3
    HID Systems:
    Low, High, or Fog Lights
    Bi-xenon Capable:
    With High Beam Splitters

Tech Specs

  • Trigger Count: 1
  • Trigger Type: H1/H3 2-pin
  • Power Count: 1
  • Power Type: 2-prong fork
  • Grounds Count: 2
  • Grounds Type: 2-prong fork
  • HID Ballasts Count: 2
  • HID Ballasts Type: Sealed "9006" style female

DIY Guide

  • 1 hrs Install Time
    • Time to install:
    • 1 hours (estimate)
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Product Reviews

Reviews for: HD Relay: H1/H3

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5 out of 5 stars
Based on: 2 user reviews
Dakota Doerr Reviewed: 11.18.2012
5 out of 5 stars

first time buyer from this site,i like who i dealt with his name was andrew i think he answered me about 5 minutes after i emailed for help and kept emailing me right back till i was satisfied,great customer support,now onto the actual harness it does what its supposed to! lol and its also made of very high quality and looks nice in the bay and doesn't make it look like theres a ton of wires everywhere(because of the jacket)even thought there is.great support great products love you guys

Ethan Gunderson Reviewed: 12.29.2010
5 out of 5 stars

First time buyer from TRS, and must say that I'm definetly impressed. Ordered my H1 relay harness on Friday, and even though Christmas was Saturday, Matt was still able to get my relay harness to me by Wednesday. All the wiring and connections were top notch, and was built with the right size AWG wire. Very impressed and decently priced. TRS pulls through again!